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Gliss — Pale Reflections (June 23rd, 2015)

Gliss — Pale Reflections (June 23rd, 2015)

  Gliss — Pale Reflections (June 23rd, 2015)
•»  Album je kromě dobrého poslechu vhodné i jako studijní materiál nastavení kytar a jeho účinnosti pro celkové vyznění. Hudebně je to rychlejší shoegaze se zdvojenými vokály Victorie Cecilie a Martina Klingmana. Z písní sálá pohoda, nemusíte mít připravené číslo na funebráka, zkrátka vás to neporazí. Jedno varování však přesto mám: neberte lyrics k písni “Slow To the Kill” příliš vážně. Je namířen na “učení zdechlin”, což je můj autorský a krycí název pro komunistickou ideologii. Location: Silver Lake, Los Angeles ~~ Copenhagen, Denmark  ~~ Berlin, Germany
Album release: June 23rd, 2015
Record Label: Kraftwööd
Duration:     36:09 
01. Come Back      3:10
02. Heartbeat      3:52
03. Time      3:21
04. Across the Sea      3:02
05. Slow To the Kill      3:16
06. Memories      3:53
07. Pale Reflections      3:36
08. Is She Coming Down      3:57
09. Mirrored      3:52
10. High and Low      4:10
•»  Victoria Cecilia: vocals
•»  Martin Klingman: guitars
•»  Composed by Klingman/Cecilia
•»  Mixed by Victoria Cecilia
•»  Track 6 mixed by Martin Klingman
•»  Mastered by Adam LasusReview
Will Shenton
•»  Thank god music with the suffix "–wave" is cool again. I don't know what I'd do if my generation ended up embracing our oft–touted Millennial optimism without at least a hint of mopey self–doubt. I guess I'd write a shoegaze song about it.
•»  But down–tempo fuzz is no longer the whole story. Though previous generations could get by on consistent wallowing, us modern folks are nothing if not easily bored. We crave the melding and expansion of styles (perhaps to a fault, as the last ten years spawned so many obscure genre names that most became all but meaningless). I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to find that German art–pop group Gliss' new record wasn't afraid to delve into rock and even dance as much as it threw back to the melancholy jams of old. •»  http://www.thrdcoast.com/•»  Pale Reflections is Gliss’ fifth studio album. Though personnel changes have modified the band dynamic over that time, Martin Klingman and Victoria Cecilia have continued to sharpen, focus, and amplify on the best their sound has to offer. Bright pop candies, wrapped in mildly gritty guitar flourishes, accompanied by percussion piped in from somewhere down the hall: this is now Gliss stock in trade.  Add a layer of late 60’s jangle reverence, and you’ve got a recipe for dessert, best served chilled, any time of day.
•»  Gliss does not challenge your conventions with Pale Reflections, and the casual listener may be tempted to simply dismiss the effort as derivative of middle–period Raveonettes. That would be a mistake. Gliss takes what might seem standard 60’s pop structure and expands it, likely informed by both LA and Denmark musical touchstones. Victoria harnesses some amazing chorus work in tunes like “Memories”, and Martin conveys woozy heartache in his every vocal turn. What starts as sublime often ends up seeming anthemic, as they break apart and reassemble the sound Gliss is known for.
•»  Ultimately Pale Reflections has Gliss crossing over in multiple directions, without breaking from what works for them. A sugared dose of 60’s structure, hints of psych, and icy–cool attitude will help reduce your thermometer on those too–hot days. It doesn’t demand anything from you, but it does expect to cuddle up and be your friend.
Bandcamp: http://gliss.bandcamp.com/album/pale-reflections
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialgliss
Press: officialgliss@gmail.com
Agent: ITB — London, UK_____________________________________________________________

Gliss — Pale Reflections (June 23rd, 2015)



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