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Grand Blanc — Image au mur (Sept. 14, 2018)

Grand Blanc — Image au mur (Sept. 14, 2018)

                         Grand Blanc — Image au mur (Sept. 14, 2018)Grand Blanc — Image au mur (Sept. 14, 2018)Location: Metz ~ Paris, France
Genre: Electronic, Rock, French Pop, rock électro et d’électro punk
Style: Electro
Album release: September 14, 2018
Record Label: Entreprise
Duration:     49:26
01. Les Îles     4:38 
02. Belleville     3:44 
03. Los Angeles     3:34 
04. Isati     6:24 
05. Des Gens Biens     4:31 
06. Rêve BB Rêve     3:27 
07. Image au Mur     4:16 
08. Dans la Peau     3:22 
09. Rivière     3:29 
10. Aurore     3:34 
11. Ailleurs     4:20 
12. Télévision     4:07
Composition du groupe:
✹    Benoît David   (chant et guitare)
✹    Camille Delvecchio   (chant et claviers)
✹    Vincent Corbel, alias Korben   (guitare basse)
✹    Luc Wagner   (batterie)
•≡•      After a long wait, Parisian group Grand Blanc have released their second album, ‘Image au mur’. Having given fans a taster with singles ‘Ailleurs’ and ‘Belleville’, the album delivers more of the reflective, genre~bending indie pop which they have been celebrated for since the success of their first album ‘Memoires vives‘. An exploration of  millennial life in Paris and the emotional highs and lows which it presents, the 4 piece bolster their evocative lyrics with rich harmonies which sound larger than the sum of their parts.
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•≡•      2016 : Mémoires vives (Entreprise, A+LSO / Sony)
•≡•      2018 : Image au mur (Entreprise)
Bandcamp: https://grandblanc.bandcamp.com/album/image-au-mur
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/
✹    [contact] yannick@yuppy.fr

Grand Blanc — Image au mur (Sept. 14, 2018)


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