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Howard Hello Election Year
Temporary Residence Ltd. Nov 10, 2017

Howard Hello — Election Year (Nov 10, 2017)

               Howard Hello — Election Year (Nov 10, 2017)Howard Hello — Election Year (Nov 10, 2017)Ξ♠Ξ       
Location: San Diego, California
Album release: Nov 10, 2017
Record Label: Temporary Residence
Duration:     53:21
01. The Split     1:04 
02. Achilles Heel     3:52 
03. Simon Say     3:55 
04. Greenhouse     5:13 
05. Witness     4:45 
06. Vote     2:38 
07. MCD     4:43
08. Out     4:41 
09. Money Mouth     3:20 
10. Sunny     4:37 
11. MAD     2:56 
12. Slap (Bonus Track)     3:38 
13. Last Chance and Reprise (Bonus Track)     7:59Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                                                                  Marty Anderson
Ξ♠Ξ        After more than ten years apart, multi~instrumentalist songwriters Marty Anderson (Dilute, Okay) and Kenseth Thibideau (Tarentel, Sleeping People) have reconnected to resurrect Howard Hello. Originally founded to craft music inspired by the American Zeitgeist, Election Year finds Howard Hello returning to familiar themes: The dichotomies of reality and illusion; organic and synthetic; sincerity and irony; faith and fact. These themes, however familiar, are perhaps no more confusing and confounding than right now in present~day United States (hence the album’s title).
Ξ♠Ξ        Musically Anderson and Thibideau use music as an analogy, fusing abstract and traditional instrumental textures with angelic, distorted layers of vocal accompaniment. Their collaborative connection is extraordinary and rare, symbiotic craftsmen of profound meditations that are as fascinatingly weird as they are irrefutably wonderful.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                                                               © Ξ♠Ξ Kenseth Thibideau
Ξ♠Ξ        “Election Year (Temporary Residence)”
Ξ♠Ξ        Marty Anderson (of Dilute and Okay) and Kenseth Thibideau (of Tarentel and Sleeping People) have re~joined forces as Howard Hello to take on the state of America right now. So yeah, this can be very scary stuff indeed. Thankfully these tunes are as soothing and catchy as they are odd. Imagine the Radiohead robot singing lead on “Fitter, Happier” was a member of French band Air and was as mad as hell, and you are getting close to the strangely beautiful sounds of Howard Hello. Sure, the lyrics can be hyper~specific in terms of hot~button issues of the day~after all, the album IS called Election Year (Temporary Residence) after all,  but none of that matters with tunes this lovely. Start your love affair with this beguiling record with the first single, the pastoral sounds of revolution via “MCD” (which stands for “mass civil disobedience”).
Artist Biography by Charles Spano
Ξ♠Ξ        Kenseth Thibideau of such critically lauded bands as Tarentel, Rumah Sakit, and Thingy leads Howard Hello in intricate, indie rock ambience. Playing experimental music that would suit Steve Reich and Brian Eno, the acoustic guitars, synthesizers, and Wendy Allen’s angelic vocals yield haunting songs that cross Papa M, Songs: Ohia, and Jim O’Rourke with Tortoise.
Ξ♠Ξ        After moving to San Diego in 2001, Thibideau hooked up with Marty Anderson of Dilute and Wendy Allen of the Court & Spark. The trio formed Howard Hello to create twisted but intimate sounds. The group’s self~titled debut was released on Temporary Residence in March of 2002.
Bandcamp: https://howardhello.bandcamp.com/album/election-year
Ξ♠Ξ        https://bankrobbermusic.com/
Label: https://www.temporaryresidence.com/Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.♦»♠••›♣¤★↔★♦♠♦★Ω★♦»♠••›♣¤★↔★♦♠♦★Ω★♦»♠••›♣¤★↔★♦♠♦★Ω★♦»♠••›♣

Howard Hello Election Year
Temporary Residence Ltd. Nov 10, 2017