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Hidden Orchestra

Hidden Orchestra — Reorchestrations (August 7, 2015)

 Hidden Orchestra — Reorchestrations Hidden Orchestra — Reorchestrations (August 7, 2015)♣   Music certainly is crucial in helping to define the emotional response to something visual.
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland ~~ London, currently based in Brighton, UK ~~ Prague, CZE ~~ Orenburg, St. Petersburg, Russia
Album release: August 7, 2015
Record Label: Denovali Records
Duration:     35:41
01 Cross Hands (Piano Interrupted / Hidden Orchestra Remix)     5:52
02 5 Steps (Clarinet Factory / Hidden Orchestra Remix)     5:50
03 Lyre Grounds (Poppy Ackroyd / Hidden Orchestra Remix)     6:02
04 Thograinn Thograinn (Macmaster/Hay / Hidden Orchestra Remix)     4:27
05 Saturnin Fire and the Restless Ocean (Floex / Hidden Orchestra Remix)     4:18
06 Sleep Key (Long Arm / Hidden Orchestra Remix)     4:31
07 The Revival (Hidden Orchestra)     4:41
♣   This new collection of Joe Acheson’s ‘Reorchestrations’ (including two previously unreleased tracks) takes works by exceptional experimental/classical/folk musicians as source material, and passes them through Joe’s studio where they are intricately reworked with the signature Hidden Orchestra composition and production techniques.
♣   The result is a cohesive new Hidden Orchestra album, consisting of tracks produced since 2012, and representing the best of the music to come out of Joe’s studio since the last full Hidden album ‘Archipelago’.
♣   Unlike many remixes, these sensitive and non–destructive ‘Reorchestrations’ mostly leave the original track intact, and add layers of rhythms and notes which extend the arrangements and subvert the harmonies of the original tracks — resulting in expansive augmented reinterpretations rather than complete reworkings.
♣   This release is the first volume in a series of Reorchestrations albums. The project started with a remix of Liverpool band Kinetic Fallacy — which eventually became the track The Revival when Kinetic Fallacy disbanded, and has since become a staple encore of Hidden Orchestra live performances — hence its inclusion as the final track on this release. The two unreleased tracks are reworkings of members of the Hidden Orchestra live ensemble — Poppy Ackroyd (violin/piano), and Mary Macmaster (harps). There are also remixes of Hidden collaborator and occasional live guest clarinettist Tomas Dvorak (AKA Floex), Russian producer Long Arm, Anglo–French duo Piano Interrupted, and Czech clarinet quartet Clarinet Factory.
♣   This 'electronic music by acoustic means' project has steadily gained a broad and diverse cult following since the release of albums 'Night Walks' (2010) and 'Archipelago' (2012) on Tru Thoughts Records and Denovali Records, and touring in over 30 countries with the acclaimed live band (featuring pianist/violinist Poppy Ackroyd, double drummers Jamie Graham and Tim Lane, plus regular live guests and visual artists).                                © Hidden Orchestra, Picture 035 Feltus
♣   Hidden Orchestra is the solo studio project of multi–instrumentalist composer/producer Joe Acheson.
♣   The albums and live shows feature a wide variety of guest musicians from all kinds of musical backgrounds.
♣   The music combines all the different musical traditions Joe has been involved in — years of Classical training (composing from an early age, singing in choirs and playing in orchestras), whilst at the same time playing in all manner of bands and ensembles, DJing and producing, and performing live improvised experimental music.
♣   By tapping into the energy of virtuoso drum solos and adding the elements of other music that are dark and beautiful, he creates Electronic music made with acoustic instruments, drums, field recordings and natural sounds — intense, beat–driven Classical textures with layers of energy, emotion and atmosphere.
♣   (IDM/Classical/Dub/Electronica/Folk/Post-Rock/HipHop/DnB/Jazz)
