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Gráinne Hunt — Firing Pin (October 23, 2015)

Gráinne Hunt — Firing Pin (October 23, 2015)

              Gráinne Hunt — Firing Pin (October 23, 2015)  Gráinne Hunt — Firing Pin (October 23, 2015)Location: Dublin, Ireland
Album release: October 23, 2015
Record Label: Gráinne Hunt / The Chocolate Factory
Duration:     33:06
1. Firing Pin
2. Lilacs
3. Chances
4. Low Tides
5. No Way I’ll Go Down
6. The Words of It All
7. Lilacs (Live)
8. Low Tides (Live)
9. The Words of It All (Live)
•–• Gráinne Hunt — Acoustic guitar, vocals, backing vocals
•–• Joe Chester — Electric guitar, piano, Rhodes, Hammond Organ
•–• James Cramer — Acoustic guitar, timples, banjo, bouzouki
•–• Lorcán O’Dwyer — Bass and double bass
•–• Graham Hopkins — Drums and percussion
•–• Vyvienne Long — Cello
•–• Recorded at The Living Room at The Cauldron, Blessington Street, Dublin and live tracks at the Axis Theatre, Ballymun
•–• Produced and mixed by Joe Chester.
•–• Live tracks mixed by Joe Cleere, Underground Studios at the Axis Ballymun
•–• All tracks mastered by Joe Chester
•–• All songs by Gráinne Hunt and James Cramer except ‘Low Tides’ and ‘Chances’ by James Cramer (Published by Crashed Records)
•–• Cover Artwork by Gary Reddin
•–• Sleeve and CD design by Lauren Varien
•–• Thanks to the wonderful musicians who contributed their time, energy and vision to this record.
•–• Gráinne Hunt releases her new mini album ‘Firing Pin’ on October 23rd 2015, with the title track as the second single taken off the album. The first single ‘Lilacs’ was released in August 2015 and reached #4 on iTunes and gained airplay on the national airwaves.
•–• Known for lending her vocals to Mark Geary, Nicole Maguire and on occasion Glen Hansard, Grainne is regularly compared to Natalie Merchant, Dolores O'Riordan and Alison Moyet among others.
•–• With songs co–written with James Cramer of Tupelo and produced by Joe Chester, in the Living Room @ The Cauldron, this album is a long awaited release from the singer. Gráinne is joined on the album by James and Joe, along with Graham Hopkins, Lorcán O’Dwyer and Vyvienne Long. The beautiful artwork for the single and album was provided by Gary Reddin Ink.
Bandcamp: http://grainnehunt.bandcamp.com/releases / http://vyviennelong.com/
Website: http://grainnehunt.weebly.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/grainnehunt
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrainneHuntMusic
•–• Firing Pin is a mini–album from Monaghan singer–songwriter Grainne Hunt, for sale from tomorrow, October 23. Following her single Lilacs, Firing Pin is a hugely anticipated release featuring six studio and three bonus live tracks.
•–• From the offset the album impresses, with stunning artwork which captures both simplicity and beauty; a theme running throughout.
•–• The artwork was provided by Gary Reddin Ink, while Grainne was joined on the album by James Cramer of Tupelo who co–wrote songs and Joe Chester who produced it. She is also accompanied by Graham Hopkins, Lorcan O’Dwyer and Vyvienne Long.
•–• The title track Firing Pin instantly grabs attention with a captivating melody and uplifting beat. It’s one which appeals more and more upon each listen.
•–• Lilacs is the second song and was the first single released from the album. Her alluring vocal abilities are really apparent in this track, resonating through haunting lyrics “emptiness has just one room”.
•–• Chances is a really catchy number, offering an optimistic view of second chances in love which is bright and cheerful.
•–• Low Tides is the one song that I can’t get out of my head, I’ll find myself at the bus stop humming it; probably my favourite from the album. It’s a really thought provoking piece, tinted with sadness but with a slight hope.
•–• Next up is the more upbeat No Way I’d Go Down, definitely the head bopper of the lot. It finishes with The Words Of It All, which is completely stripped back, really emphasizing the endearing quality of the singer.
•–• The album then goes into three live songs for Lilacs, Low Tides and Words of it all; allowing a sneak–peak into what a live performance would offer. Definitely an audience I hope to be a part of soon.
•–• Grainne’s voice is enchanting and pure, with an honest charm; it is no surprise she has lent her vocals to Glen Hansard, Mark Geary and Nicole Maguire. Firing Pin is a wonderful introduction to the musician, offering an insight into the variety of her range plus the live sound. •–• http://ceolcaint.com/

Gráinne Hunt — Firing Pin (October 23, 2015)


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