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Fufanu — Few More Days To Go (Deluxe Edition) (Friday 8th july, 2016)

Fufanu — Few More Days To Go (Deluxe Edition) (Friday 8th july, 2016)

Portal icon Fufanu — Few More Days To Go (Deluxe Edition) (Friday 8th july, 2016)
↔   Fufanu now release a Deluxe Edition of their debut album ‘Few More Days To Go’, including a bonus disc with remixes from the likes of Damon Albarn, Nick Zinner and more.
↔   Fufanu follow up their ‘Adjust to the Light’ EP with their full–length debut, ‘Few More Days To Go’ is released via One Little Indian originally on 27th November.
↔   Formerly operating operating as techno/ electronic duo, Captain Fufanu, while Kaktus and Gulli were still in their teens, with the addition of live instrumentation — and the band name shortened to a more economical Fufanu (“the Captain was left behind at a rave in Cologne”) — the pair began working up a dark, metronomic take on 70s and 80s European music. If clangorous metallic guitars and floor shaking syncopated bass are key key elements in the band’s powerful circumspect post–punk, then the live show with it’s MBV–like furnace blasts of volume is a game changer: The mordant wit suggested by song titles like Plastic People and live opener Goodbye can shift up into thrillingly cold malevolence, fronted by ‘slyph–like’ singer Kaktus Einarsson’s magnetic stage presence.
↔   Few More Days To Go (Deluxe Edition) is released on a 20–track CD Album.
↔   Following their February tour, the band enjoyed a triumphant show on home turf supporting Radiohead — at their request — at this year’s Secret Solstice in Reykjavík. Querulous and impulsive, the last year has seen Fufanu as the toast of Airwaves 2015 and tour with The Vaccines, Bo Ningen, Blur and John Grant, developing an overwhelming iron fist of a live show — their recent UK tour culminated with a sold–out Sebright Arms date that found super–fan Damon Albarn squeezed in amongst the crowd. That show revealed a fast developing group, the missing link between Neu! and Berlin–era Iggy Pop.
Location: Reykjavík, Iceland
Album release: Friday 8th july, 2016
Record Label: One Little Indian
Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative
Duration:     1:36:15
Disc: 1
01. Now      6:07
02. Northern Gannet     5:16
03. Wire Skulls     5:24
04. Circus Life     7:04
05. Blinking     3:00
06. In the Light of the Night     5:01
07. Ballerina in the Rain     4:29
08. Plastic People     3:27
09. Your Collection     4:00
10. Goodbye     5:21
Disc: 2
01. Will We Last     4:35
02. The Hours     4:31
03. Your Collection (Nick Zinner Remix)     4:24
04. Ballerina in the Rain (Damon Albarn Remix)     3:34
05. Northern Gannet (President Bongo Remix)     6:27
06. Plastic People (Bdvmdv Remix)     7:49
07. Now (A&E Sounds Reedit)     4:50
08. Plastic People (Mumu Radio Mix)     3:07
09. Ballerina in the Rain (Revisited With Nick Zinner)     3:44
10. Will We Last (L8N8T Mix)     4:01
Fufanu is:
♦♠♦   Kaktus Einarsson (vocals) 
♦♠♦   Gulli (guitar/programming)
↔   Fufanu’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Few More Days To Go’ is released in a deluxe 2CD format containing 10 extra tracks including exclusive remixes from the likes of Damon Albarn (Blur) and Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs).
♦♠♦   Formerly operating as techno duo, Captain Fufanu, by adding more live instruments to their sound — the band name shortened to Fufanu — began working up a dark, psychedelicized take on 70s/ 80s European music inspired by Kraftwerk, early Simple Minds, Roxy Music and New Order.
♦♠♦   “There was no certain moment when we realized that this was our sound. I think we just liked what we were doing and kept experimenting. From [last year’s Roskilde Festival] onward, the idea of a new sound for us was born — although leaving techno was not the outcome we imagined. It all happened really naturally.”
♦♠♦   “The music world needs more maniacs; that much is for sure. Samuel Herring of FUTURE ISLANDS proved in 2014 that there’s a certain demand for charismatic front singers. Hrafnkell Kaktus could bet he next in line. The lead singer of Icelandic psychedelic rock outfit FUFANU unleashes its inner Ian Curtis from the moment his band members starts playing. The almost BAUHAUS–like dark wave intensity of these young fellas from the North was as lot as possible, it was desperate and angry while they also refused themselves to familiar song structures.”
♦♠♦   Norman Fleisher/ Robert Helbig http://nbhap.com/
What they’re saying about Fufanu:
↔   “It’s thrilling to hear music played with such malevolence.” — The Guardian ·
↔   “Fufanu fully embrace their digital side — and make it chime with the bassy, rigid throb of classic postpunk” — NME
↔   “A tantalising amalgamation of The Fall, Bauhaus and the weirder corners of Blur’s output.” — Q
↔   “A futuristic perspective on post–punk and rock ‘n’ roll, ‘Few More Days To Go’ completely surpasses expectation.” — The Line Of Best Fit
↔   “A jackhammer quartet of guitar, drums, electronics and the half–sung, rebel bark of Kaktus Einarsson.” — Rolling Stone
↔   “A contorted post–rock landscape of sinister whispers and hypnotic grooves.” — Mojo
↔   “I love what this band do” — Huw Stephens Radio 1
↔   “Absolutely love that!” — Lauren Laverne 6Music
Label: http://indian.co.uk/
Tumblr: http://fufanumusic.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fufanumusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/fufanu_music
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqkUZ1zhtoPB5b97DrkUpqw
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fufanumusic/
Bandcamp: https://fufanu.bandcamp.com/album/few-more-days-to-go

Fufanu — Few More Days To Go (Deluxe Edition) (Friday 8th july, 2016)


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