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General Steele & ES~K Building Bridges

General Steele & ES~K — Building Bridges (November 11, 2016)

  General Steele & ES~K — Building Bridges General Steele & ES~K — Building Bridges (November 11, 2016)★   “Stavění mostů” je monumentální zpráva, která reprezentuje roky práce.  V éře prchavých, pouze digitálně vydaných alb,  ES~K & General Steele zvolili cestu, aby tento projekt byl k dispozici jak na CD, tak i na vysoce kvalitním vinylu. Vinylová edice představuje složité projekční práce Joe Bucka, známého pro jeho ikonické covery De La Soul Is Dead. A samotné kompozice? Proud a sekvencování jsou zde bezchybné. Mix (Brad Parks) je hustý, ale křišťálově čistý, svědčí mu boom~bap programované bicí a ještě více hudebně vynalézavější, neustále se měnící instrumentace. Výkony rapperů stranou, možná nejpůsobivějším aspektem tohoto alba je, jak úžasně subtilní komplexnost je dokonale upečená do těchto hypnotických beatů. Pořád je zde smutek, žádná agresivita. ES~K docela rád spolupracuje se zavedenými veterány. Je to umělecká čest a prostě dobrý obchod. Newyorský veterán General Steele má zde svou vlastní show, dělá to jakoby bez námahy, jeho verše však vždy zanechají dojem. Na rozdíl od jiných známých raperů Steele zvedá laťku, je introspektivní, aniž by byl požitkářský a balí zde své životní zkušenosti do brilantních linek skrz~naskrz všemi kompozicemi. K dispozici je i poezie od Sean Price (RIP), line~up je plná skvostných jmen, jako jsou bestie Rawkus Records~éry Shabaam Sahdeeq (Marcus Vialva), Ruste Juxx, Smoothe Da Hustler a Rockness Monsta. Je zde však také mladý a hladový talent VVS Verbal, který se objeví v desíti z 12~ti kompozic. Tón však zcela zřetelně udává Steele. Každý track vyznívá v souladu s tématem alba: to přesahuje naše okolnosti, je o sebezlepšování své osobnosti a o budování lepší budoucnosti.  Location: New York, NY ~ Burlington, Vermont, U.S.
Genre: Underground Hip~hop
Album release: November 11, 2016
Record Label: Bucktown USA
Duration:     39:28
01. Redlight (feat. VVS Verbal)     2:27
02. Err’Day (feat. VVS Verbal & Napoleon Da Legend)     3:20
03. Da Saga Continues (feat. VVS Verbal & Napoleon Da Legend)     3:24
04. Do Remember (feat. VVS Verbal, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Mar’rz Atomz & Stage One)     4:10
05. Persistence (feat. VVS Verbal & Louie Skaggs)     3:41
06. Good Music (feat. VVS Verbal, Mar’rz Atomz & Boone Bixby)     2:15
07. Just Live (feat. Buckshot)     2:41
08. Essential (feat. Supreme the Eloheem, Coke & VVS Verbal)     3:53
09. Empire State (feat. VVS Verbal, Mar’rz Atomz & Smoothe Da Hustler)     3:47
10. Unforgettable (feat. Sean Price & VVS Verbal)     2:53
11. No Turning Back (feat. Louie Skaggs & Shadow the Great)     3:44
12. Kill Everything (feat. VVS Verbal, Rockness Monsta & Ruste Juxx)     3:09
★   Executively produced by General Steele & Cynical Smith for Bucktown USA Entertainment, and Es~K for Essential Knowledge LLC.
★   A&R by VVS Verbal
★   Track 2 beat by Hellfire Beats
★   Track 12 beat by Central Parks
★   Mixed by Brad Parks
★   Mastered by Danny Gray
★   Scratches by DJ Grazzhoppa on track 5
★   Scratches by Hashfinger on tracks 1, 3, 4, 8, 10
★   Scratches by Hellfire Beats on track 2
★   Guitar by Max Bronstein~Paritz on tracks 5, 8, 9, 10, 12Notes 1:
ψ≡ψ   Genral Steele is (of Smif~N~Wessun)
Notes 2:
ψ≡ψ   Includes a print by Chris “Dreadsolo” Matteis signed by General Steele, limited edition promo stickers, 4~Panel Digipack CD, and 180 Gram Vinyl.
ψ≡ψ   General Steele of Smif~N~Wessun/Boot Camp Clik and Burlington, Vermont~based producer Es~K present their collaboration album Building Bridges. Produced mostly by Es~K, the album features guest appearances from Buckshot of Black Moon, Smoothe Da Hustler, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Rockness Monsta of Heltah Skeltah, and a posthumous cameo from his late great partner, Sean Price. As one half of Smif~N~Wessun, General Steele crashed the hip~hop scene in the 1990s with their debut album Dah Shinin’ (named a Top 100 Album Of All Time by The Source and a Top 50 Debut Album Of All Time by Complex). Their last release ~ 2011’s Monumental ~ was produced by Pete Rock, and Steele has also collaborated with Tupac Shakur, Mary J Blige, 