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Hawksley Workman — Songs From The God That Comes [2013]

 Hawksley Workman — Songs From The God That Comes [2013]

Hawksley Workman — Songs From The God That Comes

The official logo by B.T. Amundssen´s Harvest Prize/Tais Awards 2014 for NOMINATED WORKS
ζ   The result is not quite a feeling of emotional devastation that any Greek tragedy ought to generate in its audience, but Workman is such a dazzling shaman onstage that you’re willing to cut him a little slack on the truth of the matter, which is that during this engaging hybrid cabaret, the gods pretty much stay parked at the bar.  — STEPHEN HUNT, CALGARY HERALD
Location: Huntsville, Muskoka region of Ontario ~ Toronto, ON, Canada
Attending: Almaguin Highlands Secondary School, Huntsville High School
Album release: Tuesday March 19, 2013
Record Label: Isadora Records
Duration:     45:31
01.  Invocation (You Know What It Is, Come To The Mountain)   (5:40)
02. Remember Our Wars      (3:57)
03. Glory Glory Hallelujah      (1:14)
04. Ukelady Boy      (2:30)
05. If Your Prayer      (6:03)
06. Danger Songs      (1:08)
07. The Dress Makes The Man      (5:07)
08. Up, Up, Up He Goes      (1:26)
09. Wild Abandon      (5:36)
10. Can You Believe      (2:17)
11. He's Mine      (5:44)
12. They Decided Not To Like Us (Epilogue)      (3:48)
Hawkley´s band:
ζ   Hawksley Workman — vocals, guitar
ζ   Todd Lumley ("Mr. Lonely") — piano, organ, keyboards
ζ   Derrick Brady — bass guitar
ζ   Jesse Zubot — guitar & violin
ζ   Brad Kilpatrick — drums
Guitar equipment:
ζ   Workman revealed his choices for guitars and equipment in an interview with Australian Guitar Magazine in January 2006.
ζ   Squier 1952 Telecaster reissue — early 1980s model, JV series, made in Japan
ζ   Gibson Les Paul Standard — early 1970s model, ebony finish, Bigsby vibrato tailpiece
ζ   Gibson Les Paul Standard — early 1970s model, wine red finish, Bigsby vibrato tailpiece
ζ   Workman uses two amps on tour. The first amp is either a Fender Blues Deville, Fender Hot Rod Deville, or a Vox AC-30. Using an A/B/Y footswitch, he switches between this first amp and a Fender Pro Junior which he uses for guitar solos. He has stated that he uses no pedals with the exception of an MXR "Micro Amp" pedal used with the Vox AC-30. ©
By Jake | March 19, 2013
ζ   I really am a sucker for all things Hawksley Workman. With more albums than I can count on all my fingers, he has tried just about every genre I can think of. And, sure, you might not have been a fan of his early weird vaudeville, or his recent foray into synth-pop, or his polished chart-topping rock/pop, or his intimate banjo-laden folk, or his dirty lo-fi garage rock, but chances are that somewhere in his vast catalogue is an album that will blow your mind. Because the fact is, Workman is a killer songwriter and a world-class singer, and no matter how you dress it up, a great song is still great.
ζ   Today Workman launches a new disc, and depending on which version of Hawksley Workman you prefer, this album is either his long-awaited return to form or a further departure into the outfield of weird. Music From The God That Comes is the soundtrack to Workman’s one-man play of the same name — a collaboration with theatre director Christian Barry — which has been receiving very high praise from both fans and critics.
ζ   The play’s story is surely as important as the music when performed live, but this studio “re-imagining,” as Workman calls it, is more like a movie soundtrack than an original cast recording: sure, there’s an overarching plot, but without narration, costumes, and facial expressions, the album’s story is obscured by the music.
ζ   And the music is damn good.
ζ   Workman’s attention to texture and instrumentation has never wavered, and this batch of songs — which are performed by Workman solo during the play — are given the full studio treatment here. Stacked vocals and guitars, sporadic electronics and thick drums are all present, as is the welcome return of megaphone vocals (a signature sound of Workman’s weirder side). There are a handful of simply really great songs here: “They Decided Not to Like Us,” “Wild Abandon,” “Remember Our Wars,” and “He’s Mine” could all stand tall alongside the rest of Workman’s catalogue.
ζ   But what makes The God That Comes a true Hawksley Workman oeuvre is the balance between these catchy, accessible tunes and the eccentric vaudeville that characterized Workman’s early work: tracks like “Ukelady Boy” and “The Dress Makes the Man” would have fit in nicely on Workman’s ostentatious debut, For Him and the Girls.
ζ   The album has a few lulls — Workman’s take on “Glory Glory Hallelujah,” while probably effective during the live show, is out of place on this soundtrack – but despite this, the disc has a strong cohesion that is enhanced by the overarching concept.
ζ   A soundtrack might not fit your typical album archetype, but this disc fits nicely into Workman’s already diverse catalogue, and bridges a musical gap between Workman’s early weirdness and his modern accessibility. Music From The God That Comes may be based on a play, but on this disc, Hawksley Workman is more focused on song than story. Fortaken: http://musicopolis.wordpress.com/
