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Grizzly Bear Painted Ruins

Grizzly Bear — Painted Ruins (August 18, 2017)

      Grizzly Bear — Painted Ruins (August 18, 2017)   Grizzly Bear — Painted Ruins (August 18, 2017)•¬•    Acclaimed Brooklyn indie band whose ambitious, experimental aesthetic belies their gorgeous sound and intricate arrangements.
•¬•    The indie~rock vets talk about streaming music’s stimulus overload, the radio’s disappointing lack of cool, weird guitar music, and their new record.
•¬•    The return of one of indie rock’s sharpest bands was well worth the wait.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.
Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Genre: Indie Rock/Folk/Psychedelic
Album release: August 18, 2017
Recorded: 2015~2017
Studio: Allaire Studios (Ulster County, near Shokan, New York), Terrible Studios (Los Angeles, California)
Record Label: RCA
Duration:     50:15
01. Wasted Acres     2:52
02. Mourning Sound     4:22
03. Four Cypresses     4:48
04. Three Rings     4:51
05. Losing All Sense     5:06
06. Aquarian     4:19
07. Cut~Out     3:45
08. Glass Hillside     4:55
09. Neighbors     4:44
10. Systole     3:17
11. Sky Took Hold     5:36
℗ 2017 Grizzly Bear Music, LLC, under exclusive license to RCA Records
•¬•    Ed Droste: Painting crumbling things, or fixing things up — there’s a lot of ways you can look at it.
Essential Tracks: “Mourning Sound”, “Three Rings”, “Losing All Sense”, and “Neighbors”
♠   Christopher Bear — drums, vocals, xylophone, lap steel, glockenspiel
♠   Edward Droste — vocals, keyboard, autoharp, guitar
♠   Daniel Rossen — vocals, guitars, banjo, piano, autoharp
♠   Chris Taylor — clarinet, flute, saxophone, vocals, keyboard, bass, electronics and treatmentsFotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Interview:
by Marc Hogan, Senior Staff Writer, MAY 22 2017
♠   http://pitchfork.com/features/interview/10082-grizzly-bear-discuss-painted-ruins-their-first-album-in-five-years/
BY DAVID SACKLLAH ON AUGUST 16, 2017, 6:00AM / Score: B+
♠   https://consequenceofsound.net/2017/08/album-review-grizzly-bear-painted-ruins/
BY THOMAS BRITT, 15 August 2017 / Rating: 8
♠   Remainders and reminders, present as mentioned in the musical forms of Painted Ruins, permeate the lyrics of the album, assessing what’s lost, what’s left, and what can be learned. In “Mourning Sound,” love is the thing that ages, left to “burn out and die”. The “Four Cypresses” are “torn from the roadside… some thousands of years built up / some crumbling form to be torn down / living in a pile / tangled in a pile.” “Losing All Sense” might well be a summary of the album’s relationship to ruin: “take the past, own your scars, let it show.”
♠   “Aquarian” involves “the knowledge you can’t win with what remains” and “burning ground / that separates this mind from all that’s passed.” Perhaps most poignant is “Neighbors,” which confronts breaking bodies and the fact that “every passing day / our history fades away.” In the end, the chief irony of Painted Ruins is that this album tackling the heavy subject of all things crumbling and passing ends up being the band’s most alive, cohesive offering.
♠   http://www.popmatters.com/review/grizzly-bear-painted-ruins/
Website: http://grizzly-bear.net/ Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Also:
♠   Grizzly Bear guitarist/vocalist Daniel Rossen, reflecting on his band’s trajectory to date, is echoed by his bandmate and lead singer Ed Droste, who succinctly notes, “For all intents and purposes, we didn’t really ever stop.”
♠   http://blurtonline.com/feature/sense-place-sense-purpose-sense-self-grizzly-bear/

 Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                                       © Tom Hines

Grizzly Bear Painted Ruins