♣   The live shows feature a core quartet of Joe Acheson on bass and electronics, with ♣   Poppy Ackroyd on piano and violin, and Tim Lane and Jamie Graham on two full live drum kits.
♣   Regular live guests include Phil Cardwell (trumpet) and a spectacular live audiovisual show by Lumen.
♣   The Hidden Orchestra project has seen its star rise steadily and emphatically since the release of albums “Night Walks” (2010) and “Archipelago” (2012) on Tru Thoughts Records, with an organic buzz building through the highly in–demand live show at clubs and major festivals throughout over 30 countries in Europe and beyond.
♣   The music of Hidden Orchestra has been broadcast all over the world, including numerous live sessions for the BBC (UK), WDR (Germany), and Radio 1 Prague, as well as many interviews on national radio and television networks throughout Europe. ♣   The music showed genuine cross–appeal by appearing on all of the BBC’s main music and speech networks in 2013 — Radio 1 (Gilles Peterson), 2 (Jamie Cullum), 3 (Late Junction), 4 (Something Understood/Book of the Week), and 6 (Cerys Matthews/Lauren Laverne/Stuart Maconie/Nemone/Huey Morgan/Gideon Coe).
♣   It has also been widely used on television, on everything from mainstream dramas through to Heston Blumenthal’s cookery shows and Match of the Day.
Website: http://www.hiddenorchestra.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiddenOrchestra
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HiddenOrchestra
Label: http://www.denovali.com/hiddenorchestra/
Website: http://poppyackroyd.com/
Website: http://floex.cz/about.php
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MacmasterHay/158111410893459
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/long-arm
Fifteen Questions with Tom Hodge of Piano Interrupted
A delicate balance
http://15questions.net/interview/fifteen-questions-interview-tom-hodge-piano-interrupted/page-1/TOM HODGE/PIANO INTERRUPTED
♣   Born in London, Tom Hodge always enjoyed playing music but never thought it would be a career choice until his flair and feracity for composition burst through with enough intensity to fuel a blazing career in media. Tom Hodge went from making tea in a post-production studio, to being a composer responsible for over 200 TV commercials for almost every major brand in the world, three films, various TV themes, theatre pieces, fashion shows and ballet. But these days, while he might still make tea, it's for himself, and he's trying to shift the balance from media composition to solo artist. With laptop artist and long–time collaborator Franz Kirmann, Hodge has released albums and plays live as Piano Interrupted, but is set to release his solo debut later this year.FLOEX / TOMÁŠ DVOŘÁK
♣   Tomáš Dvořák (*78) aka Floex — clarinetist, composer, producer and multimedia artist from Prague (Czech Republic). His music is characteristic by unique exploration of electroacoustic field and deep atmospheric mood of his tracks. He also continuously widens his musical focus by experimenting in the interactive multimedia.
♣   He released two full length albums "Pocustone" (2001) and "Zorya" (2011). Both received several prestigious awards not only in Czech Republic ( 3 Czech Angel Awards, Nomination to Europian Qwartz Awards, Nomination to Apollo and Vinyla Awards ).
♣   Beside his own music he is well known for his cooperation with Amanita Design on the soundtracks for the games Samorost 2 (2006) and Machinarium (2009). Machinarium OST gained massive reaction by both fans and critics and made Tomáš music known internationally.
♣   Tomáš is also author of several unique interactive multimedia installations and performances (RGB, Crossroad, Live Score) which he created mainly in 2002–2007 while studying at Prague Academy of Visual arts. His recent work Archifon I and Archifon II is based on idea of making big interactive instruments from the buildings interiors via mapping (www.archifon.org). It was made together with Daniel Gregor and received international reaction being featured in BBC World, Forbes, Wire , Discovery Channel and more.
