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Jakob Skøtt: Instrumentality

Jakob Skøtt: Instrumentality                              Jakob Skøtt: InstrumentalityJakob Skøtt: InstrumentalityLocation: København, Danmark
Album release: November 30th, 2018
Record Label: El Paraiso Records
Duration:     34:31
A1 The Dura Plane   4:52
A2 2nd Foundation   5:21
A3 Altered State   4:32
B1 Purple Visage   4:57
B2 Tapping the Source with the Lords of Instrumentality   14:29
››     Black LP limited to 300 copies.
››     Artwork: Jakob Skøtt
››     Mastered: Jonas Munk
››     Music: Jakob Skøtt

→→     Causa Sui drummer & El Paraiso visual designer Jakob Skøtt unleashes his most personal vision to date. His one~man~band formula of synths, drums and effects serve him as well as ever. From the avant~electro grooves of Amor Fati (2014) to his ambitious pre~fusion cosmic jazz sessions of All the Colours of the Dust (2016), this latest set is Skøtt at his most ripe: The grooves are deeper, more stripped down to its essentials, yet maintaining the vibrant seamless mix of airy timing, drowning drones & sludgy synth riffs.
→→     The album was recorded a few months after Jakob experienced a brief, yet painful spontaneous leak of brain fluid. Instrumentality draws on that corpal experience in it’s titles and artwork, as well as works it’s musical muse. It’s music that constantly dives inwards — ever repetitive, yet constantly moving. From micro movements in Skøtt’s poly~rhythms, to the 5 song cycles diving to the depths of the splintered nerves reconnecting with their natural flow. Sometimes lost but never without a sense of purpose. Welcome aboard. →→   https://elparaisorecords.com/

Jakob Skøtt: Instrumentality


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Tais Awards & Harvest Prize
Strachovská 520, Pelhřimov, CZE