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Highly Suspect
Mister Asylum

Highly Suspect — Highly Suspect  (JULY 17TH, 2015)

   Highly Suspect — Mister Asylum  (July 17th, 2015)
Location: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Album release: July 17th, 2015
Record Label: 300 Entertainment
Duration:     40:18
01. Mister Asylum     4:03
02. Lost     4:09
03. Lydia     4:21
04. Bath Salts     3:59
05. 23 (feat. Sasha Dobson)     4:10
06. Mom     4:58
07. Bloodfeather     3:55
08. Fuck Me Up     2:30
09. Vanity     3:59
10. Claudeland     4:14
℗ 2015 300 EntertainmentPersonnel:
≡★≡  Johnny Stevens — Guitar/Vocals/Synth
≡★≡  Rich Meyer — Bass/Vocals/Peacekeeper
≡★≡  Ryan Meyer — Drums/VocalsEditors’ Notes
≡★≡  This Brooklyn–via–Cape Cod trio holds nothing back on their debut album: the gale–force guitars, heavy beats, and black–hearted angst of Mister Asylum will blow your hair back. The intensity of guitarist/vocalist Johnny Stevens makes him heir to heavy rock howlers like Chris Cornell or Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, while bassist Rich Meyer and drummer Ryan Meyer charge forward with amps–on–11 arrangements. Things are especially potent on the album’s biggest hooks, like the cathartic kiss–off of “Lydia,” the thrashing double–time shuffle of “Lost,” and the riff–driven “Bloodfeather.” We picked Highly Suspect for our 2015 New Artist Spotlight.
≡★≡  2015 debut album from the alt–rock band. Mister Asylum was produced and mixed by Joe Hamilton (Black Keys, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits). Highly Suspect is drawing comparisons to Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood, Band of Skulls and early Kings of Leon.REVIEW
Written by Melissa Anderson; Score: *****
≡★≡  Dropping 7/17/2015 is their new album “Mister Asylum”. So what makes this album a must have and different from the rest of the music out there? The lyrics are based in truth. It is as if the guys are taking out their souls and sharing their moments of living the sex and party music scene, to the hardships that go hand and hand with that life.
≡★≡  I have heard countless albums over the years but “Mister Asylum” has to be one of the truest in terms of the lyrics. It is raw, passionate, and goes past the party to the pain. This album is a musical journey of 20 some–things not only braving the music world but the world as a whole.
≡★≡  It was hard to pick just a few songs off “Mister Asylum” to highlight, but I am going to go with “F^^k Me Up” as my first choice. Like all songs on the album the lyrics are so raw. I love the raspy vocals that add an eery clarity to the words. “Mom” and “Bloodfeather” also are on my favorite list. © Highly Suspect Trash Bar
≡★≡  Also, out now is Highly Suspect’s official video for their single, "Lydia" . Johny says that “Lydia" is a “ true story about love lost. . . I met her when we moved into our Brooklyn apartment. It was literally slow–motion love at first sight. We went through so much together. I still have Pam, the cat I got her for a birthday present one year. I'll always wish her the best, but sometimes things don't work out the way you had planned.” This video is very different from any video that you have ever seen. I know because I watched, then I watched it again. Yes it is that good. But don’t take my word for it check it out for yourself online.
≡★≡  The production on “Mister Asylum”, Highly Suspect’s 4th album , is high quality through and through. Joel Hamilton, who has worked with such artists as The Black Keys, Tom Waits, and Elvis Costello was the producer.
≡★≡  The energy that Highly Suspect features on the album is not lost live. I have had the chance to see this band take the stage at Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH. They were one of the bands, amongst several dozen national and international acts, that stood out to me. They captivate the crowd with the music as well as with their presence. The band is who they are. They do not use “a look”... they just come out as guys who want to play music and have a good time. That feeling goes from the stage to the fans.
≡★≡  Highly Suspect is a group of friends who’s bond is not only the music they produce but the life they live. They have some of the best music because it comes from experience and it is not watered down or over–produced... it is real.
≡★≡  http://www.examiner.com/
Website: http://www.highlysuspect.net/site
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Highly_Suspect
Tumblr: http://highlysuspect.tumblr.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HighlySuspect
Press: Lily Golightly at Golightly Media / lily@golightlymedia.com
Agent: Ryan Harlacher and Jared Martin at CAA / jared.martin@caa.com
Label: http://300ent.com/                                                           © Photo credit: Shervin Lainez
≡★≡  You may have been to that party — the one where a guy plastered in ink showed up on a motorcycle with a guitar slung around his back. You probably either rolled your eyes and raised your fists, or asked, “Who is that?” When it comes to Brooklyn rock trio Highly Suspect, all three members — Johnny Stevens, (guitars and lead vocals) and twins, Rich, (bass/vocals) and Ryan Meyer (drums) — are that guy. The trio have played 800 shows in six years, having supported bands like My Morning Jacket and Grizzly Bear, and, as the day's opener no less, have drawn the biggest audience to–date to the Lollapalooza BMI Stage. They've also raged in all of your basements.
≡★≡  The boys moved in together after high school in 2006 and would share a few years, a few fist fights, and more than a few drug and alcohol fueled parties, before they even knew that they had started a band. Playing music together was just something we did when we were fucked up, or if there were girls over, or if it was raining out. It is cold in the Northeast,” says Johnny. But it wouldn't take long for them to realize that they had accidentally created the very foundation of what would eventually become the band. Once they noticed just how many people could identify with the energy they produced and the lyrics they were sharing, there was no other option than to take it on the road. ≡★≡  The second these guys get on stage, you discover that their burnt out cigarettes, leather jackets, and well traveled boots aren't a front. You'll hear their raspy vocals, amped–up guitar chords and ambitious rhythms blending so uniquely with cocaine–covered lyrics telling you the true story of three guys who know what it means to go hungry.
≡★≡  Their forthcoming debut album is set for release in the summer of 2015 and was produced by Joel Hamilton, who has worked with such artists as The Black Keys, Tom Waits, and Elvis Costello. On it, you’ll find the songs that you’re always hoping to hear (but never actually do) when you push the preset button for your favorite alt radio station.
≡★≡  Just as these twenty–something guys so happen to dabble in graffiti, sex, and rock & roll, so do their songs happen to feel like a page out of your own wildest life moments. Titled 'Mister Asylum', the album takes the listener on a deep journey exploring the beauty and pain that all of us can relate to as we navigate through the vast and uncertain universe we live in. Of the LP’s first single, “Lydia,” Johnny shares that the song is a true story about love lost. “I met her when we moved into our Brooklyn apartment. It was literally slow–motion love at first sight. We went through so much together. I still have Pam, the cat I got her for a birthday present one year. I'll always wish her the best, but sometimes things don't work out the way you had planned.” This song, and all of the other tracks work together to remind you that outlaws always have, and always will, write the realest of the real. Exposing their souls on the deepest of levels, these are the songs that most bands are afraid to write.

Highly Suspect
Highly Suspect



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