ζ   He’s bringing sexy Bacchus” — The Globe & Mail
ζ   It’s a tour de force performance that mesmerizes with its deft wit and razor sharp humour” — Calgary Sun
ζ   Hawksley Workman’s musical virtuosity shines” — Calgary Herald
ζ   Workman mesmerizes both musically and theatrically” — The Coast, Halifax
ζ   An awesome experience and something rare and unique” — The Chronicle Herald, Halifax
ζ   Oozing mischievous charisma…the raw and unpredictable feel of live rock music with the thematic daring of dramatic theatre…pretty close to perfection” — The Victoria Times-Colonist
ζ   Hawksley workman is a prolific songwriter, producer, singer, multi instrumentalist, actor, and published author.  His 12 year career has produced as many records, all ambitiously creative and defying category.  The 6 times nominated 2 time juno award winner has enjoyed radio success in Europe and Canada and has written songs for celebrated artists the world over.   Workman’s production work (18 albums) has been attached to many successful artists including Tegan and Sara,  Serena Ryder, Great Big Sea,  Sarah Slean, and Jeremy Fisher.  Hawksley’s touring career has seen him play nearly a thousand shows in over 15 countries.  He’s headlined prestigious venues like Massey Hall in Toronto and The Olympia in Paris, as well as opening for heroes Morrissey, David Bowie, and The Cure.  As an actor Workman has appeared in films such as Score, Hockey a Musical (he also wrote a portion of the music), Youkali Hotel, and Stormy Weather.   Beyond his own solo work, Hawksley has written songs for many feted artists including legends Johnny Hallyday and Jane Birkin.  In 2002 ECW press published Hawksley Burns for Isadora, a collection of fictional love letters to a mermaid.
In french:
ζ   Un album concept (opera rock ou cabaret rock) reprenant un theme classique s'inspirant de la tragédie d'Euripide qui vous permettra de réviser vos "humanités" grecques et latines... Pas mal du tout, hips!
Website: http://hawksleyworkman.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/hawksleyworkman
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HawksleyWorkman
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XflbAd1ss34
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/IsadoraRecords
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HawksleyWorkman
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hawksley-Workman/16285296676
Press: jennifer@isadoramedia.com
Agent: Rob Zifarelli — Agency Group
Photos: Hawksley Workman performs a song cycle inspired by The Bacchae in The God That Comes, part of the 2013 Enbridge playRites Festival of New Canadian Plays.
Venue 13 — 24 November 2013, 8pm | Historic Theatre, 1895 Venables Street
Reviewer John Jane: :: http://www.reviewvancouver.org/th_hawksley_workman2013.htm
:: http://www.calgarysun.com/2013/03/25/hawksley-works-it-in-the-god-that-comes
Club PuSh, by ALEXANDER VARTY on JAN 16, 2013 at 12:45 PM
:: http://www.straight.com/music/343231/hawksley-workman-wants-you-feel-his-music
Release date: Title: Format: Label:
ζ   1999 For Him and the Girls LP Isadora Records
ζ   2001 For Him and the Girls — UK re-release LP Ba Da Bing!
ζ   2001 (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves LP Isadora Records/Universal Music
ζ   2001 Almost a Full Moon EP/LP Isadora Records
ζ   2002 Almost a Full Moon re-release, new cover art, new track list LP Isadora Records/Universal Music
ζ   2003 The Delicious WolvesUK re-release with two bonus tracks and new cover art LP Ba Da Bing!
ζ   2003 Lover/Fighter LP Isadora Records/Universal Music
ζ   2003 Anger As Beauty — single EP Universal Music
ζ   September 8, 2003 We Will Still Need a Song 4-track single from the Lover/Fighter album EP Universal Music
July 8, 2004 We Will Still Need a Song2-track single from the Lover/Fighter album, plus the music video, released in Europe EP Universal Music
ζ   2004 No Reason to Cry Out Your Eyes (On the Highway Tonight) EP Universal Music
ζ   2004 Live in Lille DVD Isadora Records/Universal Music
ζ   Recorded in 1998, released in 2004 Before We Were Security Guards* LP Isadora Records
ζ   February 28, 2006 (Canada)/March 13, 2006 (France):
Treeful of Starling LP Isadora Records/Universal Music
ζ   2006 My Little Toothless Beauties*not commercially released LP Isadora Records
ζ   2006 Puppy (a boy's truly rough)*not commercially released LP Isadora Records
ζ   2008 Between the Beautifuls LP Universal Music
ζ   2008 Between the B-Sides* — not commercially released EP Isadora Records
ζ   2008 Los ManliciousReleased May 2008 in Europe and online on Hawksley's web site. Released in Canada on August 26, 2008. LP Universal Music
ζ   2009 For Him and the Girls  USA re-release — Released in the United States on November 17, 2009. CD Isadora Records
ζ   2010 Meat   CD Isadora Records
ζ   2010 Milk   CD Isadora Records
ζ   2011 Full Moon Eleven   CD Isadora Records
ζ   2013 Songs from the god that comes   CD   Isadora Records © Hawksley Worksman has long been known as one of Canada's most theatrical musicians.

Hawksley Workman — Songs From The God That Comes [2013]