50 Cent, Raekwon and Bounty Killer. Es~K may be best known for his 2014 album Serenity (listen) as well as his Spontaneous Grooves beat tape series, where every beat on each tape was made in one sitting each. A low~key display of introspective verses, classic cuts and jazz~inflected beats, Building Bridges stays true to its name by bridging the gap between established artists and rising ones alike such as VVS Verbal, Shadow The Great of Loaf Muzik, Napoleon Da Legend, Mar’rz Atomz, Stage One, Louie Skaggs, Boone Bixby, Supreme The Eloheem (from the Representativz) and Coke as well as production from Hellfire Beats and Central Parks. DMC champion DJ Grazzhoppa contributes cuts alongside Hashfinger and Hellfire. The cover art comes courtesy of Joe Buck, the artist behind the De La Soul Is Dead cover art. Building Bridges will be released via Bucktown USA, the multi~media company General Steele created in 2004 alongside partner Cynical Smith, with digital distribution through Duck Down, including a limited~edition pressing of 500 records. ψ≡ψ   #BuildingBridges.Review
ψ≡ψ   One constant in the ever~changing hip~hop game is the importance of the co~sign. Nothing confers legitimacy on an up~and~coming young artist quite like doing work with established veterans. It’s an artistic honor and just plain good business. That’s why Vermont producer Es~K’s latest project, Building Bridges, is such a landmark achievement. Far beyond the traditional guest verse and photo op, this is a full~length collaboration with New York City rap legend General Steele of Smif~N~Wessun and Boot Camp Clik.
ψ≡ψ   The General brought a lot of talent with him, too. The lineup here is almost absurdly stacked. Features include Rawkus~era beast Shabaam Sahdeeq, Ruste Juxx, Smoothe Da Hustler and Rockness Monsta. There is even a verse from Sean Price (RIP) — widely considered one of the best rappers, period. Fittingly, Building Bridges also showcases young, hungry talents such as Vvs Verbal, who shows up on nine of the 12 tracks here, and Shadow the Great, from the remarkable Loaf Muzik collective.
ψ≡ψ   Make no mistake, though, this is very much General Steele’s show. An effortlessly commanding presence on the mic, his verses always impress. At a stage in his career where most rappers would fall back on their reputations, Steele raises the bar with some searing, honest songwriting. He is introspective without being self~indulgent and packs his life experience into sparse, brilliant lines throughout.
ψ≡ψ   Steele’s approach clearly sets the tone. The guest appearances are uniformly on point; nobody is half~stepping. Every track is in keeping with the album theme: transcending our circumstances, improving ourselves and building a better future.
ψ≡ψ   Es~K’s jazzified boom~bap turns out to be a perfect counterpoint for General Steele’s stark baritone flow. (Two of the beats here were produced by Tennessee beatsmith and longtime Es~K collaborator Central Parks; they fit seamlessly.) It’s obvious you’re listening to technicians who study hip~hop as much as they love it. The flow and sequencing here is flawless.
ψ≡ψ   The mix is dense but crystal clear, laying boom~bap drum programming over musically inventive, constantly shifting instrumentation. Rap performances aside, perhaps the single most impressive aspect of this album is how much subtle complexity is baked into these hypnotic beats.
ψ≡ψ   Building Bridges is a monumental release that represents years of work. Fortunately, it’s getting the treatment it deserves. In an era of ephemeral, digital~only “album releases,” Es~K and General Steele opted to make the project available on both CD and high~quality vinyl. The vinyl edition showcases the intricate design work of Joe Buck, famous for his iconic De La Soul Is Dead cover.
ψ≡ψ   By virtue of his tireless work ethic and genuine personality, Es~K has been growing his reach and reputation for a while now. Time will tell, but it’s hard to believe this album won’t be looked back on as his “big break” moment. One thing’s for sure: He’s done Vermont proud.  ψ≡ψ   http://www.sevendaysvt.com/
Bandcamp: https://bucktownusa.bandcamp.com/album/building-bridges
Website: http://www.beatsbyesk.com/

General Steele & ES~K Building Bridges


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