Jackson VanHorn — „A SILENT UNDERSTANDING“ (26 Nov. 2021)

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•♠• „Můžeš být optimista a úplně bez naděje.“ — Francis Bacon
Δ   Po rozpuštění svých předchozích kapel TV Ghost a Phases se Jackson VanHorn pustil do sólového hudebního počinu. Po spoustě demáčů, vlastnoručně nahraných singlů, mini~LP a turné se hudební řemeslo Jacksona VanHorna prosadilo vydáním loňského debutového EP „After The Rehearsal“, po němž následovalo „Reworked“ EP, digitální kolekce skladeb. Přepracované písně vytvořené umělcem.
Review by Alice Teeple:
“You can be optimistic, and totally without hope.” — Francis Bacon
After the disbanding of his previous bands TV Ghost and Phases, Jackson VanHorn embarked on a solo musical venture. After a slew of demos, self~recorded singles, a mini~LP, and touring, Jackson VanHorn’s musical craft came into its own with the release of last year’s debut EP, After The Rehearsal, followed by the Reworked EP, a digital collection of reworked songs made by the artist.
The latest track and video, “Common Era”, is a ballad to dissociation, detachment, and processing grief. The loss of time, the confusion, and the muddling of emotion take centre stage here. Channeling Nick Cave, Richard Hawley, Peter Murphy, and Jarvis Cocker, this is a track that oozes a hopeless emotion, welling up with melancholy but putting on a brave mask.
The video clip is a beautifully~conceived surrealist romp, evoking the imagery of isolation and defeat by echoing artists like the mirror reflections of Rene Magritte, the boxed figures of Francis Bacon, the melted humans of Dalí, the silent waiting of Marina Abramović, and the never~ending stairs of MC Escher. Use of projections and drawings take us through the labyrinthine psyche of engulfing grief and nightmares.
A Silent Understanding explores the collapse of the individual within the context of a contemporary capitalist society, capturing the despondency and darkness felt by its widespread effects. A Silent Understanding merges literary and cinematic influences with philosophical attentiveness, peeling back the veiled facade of society and holding a mirror to the self. Both contemporary and timeless in its commentary, this record views the world through a critical lens. It acknowledges historical parallels (particularly in times of plague), while harbouring frustration and disappointment. The world hurts both environmentally and socio~economically… leaving one acutely aware whilst crushed in deafening silence.
“Despite the tenebrosity, this new record is not completely devoid of light,”  VanHorn concludes.
Alice Teeple je fotografka, multidisciplinární umělkyně a spisovatelka. Není v Tin Machine.Jackson VanHorn
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Album release: 26 Nov. 2021
Label: Icy Cold Records
Duration:     46:45
01. Common Era   4:02
02. Two Evils   1:44
03. Invisible Hand   5:09
04. Melancholia   3:20
05. Lady of Light   2:27
06. The Flame   5:17
07. A Silent Understanding pt. 1   2:57
08. Dissent   3:49
09. Requiem   5:24
10. Anthropocene   3:53
11. Exile   6:50
12. A Silent Understanding pt. 2   1:53

Written, arranged, performed, recorded, mixed, and produced by Jackson VanHorn
Music & lyrics by Jackson VanHorn
Mastered at Postal Recording
Additional vocals on “The Flame” by Heather Rose
Art & design by Jackson VanHorn
Images courtesy of the Finnish National Gallery, Hugo Simberg Archive
CD layout by Vincent Ripoll
INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/jacksonvanhornmusic/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/JacksonVanHornMusic/
BC: https://jacksonvanhorn.bandcamp.com/album/a-silent-understanding