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J.J.Cale — Rewind (2007)


J.J. Cale — Rewind
Birth name: John Weldon Cale
Born: December 5, 1938, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US
Location: California
Album release: October 2, 2007
Record Label: Time Life Records/Crazy Mamas Music LLC, W14 Music, Universal
Duration:     37:13
01. Guess I Lose      (2:51)
02. Waymore's Blues      (2:39)
03. Rollin'      (2:55)
04. Golden Ring      (3:06)
05. My Cricket      (2:35)
06. Since You Said Goodbye      (2:47)
07. Seven Day Woman      (2:20)
08. Bluebird      (1:26)
09. My Baby And Me      (2:22)
10. Lawdy Mama      (2:56)
11. Blue Sunday      (3:15)
12. Out Of Style      (2:24)
13. Ooh La La      (3:28)
14. All Mama's Children      (2:09)
Beegie Adair  Piano
Audie Ashworth  Producer
Bonnie Ashworth  Executive Producer, Photography, Research
Bill Boatman  Composer
Harold Bradley  Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Lou Bradley  Engineer
David Briggs  Piano
Kenny Buttrey  Drums
J.J. Cale  Composer, Guitars: (Acoustic), (Electric), Instrumentation, Interviewee, Producer, Vocals
Johnny Christopher  Guitar (Acoustic)
Eric Clapton  Composer
Don Cobb  Mastering
Tommy Cogbill  Guitar (Bass)
Eric Conn  Mastering
Marilyn Davis  Vocals (Background)
Tim Drummond  Guitar (Bass)
Bobby Emmons  Organ (Hammond)
Colin Escott  Liner Notes
Mac Gayden  Guitar (Electric), Wah Wah Guitar
Steve Gibson  Guitar (Electric)
Margret Gywen  Assistant Engineer
Chad Hailey  Engineer, Horn Engineer, Mastering, Research, Vocal Engineer
Karl Hammel, Jr.  Drums
Glen D. Hardin  Piano
Bas Hartong  A&R
Rick Horton  Engineer
Waylon Jennings  Composer
Jim Karstein  Percussion
Francesca Keith  Project Manager
Jim Keltner  Drums
Christine Lakeland  Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Mike Lawler  Synthesizer
David McKinley  Engineer
Tony Migliore  Piano
Joe Mills  Engineer
Randy Newman  Composer
Spooner Oldham  Organ (Hammond)
Curt Perkins  Research
Francis Pettican  Consultant
Freeman Ramsey  Assistant Engineer
Paul Rayner-Brown  Engineer
Ron Reynolds  Engineer
Leon Russell  Composer
John Sutton Smith  Interviewer
Denis Solee  Horn, Saxophone
Richard Thompson  Guitar
George Tidwell  Horn
Studios: Bradley's Barn Mount Juliet TN, Columbia Studios A & B Nashville TN, Warner Bros. Studios North Hollywood CA, Woodland Sound Studios Nashville TN
Website: http://www.jjcale.com/
Lyrics: http://jjcale.org/rewind.htm
JJ Cale Fan Network: http://www.jjcale.net/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jjcale
Editorial Reviews
If musicians were paid by their influence instead of record sales, J.J. Cale could have retired a few decades ago. Without his lazy, loping, swamp rumble and subtle, lyrical style that's both picturesque and somewhat vague, neither Eric Clapton or Mark Knopfler would have had the kind of solo careers they have achieved. Despite numerous Cale hits collections on the market, this is the first time his vaults have been opened, revealing 14 previously unreleased tracks from his prolific Shelter and Mercury years. While this is clearly geared towards the Cale fan who already owns his 13 existing albums, these aren't unfinished leftovers or musty demos. Most interesting to longtime followers are a handful of covers from Clapton, Leon Russell, Waylon Jennings, and a beautiful version of Randy Newman’s "Rollin'." Some tunes sound suspiciously like other, more popular ones ("Lawdy Mama" is but a speeded up "Call Me the Breeze"), but even these are worth hearing for Cale's committed performance. "Blue Sunday" adds pedal steel, strings, and even faint horns to the mix, while the female vocals and more prominent brass on "Ooh La La" urge the song into undiscovered classic territory. The 14 tracks clock in at just under 40 minutes, leaving the listener wanting more and wondering if Cale and his producers will excavate another batch for volume two. Author: Hal Horowitz

