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Indian Jewelry — Doing Easy (September 1, 2015)

Indian Jewelry — Doing Easy (September 1, 2015)

           Indian Jewelry — Doing Easy (September 1, 2015) Indian Jewelry — Doing Easy (September 1, 2015)•   Doing Easy, as interpreted by the French! In English, of course.
•   “Why does this come from Houston? I have no idea. Oil comes from Houston. Rich oil barons live in Houston. Houston is hot, and not terribly pleasant. The Astros have that STUPID hill with the flagpole in the middle of center field (although they’re finally removing the abomination). Houston just seems like a loci where polluting the earth happens or is promoted with regularity, or at least it’s a loci for the justification for polluting the earth.” — Ryan Masteller, Critical Masses.
•   “Utterly hypnotic Houston outfit Indian Jewelry make the kind of electrocuted psych–pop that can melt your brain out through your ears.” — Noisey/Vice.
Location: Houston, Texas
Album release: September 1, 2015
Record Label: The Reverberation Appreciation Society
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Noise Rock, Female Vocal
Duration:     43:05
01. Turn It On Again     2:43
02. Charmer     4:27
03. Inside The Shadows     5:23
04. Nightsweat     3:09
05. Intra–Body     3:20
06. Do Survive     2:31
07. Luxury Of Regret     6:03
08. Riding Cars (Talking Trash)     4:08
09. Vast Division     3:43
10. Calling, Calling     2:36
11. The Keys     2:37
12. Lovely Rita     2:30
•   All songs Erika Thrasher & Tex Kerschen / Indian Jewelry
•   Mastered by R Durham
•   Bio Photo Credit: Rosa Guerrero
•   Texas duo Indian Jewelry have been a staple of the psych and noise scenes for nearly a decade, building a fanbase following their highly acclaimed 2008 debut LP. They have followed it up with 7 successful releases, bringing us to this, their 8th album, ‘Doing Easy’.
Reviews: “Assured, expansive, unhinged.” — Stereogum / “Beware: the bass will wobble your pancreas.” — The Guardian / “Everything is out of place and yet of a piece.” — Tiny Mix Tapes / “A fading glamour emerges, an almost holy release.” — Dazed & Confused.
•   That’s never really been a problem.
•   What’s that?
•   Don’t worry about it. Indian Jewelry return for their 8th album, ‘Doing Easy’, music made with the lightest touch possible even when handling vicious topics.
•   What life is not an infinitely complex assortment of you name it? But that’s never really been a problem.
•   For Indian Jewelry, every nuance of composition is important, crafted; but like all successful structures, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Sometimes the whole is a pair of $5 sunglasses providing firmament to all the horrors & chaos of eternity.
•   “Everything is out of place and yet of a piece.” — Tiny Mix Tapes
‘Doing Easy’ feels like a career defining statement for a band always getting their hands dirty but never breaking a sweat. The profanity of hard work carried in on a sacred breeze. But that’s never really been a problem for Indian Jewelry.
•   Exposing the struts, foolproofing the chi, and greasing the strings: Indian Jewelry want to change your brain.
Bandcamp: https://indianjewelry.bandcamp.com/album/doing-easy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Indian-Jewelry-48213213868/
Press: talk to us, direct: strobedogs@gmail.com
EU: steffan@galaxypeoplebooking.com
•   http://www.galaxypeoplebooking.com/

Indian Jewelry — Doing Easy (September 1, 2015)


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