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Grayson Gilmour — Otherness (July 14, 2017)

Grayson Gilmour — Otherness (July 14, 2017)

             Grayson Gilmour — Otherness (July 14, 2017)   Grayson Gilmour — Otherness (July 14, 2017)•     Featuring the wondrous artwork of Henrietta Harris, this drool~worthy special edition LP comes not only on milky~clear vinyl, but includes an exclusive layer of artwork, printed on a vellum sleeve to compliment the cover. Plus lyric zine and full digital download with bonus instrumentals and remixes.
•     Limited to 100 copies — a must for fans of Grayson and Henrietta Harris alike!
•     The album’s surrounding artistic offering sees Gilmour desperate not be constrained by traditional perceptions of music and art. The first single was accompanied by a 360 experiential music video and there is another to follow. He wants to change the way music is heard through sonic landscapes, he says, and is fascinated by what the internet and technology will do to the way music is consumed. √   “I am really intrigued by where music is going in the future and why music videos and the album format is still a consistent medium for releasing music.”Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                                                                          © MOA Awards
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Album release: July 14, 2017
Record Label: Flying Nun Records
Genre: Alternative, Indie Rock
Duration:     42:35
01. Hundred Waters     4:16
02. Blow Back     4:06
03. Twenty~One Tattoo     4:08
04. Better Life      3:24
05. Be a Beacon     4:50
06. Otherness     3:59
07. Sundowning     4:21
08. Slow Hope     4:11
09. Artery     3:54
10. Don’t Let It Get You!     5:26
√   Cory Champion     drums
√   String quartet     all strings partsFotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.•     Grayson Gilmour has been channeling his existential musings into song since the early Y2Ks. He leads a threefold life as solo artist, film composer & So So Modern synth~dude, attempting to balance an introverted, extroverted, contemplative, hedonistic & ecstatic type of musical schizophrenia… or just his general over~enthusiasm.
•     Grayson Gilmour — solo artist, band member and film composer.
•     Starting with solo CD~Rs at 16, to forming So So Modern at 20, and scoring his first feature film at 26, its been a steady evolution.
•     His solo releases caught the welcoming ears of critics over the years, and eventually the attention of Flying Nun Records, who made him the first signing of their 2010 re~launch.
•     Since composing for film, Grayson has received awards for ‘Best Score’ at the 2012 NZ Film Awards for The Most Fun You Can Have Dying, and ‘Best Original Music’ for Consent at the 2015 APRA Silver Scrolls.
•     So So Modern, after seemingly endless tours around the globe, achieved an underground cult status for their unique electronic / post~punk sound, intense live shows, and ridiculous costumes.
•     While undertaking his Masters in Composition at the NZSM, Gg’s 2014 solo release, Infinite Life! was nominated for ‘Best Alternative Album’ at the NZ Music Awards, and the critics choice Taite Music Prize.
•     Having just released his new album Otherness, Gg is planning a series of live shows amongst new film scores and a project with the RBMA.
Website: http://music.graysongilmour.com/
Website: http://graysongilmour.com/
Website: http://otherness.graysongilmour.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/graysongilmour
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/graysongilmour.music/
By Simon Day | Partnerships Editor | July 17, 2017
•     https://thespinoff.co.nz/music/17-07-2017/on-otherness-grayson-gilmour-surrenders-to-the-chaos-in-a-good-way/Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen._____________________________________________________________

Grayson Gilmour — Otherness (July 14, 2017)


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