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Ghost Rhythms — Madeleine

Ghost Rhythms — Madeleine (2 CD, March 25, 2015)

 Ghost Rhythms — Madeleine (2 CD, March 25, 2015)Ghost Rhythms — Madeleine (2 CD, March 25, 2015)••  A double disc for a woman haunted by her double, Vertigo's Madeleine. “One of the hardest things for me to do is to convince you, our paying audience, that something that you have never heard of is worth your time and attention and money.”
••  That's how I introduced Wayside Music's customers to the debut album by this wonderful band and, happily enough, some of you actually responded by buying it and telling me how much you enjoyed it. So, maybe this hasn't all been in vain!Location: Paris, France
Genre: Avant–Garde Jazz, Progressive Rock
Album release: March 25, 2015
Record Label: Laboratoire D'Exploration Musicale (LEM) / iM Jazz (EU)
Duration: 128:05
01. Another Bridge      2:56
02. I Did Not      8:00
03. Tree Ashes      5:28
04. Carlotta Valdes      15:52)
05. Apparition #2      5:32
06. Falaise      2:03
07. Free Fall      4:27
08. Apparition #1      7:01
09. Phalenes      1:33
10. L'Alphee      4:50
11. Apparition #3      7:30
01. Aleph      12:35
02. Relief      5:30
03. Ravin      1:42
04. Disparition      3:30
05. I Did      7:43
06. Mary Rose      0:21
07. Apparition #4      6:25
08. A Bridge      8:31
09. Vie D'Emilie Sagee      5:50
10. Pour Toi [Mais Tu n'Ecoutais Pas]      3:40
11. La Circulaire      7:06
••  Composed and arranged by Camille Petit and Xavier Gélard.
••  Artwork by Jonathan Martin.
••  Recorded & mixed by Maxime Lefèvre (Claudia Sound)
••  Mastering : Jean–Pierre Bouquet (L'Autre Studio) Personnel:
••  Guillaume Aventurin: guitare
••  Sarah Baroux: voix
••  Maxime Berton: saxophone soprano, flûte (2, 22) et clarinette basse
••  Julien Bigorgne: flûte
••  Julien Blanchard: contrebasse
••  Sonia Bricout: voix, accordion
••  Alexis Collin: accordéon
••  Xavier Gélard: batterie, guitare, voix
••  Grégory Kosovski: basse
••  Morgan Lowenstein: percussions
••  Nadia Mejri–Chappelle: violoncelle
••  Camille Petit: claviers, voix
••  Régis Pons: trompette
••  David Rousselet: saxophone ténor
••  Maxime Thiébaut: saxophones soprano, alto et baryton
••  Virginie Boulignat: violon♦♦♦   "Madeleine" is the third disc of the avant–garde Progressive jazz rock band GHOST RHYTHMS. A double LP for a woman haunted by her double, "Vertigo"'s Madeleine, who gives her name to the album.
♦♦♦   The co–leaders are keyboardist Camille Petit and drummer Xavier Gelard, who composer and arrange all the music (a full 2 hours worth this time!)
♦♦♦   They are a young, prize–winning, French jazz/electric jazz band who veer very close to avant–progressive rock.
Here is what the band said to me:
♦♦♦   "Madeleine is the third disc of Ghost Rhythms.
♦♦♦   The disc is an alternate soundtrack for the famous movie Vertigo.
♦♦♦   We did think a lot about the 'Dark Side Of The Rainbow' legend : how The Dark Side of the Moon could be used as a soundtrack for the Wizard of Oz.
♦♦♦   We did it again, so of speak (Ayers reference intended here, AH!) by composing music WITHOUT watching Vertigo and sorting afterwards which pieces of music could match with the scenes. Assisted chance operation, if I can say that? Anyway it revealed amazing synchronicities, and it defined the tracks sequence.
♦♦♦   That is why the CD is a double one, to cover the entire movie. That is why, of course, it sounds so cinematographic also. That is why it took us so fucking long to do it.
♦♦♦   The influences are quite the same : Soft Machine Vol. 2 and Third, Magma, Steve Coleman, Bernard Herrmann, Nik Bärtsch, The Claudia Quintet."
♦♦♦   Like the last one, this is something quite magnificent. Recommended.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GhostRhythms
Bandcamp: http://ghostrhythms.bandcamp.com/
Agent/Press: Agent
CD BABY: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ghostrhythms
Website: http://www.ghostrhythms.com/
Sophie Madeleine: http://sophiemadeleine.com/
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Ghost Rhythms — Madeleine








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