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Jacob Bellens — Trail Of Intuition (March 23, 2018)

Jacob Bellens — Trail Of Intuition (March 23, 2018)

    Jacob Bellens — Trail Of Intuition (March 23, 2018) Jacob Bellens — Trail Of Intuition (March 23, 2018)Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Album release: March 23, 2018
Record Label: HFN
Duration:     47:45
01. Sunrise in East     3:53
02. Renegade     3:37
03. All the Songs     3:55
04. More Than Anything     4:26
05. Friday     4:06
06. One of a Kind     4:30
07. Trail of Intuition     3:33
08. Europes Burning     4:36
09. Brick by Brick     3:43
10. Sound of Laughter     4:15
11. End of the Rainbow     3:06
12. Lose Myself     4:05Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                                       © Jacob Bellens. Photo credit: Martin Bubandt
•ζ•      Rune Borup: Backing Vocals  (tracks: A1, B4)
•ζ•      Jesper Elnegaard: Drums  (tracks: A1, A2, A5, B1)
•ζ•      Mikkel Baltser Dørig: Electric Guitar  (tracks: A4, A5), Nis Bysted (tracks: A1)
•ζ•      Holger Lagerfeldt: Mastered
•ζ•      Martin Bubandt: Photography
Lars Iversen: Producer, Mixed  (tracks: A3, B2, B3), Rune Borup (tracks: A1, A2, A4, A5, B1, B4, B5)
•ζ•      Jacob Bellens: Programmed By, Co~producer
•ζ•      Ida Marie Arendt: Strings  (tracks: A1, A4, A5, B1), Kristine Elise Pedersen (tracks: A1, A4, A5, B1)
•ζ•      Mikkel Grevsen: Trumpet (tracks: B1)
•ζ•      Jacob Bellens ist ein gern gesehener Gast auf dieser Website, wir verfolgen seine Solo~Karriere schon etwas länger. Umso spannender wird es, wenn mal wieder ein neues Album kommt. Jetzt ist es wieder soweit.
•ζ•      “Trail Of Intuition” heißt das gute Stück. Es ist der Nachfolger von “Polyester Skin” (2016), das uns wiederum deutlich besser gefallen hatte als “The Daisy Age” (2013).
•ζ•      Das neue Werk ist zunächst mal ein Produkt der Digitalisierung. Bellens saß häufig in den Cafés seiner Heimatstadt Kopenhagen und programmierte am Laptop die Vorproduktion von “Trail Of Intuition”. Entsprechend elektronisch und durchaus experimentell klingt es an manchen Stellen.
•ζ•      “Mir geht es ziemlich gut mit dem was in meinem Leben gerade passiert”, sagt der ehemalige Sänger von I Got You On Tape — “Friday” soll gar an seine alte Band erinnern. Dennoch ist sein neues Album natürlich kein  riede~Freude~Eierkuchen~Werk, was beim Song “Europe’s Burning” am deutlichsten wird.
•ζ•      “Renegade”, eine der Vorab~Singles, steht sinnbildlich für alle zehn Songs. Sie hat poppige Ansätze, ist aber nicht konsequent melodiös. Jacob Bellens schafft es aber, dem Song durch seinen charakteristisch~kauzigen Gesang das Besondere zu verleihen.
Sehr besonders ist vor allem “One Of A Kind”, das sich zum Highlight von “Trail Of Intuition” aufschwingt. Es ist wunderschön melancholisch und wird dabei sogar von Streichern begleitet.
•ζ•      Insgesamt ist das neue Werk von Jacob Bellens spannend, aber auch nicht immer einfach geraten. Es gibt schräge Details zu entdecken, nach eingängigen Melodien muss man aber etwas länger suchen. •ζ•      http://bleistiftrocker.de/
From bio:
•ζ•      “The Daisy Age”, Bellens’ solo debut album, was released in 2012. It’s an almost dogmatically analogue and somewhat minimalistic album, recorded exclusively live on tape in the studio by local audio adventurer Anders Christophersen. The second release was “My Convictions”, a personal take on classical vintage pop with flutes, strings and horns. It was produced by Frederik Thaae and released in 2014 through Bellens’ own label A Spot In The Sun.
•ζ•      Two years later, in February 2016, Bellens released his third solo album “Polyester Skin” through hfn music. It came to life in a close collaboration with Danish producer/ DJ Kasper Bjørke who selected the songs out of tons of demos and produced them. While the overall sonic impression of this album is electronic, it also makes use of vibraphone, different types of percus sion, electric bass, live strings and drums.
•ζ•      LP version. Includes lyrics sheet and download code. With his new album Trail Of Intuition Danish singer and songwriter Jacob Bellens once again is shimmering somewhere in~between electronically influenced songwriting and synth~pop music, using his characteristic voice to reflect on his life’s journey. The Copenhagen~based musician has released numerous songs and albums with his previous bands, I Got You On Tape and Murder, with side projects, and features as well as a solo artist. Trail Of Intuition is his fourth solo album and the second one that's internationally signed with HFN. Bellens wrote all the songs for Trail Of Intuition on his computer, with the final production made mostly by Rune Borup and Lars Iversen (The Asteroids Galaxy Tour). •ζ•      Trail Of Intuition is a collection of snapshots of the whole range of feelings for which Bellens digs into the pool of his own experiences. With a significant focus on pop music, an electronic synth twist, and catchy song structures, Trail Of Intuition feels both, bright and melancholic, in many ways. The opener “Sunrise In East” combines warm piano sounds with a semi~psychedelic fantasy and references both personal memories as well as thoughts about nuclear war and druggy, sleeping bees. The rather upbeat single “Renegade” deals with the experience of loss as well as the fear of losing a loved one again, but it also draws on youthful aspirations. Driven by a groovy electronic bass, it has an optimistic and hopeful vibe although lyrically it’s one of the darker songs on the album. While “All The Songs” and “Sound Of Laughter” are in many ways merely classical love songs, “Brick By Brick” revolves around the love for the process of making and creating music one day after another. “Friday” is about longing to be somewhere else, dreaming about packing your bags and taking off. “One Of A Kind”, creates a darkish but groovy atmosphere, with sluggish piano tones and strings by Ida Marie Arendt and Kirstine Elise Pedersen adding a bit of drama and trumpet (Mikkel Grevsen) offering a festive moment. With Trail of Intuition, Bellen’s heads out for the fourth time to tell his story wrapped in catchy pop tunes full of playful oddity to steal the hearts of his (soon~to~be) fans all over the world.   •ζ•
Bandcamp: https://jacobbellens.bandcamp.com/album/trail-of-intuition
Website: http://www.jacobbellens.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jacobbellens
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jacobbellens
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jacob-bellens

Jacob Bellens — Trail Of Intuition (March 23, 2018)


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