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I See You

Gong — I See You [10th November, 2014]

FranceAustralia          Gong — I See You 
Daevid Allen, also known as: Divided Alien, Bert Camembert, Dingo Virgin, Ja Am
Born: 13 January 1938, Melbourne, Australia / Died: March 2015
Album release: Monday 10th November, 2014
Record Label: Snapper Records, Mad Fish SMACD1023
Duration:     62:37
01. I See You      (3:24)
02. Occupy      (2:52)
03. When God Shakes Hands With Devil      (5:36)
04. The Eternal Wheel Spins      (7:08)
05. Syllabub      (4:31)
06. This Revolution      (3:44)
07. You See Me      (2:40)
08. Zion My T–Shirt      (6:09)
09. Pixielation      (4:44)
10. A Brew Of Special Tea      (1:23)
11. Thank You      (10:30)
12. Shakti Yoni & Dingo Virgin      (9:32)
λ   Flamedog Alien: beat/crash/kick/vocal — aka Orlando Allen {drums, vocals on 'The Eternal Wheel Spins'}
λ   Unicorn Strut: bass & invisible operas — aka Dave Sturt {bass & computer samples}
λ   Spiral K. Octoflash: crunchbox & scythe guitar — aka Kavus Tobabi {neoprog smart guitar}
λ   Fabuloso Golfcart: winged guitars/glissando — aka Fabio Golfetti {guitars, old school psych solos & glissando}
λ   Eastwinds i.e. Windows: saxo/flutes/lungs — aka Ian East {saxs, flute}
Dada Ali: bi–focal local vocals 'n' gliss — aka daevid allen {gliss guitar and vocals}
Special Guests:
λ   Gilli Smyth {sprinkled space whisper}
Some production credits:
λ   Engineered, mixed and produced by Orlando Monday Allen at Flamedog Records Studios and the Bananamoon Observatory Studios Australia.
λ   Additional production by Dave Sturt and daevid allen.
λ   Mastered by Udi Koomran at Ginger Studio, Tel Aviv (Additional production on daevid's vocal on Track 11, 'Thank You').
λ   Rhythm section for tracks 1,2,4,7,9,11, recorded by Alex Angeloni, at Mosh Studios, Sâo Paulo, Brazil.
λ   All saxes and woodwinds recorded remotely by Ian East in his own studio.
λ   Gliss Guitar on 'Shakti Yoni and Dingo Virgin' recorded by Toby Robinson at Moat Studios, London, UK.
λ   There is so much to enjoy on this album of many levels, with stunningly good tracks, that I cannot imagine any Gong devotee will be disappointed.
λ   If this turns out to be daevid and Gilli's Gong swansong, and we hope and pray that it's not — what a way to bow out. I don't need to write about this album, the samples sing out for themselves, and I could have easily chosen almost any random minutes from the tracks and the quality would shine through.
λ   Packaging is a didgipak affair with an illustrated 28 page booklet which the label call a 'media pack' — no I have no idea either what that is, but there's lots of it and it looks very stylish.
λ   Also available on limited edition vinyl – 'I See You' 2LP
λ   "The enduring legend that is Gong — multi–National, multi–dimensional Psychedelic combo — enters yet another new phase on their four–decades plus journey with I See You, a brand new album to be released on the Madfish label. The current incarnation of Gong comprises vocalist / lyricist Daevid Allen, who, even at the age of seventy–five, still radiates an incandescent creativity, the original anarchic vibe that was born out of counter–culture revolution in the Paris commune in 1968. His co–conspirators on I See You comprise Orlando Allen on drums, new guitarist Kavus Torabi (formerly of The Cardiacs) and the latest guitar incumbent in a band whose ranks have included the likes of Steve Hillage and Mark Hewins, horn player Ian East 'Wind', sinuous bass propulsion provided by Dave Sturt (the sonic manipulator), and Brazilian Fabio Golfetti who weaves his own lysergic patterns on guitar. This collective create an impressive, multi–layered and irrepressible sound that creates its own world and then populates it with a series of dazzling musical gems, melodically–rich, lyrically engaging and musically refreshed. I See You is both timeless and timely, a welcome antidote to an increasingly homogenised musical mainstream. Tracks such as This Revolution, a spoken piece which name checks Gil Scott–Heron and picks up on the vibe of his 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, articulates the kind of concerns and theories that have always inspired Daevid Allen and informed the Gong worldview, contrasts with the ferocious inter–stellar Funk of You See Me, which is sure to be a live favourite. λ   Thank You is a heavy slab of Psychedelicised Blues, whilst Shakti Yoni Dingo Virgin is a moody, melodic instrumental piece that serves to illustrate the immense musical firepower and musical diversity that lurks within the current line–up of Gong. I See You will be released in a media book format with a 28 page booklet featuring lyrics and track notes from Daevid Allen."
In french:
λ   Daevid Allen, le vétéran de la scène psy–prog franco–britannique est toujours vivant et sacrément plus inventif et créatif si on ose la comparaison avec le pitoyable album des Pink Floyd dont on nous rebat les zoreilles partout... Bref, à écouter sans aucune hésitation, cure de rajeunissement garantie!
Website: http://www.planetgong.co.uk/
Daevid Allen: http://universityoferrors.com/
Tracks: [62.37]
01 I See You      [3'33] (d. allen, O. Allen, D. Sturt)
02 Occupy      [2'54] (d. allen, I. East, D. Sturt)
03 When God Shakes Hands With The Devil      [5'40] (d. allen, K. Torabi)
04 The Eternal Wheel Spins      [7'04] (F. Golfetti, O. Allen)
05 Syllabub [4'32]      (d. allen, D. Sturt, I. East)
06 This Revolution      [3'50] (d. allen, D. Sturt, I. East)
07 You See Me      [2'40]  (d. allen, O. Allen, D. Sturt, I. East, F. Golfetti, K. Torabi)
08 Zion My T–shirt      [6'18] (d. allen, D. Sturt)
09 Pixielation      [4'42] (I. East, d. allen)
10 A Brew Of Special Tea       [1'22] (O. Allen)
11 Thank You      [10'35] (d. allen)
12 Shakti Yoni & Dingo Virgin      [9'30] (d. allen, G. Smyth)

I See You


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