♣   In 2013 Tomáš starts cooperation with Germany label Denovali Records releasing Gone EP featuring remix by Hidden Orchestra.
♣   At the moment Floex is performing live with his band — Sára Vondrášková — vocals and keyboards, Tomáš Dvořák — electronics, clarinet and midiclarinet, Jirka Javůrek — clarinet, midiclarinet and bas clarinet, Marián Petržela — drums!
♣   The selected performances includes Big Chill (Easton Castle Deer Park / UK), Audioriver (Plock / Poland), Edinburg Jazz Festival (Edinburgh / UK), Eurosonic (Groningen / Netherlands), Babylon Club (Istanbul / Turkey), Mira Festival (Barcelona / Spain), Krake Festival (Berlin / GE), Denovali Swingfest (Essen/GE), Pohoda (Trencin /SK), Palác Akropolis (Prague / Czech Republic), Stubnitz (Rotterdam / NL).
♣   Tomáš Dvořák (*1978) aka Floex je skladatel, multimediální umělec a producent žijící v Praze. Ve své tvorbě propojuje elektronickou a akustickou hudbu do svébytné atmosférické podoby. Jeho klíčovým nástrojem je klarinet, na který hraje odmalička. Je zásadní nejen z pohledu instrumentálního, ale i kompozičního.
♣   Do povědomí se jeho hudba dostala především díky debutové desce Pocustone (2001), která spojovala v té době izolované styly jako je nu–jazz, elektronická hudba či současná vážná hudba. Pocustone byl pozitivně přijat kritikou nejen v České republice (hudební Cena Anděl 2001 nebo nominace na Evropskou cenu nezávislých vydavatelství Qwartz).
♣   Tomáš je také znám svou spoluprací s nezávislým herním studiem Amanita Design. ♣   Vytvořil soundtracky ke hrám Samorost (2006) a Machinarium (2009). Machinarium Soundtrack stal ve světové herní komunitě vyslovenou senzací. Byl v superlativech zmiňován v desítkách světových recenzí a rovněž byl vyhlášen nejlepším soundtrackem za rok 2009 ve světově nejčtenějším magazínu o hrách PC Gamer. Aktuálně Tomáš Dvořák pracuje na soundtracku pro hru Samorost 3.
Dvořák je také autorem několika unikátních hudebních interaktivních instalací a performancí (RGB, Křižovatka, Ž}ivá Partitura), které byly vytvořeny zejména v letech 2002–2007 v době jeho studia na Akademii výtvarných umění v Praze. Jeho poslední práce Archifon I. (www.archifon.org), vytvořená ve spolupráce s Danem Gregorem, byla prezentována v BBC NY, Wired, Forbes či na Discovery Channelu. Archifon II byl ve stejném roce prezentován na bruselském festivalu Nuit Blanche.
♣   Deset let po debutové desce v roce 2011 vydal Floex své druhé album Zorya. Deska dále zkoumala možnosti propojení akustické a elektronické hudby. Patrná je inspirace vážnohudebním minimalismem, stejně tak jako experimentálnějšími polohami elektroniky. Zorya byla oceněna dvěma žánrovými cenami Anděl v kategorii alternativní hudba a elektronická hudba a též nominovaná na ceny hudební kritiky Apollo a Vinyla.
♣   Od roku 2012 Tomáš Dvořák koncertuje se svou kapelou po celé Evropě. Od roku 2013 spolupracuje s novým vydavatelstvím Denovali Records, ve kterém vychází aktuální EP Gone.
♣   Long Arm took up music when he was a kid. In music school he studied how to play piano. He was really impressed by a DJ’s perfomance on one of the music channels when he saw it for the first time. It was difficult to get a turntable back then, so Long Arm and his friend started making them from old soviet phonographs/record players and collecting vintage vinyl records. Long Arm devoted all his free time to listening to those records. He spent his university years writing his own tracks, playing in various bands and participating in different projects. After his graduation he began working in Intelligent genre. His lifelong passion for jazz influenced his whole music style.                                                            Poppy Ackroyd

Hidden Orchestra



6. 4. 2020


4. 4. 2020




False Heads — It’s All There But You’re Dreaming (13 March 2020)
Tais Awards & Harvest Prize
Strachovská 520, Pelhřimov, CZE