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Music. Warm people. Good songs. Delight in female voice. YOU !!!

Ivar Grydeland
Stop Freeze Wait Eat

Ivar Grydeland: Stop Freeze Wait Eat (Release in Norway: 23.10.2015)

 Ivar Grydeland: Stop Freeze Wait Eat (Release in Norway: 23.10.2015)
≡   Ivar Grydeland belongs to a young generation of Norwegian jazzmen that quickly took Scandinavia and Europe by storm starting in 2000. Born: 1976 in Born 1976 in Trondheim, Norway
Location: Trondheim, Norway
Album release: October 23, 2015
Record Label: Hubro
Duration:     32:10
1. Stop Freeze Wait Sing      12:08
2. Lag, Accumulated B      4:07
3. Lag, Accumulated A      2:31
4. Stop Freeze Wait Bleed      4:36
5. Eat After Me      2:29
6. Stop Freeze Wait Run      2:51
7. Stop Freeze Wait Sleep      3:24
© 2015 Hubro
≡  Ivar Grydeland — Acoustic Guitar, Twelve–String Guitar [Electric], Electric Guitar [Six–String], Banjo, Electronics, Drums [Drum Scope], Piano [Pocket Piano], Drum Machine [Rhythm 77]
≡≡  Ivar Grydeland plays electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, pedal steel guitar and various electronics in bands like Huntsville (Hubro and Rune Grammofon), Dans les arbres (ECM), Hanne Hukkelberg and country–rock outfit Last Heat. Grydeland’s solo debut “Bathymetric Modes” (Hubro) was released in 2012, after 25 or so releases with various bands and projects over the last 13 years.
≡≡  Long–time collaborators are in particular Ingar Zach, Tonny Kluften, Xavier Charles, Christian Wallumrød and Hanne Hukkelberg. Grydeland is currently a research fellow at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, under the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.Review
≡   Ivar Grydeland is probably best known as a member of improvisational bands such as Huntsville and Ballrogg as well as Dans les Arbres (ECM), which was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize this year. He also plays distinctive pop with Hanne Hukkelberg and instrumental rock with the band Finland, who released their debut album on the Hubro label earlier this year.
♠≡   His solo debut album, Bathymetric Modes, was released in 2012 and received glowing reviews. All About Jazz’s reviewer wrote: “Grydeland has delivered an album that, in its combination of lyrical beauty, attractive sound worlds and left–of–center concerns, deserves to place him on the same international radar alongside his better–known Norwegian colleagues.”
♠≡   The album Stop Freeze Wait Eat spins a fascinatingly gentle and complex spider web connecting categories and genres such as hi–fi and lo–fi, drones, abstract electronica, improv and Americana. Loren Connors, Oren Ambarchi and Terry Riley are obvious references here. The album is the result of work with an artistic PhD project called “Ensemble of Me” at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. Ivar wanted to make it possible to create ensemble music as a solo performer. He tried to forge an “extended now” by improvising on top of sounds that he had played 10–12 seconds earlier. “I work in the same way that I imagine a visual artist works: taking a step back to reconsider before he returns to the canvas. I like that alternation between intuition and reflection when I’m working in the studio.”
♠≡   Ivar Grydeland plays acoustic and electric guitars, pedal steel and banjo, using a mixture of preparation techniques, fingerpicking, various bows, metal, propellers and electronics. He teaches at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and is one of the founders of the Sofa label. Grydeland’s original and personal music can be perceived as both abstract and demanding, but is at the same time appealing as it draws the listener into a range of musical landscapes and atmospheres.
≡≡  Available as CD/DL and LP.
Website: http://www.ivargrydeland.com/
Label: http://hubromusic.com/
All About Jazz on Grydeland’s Bathymetric Modes (Hubro 2012):
♠≡   “«With the weirdly wonderful Bathymetric Modes, Grydeland has delivered an album that, in its combination of lyrical beauty, attractive sound worlds and left–of–center concerns, deserves to place him on the same international radar alongside his better–known Norwegian colleagues.»”
Andy Hamilton, The Wire:
♠≡   “«There’s no end to the delights of this quite magical disc. The finest composition, like improvisation, ultimately relies on intuition, and these players seem to have an innate grasp of the right combination of sounds and textures. Dans les arbres must be one of the finest ECM Improv releases — indeed, releases from any label — in recent years.»”
≡≡  Ivar Grydeland — «Stop Freeze Wait Eat», Hubro (out September, 2015)
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Contributed on:
≡≡  Torgeir Waldemar — Torgeir Waldemar, Vestkyst (2014)
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≡≡  Karl Seglem — Nye Nord (NORCD 2002)

Ivar Grydeland
Stop Freeze Wait Eat