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Iain Morrison — To The Horizon, Sir (2012)

 Iain Morrison — To The Horizon, Sir (2012)

             Iain Morrison — To The Horizon, Sir
Musician, writer, singer from the Outer Hebrides
Location: Isle of Lewis ~ near Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Album release: November 1st, 2012
Record Label: Peat Fire Records
Catalogue Number: Peatfire005
Duration:     41:12
01. Stones And Matches     4:31
02. Homeward     4:05
03. Dear Goose     3:51
04. Lost With The Archipelago     3:21
05. Psalm     3:10
06. Hermit’s Castle     3:44
07. Little Colt     4:51
08. My Calm     4:09
09. To The Horizon, Sir     4:10
10. Dream Of The Bear     5:20
¶  The fifth (?) album from the Lewisman who continues to grow in stature and confidence.
¶  It is probably only a matter of time before he is discovered by the cognoscenti and rocketed to international stardom.
Iain Morrison
Pete Harvey — Cello
Michael Chorney — Guitar
Robinson Morse — Bass
Geza Carr — Drums
Seamus O'Donnell — Drums
Ross Hamilton — Bass
Iain Hutchinson — Guitar & Harmonium
¶ Recorded in Vermont, Glasgow, Greenock & Lewis
Produced by Iain Morrison & Michael Chorney
Comes in gatefold card case with artwork from Natalie Jones
Website: http://www.iainmorrisonmusic.com/
email:   rose@moundmusic.co.uk
Bandcamp: http://iainmorrison.bandcamp.com/releases
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iainmorrisonpeatfire
¶  For his new album (To the Horizon, Sir) Iain travelled to the studio home of producer and friend Michael Chorney (Hadestown Orchestra, Anais Mitchell, Dollar General) in the hills of Vermont USA where a bunch of new tracks were created. Iain and Michael were joined by musicians Geza Carr (drums) and Robinson Morse (double bass). The remainder of the songs were completed in Scotland with various musicians including long time collaborator and friend Pete Harvey (The Leg, Meursault) on cello.
¶  Iain is from an Island off the north west coast of Scotland called Lewis.
¶  He currently lives near Glasgow.
¶  He recently appeared on the BBC’s Transatlantic Sessions singing Broken Off Car Door, A Lewis Summer and Fire in my Hands alongside the likes of Bela Fleck, Danny Thompson and Jerry Douglas.
¶   He has released 4 albums on his own label:
Empty Beer Bottles and Peatfire Smoke (2004),
Skimming Stones…Sinking Boats (2008),
Trust the Sea to Guide me (2010),
Haunted Bird with the poet/storyteller Daibhidh Martin (2011)
¶   He can play a number of instruments including various types of pipes. At a young age he grew to love the classical music of the highland pipes (piobaireachd) which was taught to him by his father using a technique called canntaireachd! In 2010 he was commissioned to write songs based on these ancient melodies by the Celtic Connections festival. The piece he wrote received a 5 star review from the Scotsman newspaper. These songs are yet to be recorded.
¶   He was the writer and singer with the Scottish indie band Crash My Model Car. They were signed to V2. The band broke up in 2009.
¶   In his small house there are too many instruments and not enough chairs!
¶  ‘These were songs you instantly wanted to hear all over again' 5/5 — THE SCOTSMAN
¶  'Iain Morrison's music is an enigmatic and truly original mix of creative elements which, beyond its immediate sonorous beauty, has a depth of startlingly imaginative, even surreal, observation' — Hi–Arts
¶  ‘Highly Recommended' — The LIST
¶  'Morrison is from the Outer Hebrides and his atmospheric songs are awash with the bleak beauty of the region. A remarkable slice of rural folk' — R2 Magazine
¶  ‘His vocals exude an appealing vulnerability, a beguiling sort of alt–folk haven' — 4/5 — SONGLINES
¶  ‘But the heart of the afternoon, at least for this reviewer, is the set by Iain Morrison and Daibhidh Martin. Morrison, who cut his milk teeth in the piping tradition of the Western Isles before going on to indie success with Crash My Model Car, is a musician who could well claim to be one of the original pioneers of Scottish Nu-folk, were he at all interested in that kind of thing. Martin, accompanied only by an imperturbable cellist and Morrison’s guitar, breathes lyrics in the inimitable accents of Lewis and stills the room. Morrison curls over the microphone and tears his songs straight out of his heart; it’s hard to keep a dry eye during “Angel Wings in the Closet”. The presence of most of the Hidden Lane Choir in the audience helps considerably when he asks for vocal help on a chorus. “You are the only one”, sings the audience. It’s true – there is only one Iain Morrison’ — NORTHINGS.Com
¶  ‘From the most humble of beginnings, the music of Iain Morrison is both distant and disarmingly intimate, carefully reserved and unflinchingly honest, desolately bare and overgrown in a tangle of emotion. To The Horizon, Sir is shot through with life lived on the edge of nowhere, shimmering with nuanced beauty and life's complex nature. An unfettered musician, Iain has his colours nailed to a mast strained with full sail and an eye fixed on where the sky meets the sea. Let it take you’ — Mike Donald
¶  Winner of 'Composer of the Year' at the Scots Trad Awards 2010.
REVIEW, By Keith Bruce; Wednesday 7 November 2012
¶  Lewisman Iain Morrison's path to musical maturity has been a meandering one, from indie band Crash My Model Car, via a commission for Glasgow's Celtic Connections, to his own particular style of Transatlantic sessions.
¶  This disc combines recordings made in Vermont with producer Michael Chorley, whose previous associations include Ani Difranco and Anais Mitchell, with those made in various studios in Scotland, and it is a measure of his stylistic development that it is not always obvious which are which. Some of the best songs, including Homeward and Dear Goose, introduce full choral backing to his distinctive voice, and are packed with inspired production touches.
¶  The latter is also one the disc's most wistful love songs, like My Calm full of tender appeal and quiet desperation. The soundworld of Anais Mitchell is certainly detectable, but there are powerful individual ingredients, particularly Pete Harvey's cello and some very fine guitar playing on both electric and acoustic on the later songs in the set. If you are a fan of Neil Young especially, but a bit scunnered with his musical meandering, this may give you the fix that you are looking for.
Fortaken: http://www.heraldscotland.com

Iain Morrison — To The Horizon, Sir (2012)

Iain Morrison — To The Horizon, Sir (2012)



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