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Goldheart Assembly — Long Distance Song Effects (2013)

 Goldheart Assembly — Long Distance Song Effects (2013)

Goldheart Assembly ♦ Long Distance Song Effects
≡  An album that takes an indirect and aimless route in trying to please.
≡  ... a wilful adventure
≡  'At heart the Assembly are still all about disarmingly beautiful harmonies, with an ethereal sense of melancholy that sees lonely souls crash into "desperate arms" while even sunlight provides only isolation.' — The Guardian (Dave Simpson)
≡  'The control and variety they display throughout Long Distance Song Effects shows that Goldheart Assembly have come into their own here' — Allmusic (Heather Phares)
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Album release: July 1, 2013
Record Label: New Music Club
Duration:     49:10
01. Long Distance Song Effects     (1:27)
02. Billy In The Lowground     (4:43)
03. Harvest In The Snow / Waldeinsamkeit     (5:08)
04. Transit     (4:28)
05. Stephanie And The Ferris Wheel     (3:48)
06. Linnaeus     (3:16)
07. Sad Sad Stage     (4:19)
08. The Idiot     (4:27)
09. Into Desperate Arms     (4:35)
10. Behind This Lonely Sun     (5:10)
11. Bird On A Chain     (7:48)
Goldheart Assembly are:
≡  James Dale: lead vocals, bass, Autoharp, misc.
≡  John Herbert: lead vocals, guitar, misc.
≡  Nicky Francis: drums, vocals, misc.
≡  Jake Bowser: instruments with keys, vocals, misc.
≡  Kyle Hall: guitar.
Previous members:
≡  Thomas Hastings: Portasound, ukulele, glockenspiel, vocals, misc.
≡  Dominic Keshavarz: guitar.
≡  Alex Beitzke  Vocal Engineer 
≡  Jake Bowser  Effects, Guitar, Harmonium, Keyboards, Mellotron, Mixing, Moog Synthesizer, Organ, Piano, Portasound, Vocals 
≡  Luzia Bucheli  Vocals 
≡  Emil Chakalov  Violin 
≡  Austen Jux Chandler  Vocal Engineer 
≡  James Dale  Bass, Drums, Guitar, Guitar (Resonator), Keyboards, Mixing, Percussion, Piano, Vocals
≡  Dave Eringa  Mixing 
≡  Nicky Francis  Cello, Drums, Guitar, Harp, Orchestral Percussion, Percussion, Vocals 
≡  Tobi Gmür  Engineer, Horn Engineer, Mixing, Producer, String Engineer  
≡  Manon Grandjean  Horn Engineer, String Engineer 
≡  Kyle Hall  Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitars, Vocals 
≡  Mira Heller  Harp, Vocals 
≡  John Herbert  Bowed Cymbals, Effects, Guitar, Guitar (12 String), Keyboards, Mixing, Piano, Vocals
≡  Ralph Hunter-Menzies  Paintings, Photography 
≡  James Ingham  Double Bass 
≡  Dominic Keshavarz  Guitar 
≡  Alex Mattinson  Clarinet 
≡  Hush Paz  Vocal Engineer 
≡  Louisa Pestell  Oboe 
≡  Chrissie Ranson  French Horn 
≡  Rachel Robson  Viola 
≡  Sophia Stocco  Artwork, Images 
≡  Mark Thomas  Trumpet 
≡  Simon Willey  Mixing Assistant 
≡  Chris Worsey  Cello 
≡  Tim Young  Mastering 
≡  Warren Zielinski  Violin
≡  Recorded in Luzern, Switzerland
Website: http://www.goldheartassembly.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/goldheartassembly
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GHAmusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ghamusic
Agent: Primary UK: stevebackman@primary.uk.com or US Bookings: valwolfe@theagencygroup.com
All enquiries: Dave Bedford - davebedford@davebedford.com or US enquiries: Mike Mulhern - mike@intelligentnoise.com
Review by Heather Phares  Score: **** 
◊  Goldheart Assembly took three years to follow up their winsome, folky debut album Wolves & Thieves, and the time away paid off: Long Distance Song Effects keeps the jangly hooks and soaring harmonies but takes a looser, more creative approach that's often a little stranger and a lot more interesting. A strong '70s vibe permeates the album's orchestral rock-inspired arrangements and instrumentation; perhaps paradoxically, this vintage feel results in some of the band's freshest and most inspired songs yet. With its achingly beautiful melody and slow-building grandeur, "Stephanie and the Ferris Wheel" recalls the lavish pop of pre-disco Bee Gees; "Behind This Lonely Sun" boasts the kind of leisurely drama that graced many of Elton John's ballads. Elsewhere, Long Distance Song Effects feels like Goldheart Assembly kicked things up a notch or two in general, emphasizing the previously subtle psychedelic sound effects that decorated their debut and indulging in textural interplay like the twinkling harp and gently fuzzy guitars on "Harvest in the Snow." Likewise, the band develops the flair for the intimate-yet-flamboyant songwriting they displayed on Wolves & Thieves standouts like "So Long, St. Christopher" with "Billy in the Lowground," "Into Desperate Arms," and especially "Sad Sad Stage," which includes lyrical details like "I'm lost like a young man's child" in its anthemic sweep. Sometimes things feel a little slicker than necessary, but most of the album shows how well Goldheart Assembly have expanded their sound and songwriting without losing any of the catchiness that made Wolves & Thieves so appealing. The control and variety they display throughout Long Distance Song Effects shows that Goldheart Assembly have come into their own here.
Fortaken: http://www.allmusic.com/
By Aaron Lavery; 08:59 June 28th, 2013; Score: 7/10
By Dave Simpson; The Guardian, Thursday 27 June 2013 21.30 BST; Score: ****
By Hugh Morris; Score: 7/10
By Arwa Haider; Haider Friday 5 Jul 2013 6:00 am; Score: ****
By Christopher Monk | 7 July 2013; Score: ***½
By NME: "There’s a depth and variety the Mumfords can only dream of, yet ‘Long Distance…’ will be lucky to tickle the Top 100." Score: 7/10
By Rough Trade: http://www.roughtrade.com/albums/72354
Their pastoral soundscapes & rich, harmony led songs meet an array of influences ranging from the beatles & scott walker to shades of wilco, cluster & neu.
They fuse this disparate bunch of musical touch points, both ambitiously lush & elegantly understated, into a sprawling yet cohesive whole. among the songs included are combative complaints of ‘nu-folk’ comparisons (‘billy in the lowground’), spector-esque epics (‘sad sad stage’, ‘behind this lonely sun’), vaudeville whimsy (‘stephanie & the ferris wheel’), existential murmurings (‘linnaeus’), psychedelic pop (‘into desperate arms’, ‘transit’) & plaintive ballads of regret (‘harvest in the snow’) & obsession (‘bird on a chain’).
Wolves and Thieves (March 2010) Fierce Panda Records
Long Distance Sound Effects (July 2013) EMI / New Music Club
"So Long St. Christopher" / "Oh Really" (June 2009) Heron Recordings
"King of Rome" (March 2010) Fierce Panda Records
"Under The Waterway" (May 2010) Fierce Panda Records
"Last Decade" / "Going Down Well" (November 2010) Fierce Panda Records
"Harvest in the Snow" (free download) (March 2011) Fierce Panda Records

Goldheart Assembly — Long Distance Song Effects (2013)



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