Product Description:
Time Life is very proud to present Rewind: Unreleased Recordings, a trove of previously unreleased songs recorded by American music icon J.J. Cale during his early and most influential years. Featuring vintage tracks from Cale's legendary tenures at Shelter Records and Mercury Records, Rewind is a remarkable collection that exemplifies J.J. Cale's distinctive, legendary style: laid-back guitar and almost whispered vocals with influences of rock 'n' roll, country, blues and jazz. Not only are Rewind's eight Cale-penned songs a time capsule of musical treasures, he also personally selected several covers to include. It's extremely rare for Cale to record another songwriter's material, making these songs particularly extraordinary. He puts his personal spin on Eric Clapton's Golden Ring, Leon Russell's My Cricket, Waylon Jennings' Waymore's Blues and Randy Newman's Rollin'.
In french:
Un album d'inédits, discrètement publié en 2007. Comme je viens de vérifier et mettre à jour tous les posts de la discographie de J.J. Cale, j'en profite pour rajouter celui-ci.
Review by Thom Jurek  (Editor rating: **½)
The folks at Time Life would like you to think that this is a treasure box filled with forgotten gems from J.J. Cale's long career. It's full, all right, of tracks recorded between 1971 and 1993. But there was good reason to leave them off the albums they were recorded for. Most were cut with a band between 1973 and 1982, though even the cover is wrong here, since there is a reading of Waylon Jennings' classic "Waymore's Blues" cut with largely uncredited musicians in 1971. Unfortunately, it adds nothing to the original. The players included here have been among Nashville and Los Angeles' prize session musicians, from drummer Kenny Buttrey and keyboardist David Briggs to bassist Tommy Cogbill and guitarist Steve Gibson. Add Bobby Emmons on B-3 as well as Glen D. Hardin, Richard Thompson, Spooner Oldham, Tim Drummond, and vocalist Christine Lakeland (who wrote "Seven Day Woman" back in 1983), and you have quite a collection of stars. But these feel more like finished demos than polished recordings. The plethora of covers -- such as the Jennings tune, Randy Newman's "Rollin'," Leon Russell's "My Cricket," and Eric Clapton's "Golden Ring" (which is so close to Clapton's own phrasing that it's difficult for a minute or two to tell who the vocalist is) -- suffer from Cale's limited vocal abilities and the rather lazy presentation. They're laid-back, to be sure, but that's pretty much all they are. Needless to say, Cale's own tunes come off a bit better, such as those cut at Bradley's Barn in 1973 like "Since You Said Goodbye" with Mac Gayden and Drummond, and the country weeper "My Baby and Me," recorded at another studio in Tennessee. They lope and crawl, but they contain the soul and gut feel of some of Cale's better work. His 1982 demo version for "Lawdy Mama" is great, as is "Ooh La La," written by Cale and Lakeland. Recorded in 1980, the pair sing beautifully together; it's a sexy blues and swamp rock tune with a horn section that works like a charm, as does the aforementioned "Seven Day Woman," which seems like it was written specifically for Cale by Lakeland. About half of this is worth hearing once because it's somewhat interesting; the rest is for fanatics only, and even that's a stretch.
Guess I Lose (J.J. Cale)

Ain't no star in my heaven
Ain't no sun in my sky
Guess I lose
I don't know why
Everyday is dark and dreary
Everyday is feeling weary
Guess I lose
I guess I lose
Ain't no reason to be blue
Ain't no reason I got you
Funny thing, I can't get started
Everyday, I feel downhearted
Guess I lose
I guess I lose
Ain't no reason to be blue
Ain't no reason I got you
Funny thing, I can't get started
Everyday, I feel downhearted
Guess I lose
I guess I lose
1972 Naturally
1973 Really
1974 Okie
1976 Troubadour
1979 5
1981 Shades
1982 Grasshopper
1983 #8
1990 Travel Log
1992 Number 10
1994 Closer to You
1996 Guitar Man
2004 To Tulsa and Back
2009 Roll On

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J.J.Cale — Rewind (2007)



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