Grey Daze — Amends [Deluxe Edition] (July 3, 2020)

USA FLAG                    Grey Daze — Amends [Deluxe Edition] (July 3, 2020)  Grey Daze — Amends [Deluxe Edition] (July 3, 2020)Ξ★   Gray Daze věří, že Chester Bennington by byl „hrdý“ na album, které vydává na jeho počest.„Amends je darem pro ty, kteří milovali Chestera. Je to láskyplně vytvořená pocta, která do svého hudebního odkazu přidává bittersweet kapitolu, přinášející jeho minulost i současnost v plném okruhu.“ Během první minuty ... si připomínáme, co dělalo Benningtona tak úspěšným. Poskytuje jasnější a ke grunge~přichycené světlo v jinak temné hodině. „… Představí kultovní Benningtonův hlas v čerstvém kontextu.“ Ostatně, jeho hlas patří ve svém žánru do TOP 100 všech dob [#46 Hit Parader]. Benningtonův 22letý syn Jamie Bennington nazpíval vokály pro tento projekt spolu s Brianem „Head“ Welchem [Korn] ​​a Jamesem „Munky“ Shafferem. 
Ξ★   Když už mluvíme o nahrávce samotné, bubeník Sean Dowdell řekl magazínu Kerrang: „V této nahrávce je hloubka v textech. Chester zpívá každé slovo, jako by věřil každému s patřičnou emocí.“ Dodal: „Je to pro mě hořké. Je tu ta velká a zjevně hrozící věc, že ​​tu není, aby to se mnou sdílel. Ale jsem velmi hrdý na to, jak jsme tuto hudbu kurátorovali. Poté, co vše prošlo, piplali jsme tuto nahrávku po celé tři roky. Myslím, že by byl docela hrdý na to, co jsme udělali.“
•₼•   Phoenix~based ’90s post~grunge outfit that featured vocals by future Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington.  Grey Daze ©Photo credit Anjella, Sakiphotography

Born: March 20, 1976, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.
Died: July 20, 2017, Palos Verdes Estates, California, U.S.
Styles: Post~Grunge, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock
Album release: July 3, 2020
Record Label: Loma Vista/Virgin Int’L
Duration:     39:25+6:50+3:58 = 50:10
01. Sickness   2:52
02. Sometimes   3:27
03. What’s in the Eye   3:26
04. The Syndrome   3:50
05. In Time   3:55
06. Just Like Heroin   3:26
07. B12   3:34
08. Soul Song   4:07
09. Morei Sky   3:53
10. She Shines   3:35
11. Shouting Out   3:20
Target Exclusive Edition bonus tracks:
12. What’s in the Eye (Acoustic)   3:28
13. Sometimes (Acoustic)   3:22
Walmart Exclusive Edition bonus track
01. Soul Song (Acoustic)   3:58
★   Sean Dowdell [drums, backing vocals]
★   Mace Beyers [bass] 
★   Cristin Davis [guitar]
★   Chester Bennington  [vocals]
Ξ   Tom Whalley: released 
Ξ   Jay Baumgardner: produced GREYDAZE ©Tom PrestonAllMusic Review by Neil Z. Yeung ⌊ Monday, 29 June 2020 ⌋ Score: ★★★★
Ξ★   Before shooting to international fame with Linkin Park, a young Chester Bennington sated his straightforward rock needs with the Phoenix~based ‘90s post~grunge outfit Grey Daze. Two decades after they disbanded, plans were made to reunite for the 20th anniversary of their final album. However, those wishes never came to fruition, cut short by Bennington’s passing on July 20, 2017. After a period of grieving, founding member Sean Dowdell, bassist Mace Beyers, and guitarist Cristin Davis entered the studio with producer Jay Baumgardner and a team of Bennington’s famous friends to re~record songs from 1994’s Wake Me and 1997’s …No Sun Today.
Ξ★   The resulting collection, Amends, reveals a teenaged Bennington on the cusp of superstardom, with his inimitable vocals presented in raw form. Heavily influenced by the style (and vocalists) of forebears Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Soundgarden, Amends also recalls the pain and power of early Tool and mid~period Depeche Mode, an emotive journey through Bennington’s psyche (and a precursor to anthems like “Crawling,” “In the End,” and “Numb”).
Ξ★   While the original ’90s tracks were no~frills rock blasts, the updated versions benefit from modernized production quality and the freshness of contributions by the guest musicians. As Bennington howls and broods — his nascent scream taking shape on tracks such as “Just Like Heroin” and “The Syndrome” — Dowdell’s drums crash, Davis’ riffs churn, and Beyers’ bass provides the grounding, weaving seamlessly together as if Bennington was actually in the studio with them. Helmet’s Page Hamilton provides crunch on opener “Sickness,” revamped with atmospheric production and haunting synth stabs reminiscent of Linkin Park’s gloomier material. Meanwhile, Korn’s Brian Welch and James Shaffer transfer their distinctive guitar attack to the swirling protest anthem “B12,” Bennington’s takedown of corrupt American society that rings as true in 2020 as it did in the late ’90s. While contributions by members of Breaking Benjamin, Bush, P.O.D., and Dead By Sunrise buffer the project without distraction, one special guest makes a huge emotional impact. Providing backing vocals on the moving “Soul Song,” Bennington’s son Jamie bridges generations, honoring his father’s past and fulfilling a collaborative dream that unfortunately never transpired in person. Such moments make Amends a cathartic experience, reaching a peak on the piano~ and string~backed “Morei Sky.” Eerily prescient and utterly heartbreaking, Bennington screams, “If I had a second chance/I’d make amends/Only to find myself/losing in the end.” As with similar posthumous examinations of his lyrical cries for help with Linkin Park, listeners can only wonder about Bennington’s intent. Rather than project meaning onto these decades~old lyrics, Grey Daze ends the album with a voice recording. As the triumphant “Shouting Out” soars to a close, Bennington tells a friend, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…I love you and talk to you soon.” It’s a tearjerker of a conclusion, comforting listeners from the other side with a little bit of closure.
Ξ★   A gift for those who loved Chester, Amends is a lovingly crafted tribute, adding a bittersweet chapter to his musical legacy that brings his past and present full~circle. Ξ★
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