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Jarle Skavhellen
The Ghost In Your Smile

Jarle Skavhellen — The Ghost In Your Smile (May 11, 2018)

  Jarle Skavhellen — The Ghost In Your Smile (May 11, 2018)Jarle Skavhellen — The Ghost In Your Smile (May 11, 2018)?      Norwegian folk singer~songwriter Jarle Skavhellen is heavily influenced by the old~timey guitar stylings of American icons Chet Atkins and Dave Van Ronk despite having lived in Bergen his whole life. Growing up in the small, lush town with a family of artists and musicians, he got his start early when he was taught how to play at age eleven by iconic Norwegian guitarist, Mads Eriksen. His father’s love for vinyl of all genres and his uncle’s ever~expanding guitar collection enabled Jarle’s passion for music to grow. He played in numerous bands over the years from indie~rock to funk to even a Metallica cover band in high school before having the courage to start writing and performing his own songs three years ago. He blends the warm vintage sounds of yesteryear with his own distinctive mumblings over lush acoustic guitars. After topping the Spotify Viral Hits Charts both globally & in the US for his first single “The Ghost In Your Smile” back in December 2016, Jarle was found and signed to International label Nettwerk Records (Angus & Julia Stone, Boy & Bear, Passenger). Jarle’s debut album The Ghost In Your Smile will be released on May 11th, 2018.
Location: Bergen, Norway
Album release: May 11, 2018
Record Label: Nettwerk Records
Duration:     32:46
01 The Ghost in Your Smile     3:48  
02 Now That I Know     2:06  
03 Coming Home     4:39  
04 Matylda     3:31  
05 Pilots     3:47  
06 Paper Mache     3:12  
07 Part of the Scenery     3:04  
08 Final Days     3:22  
09 Seventeen [Explicit]     2:05  
10 A Life That’s Gone     3:12
Words by Tom Johnson
?      You might well have caught Jarle Skavhellen’s “The Ghost In Your Smile” late last year, the brooding folk track introducing its creator to a wider audience, hitting the top of Spotify’s Viral Hits charts both globally and in the US in the process. Full of fiery wonder, the track carries that typical nordic magic at its heart, Skavhellen’s somewhat pained lilt casting a magical glow that spreads out of the speakers to inhabit the world around it.
?      A fair few months on from the track’s release, we’re very pleased to share its new accompanying video with you today, and it further enriches the mystical prowess of Skavhellen’s work. Shot near his home town of Bergen, and then beautifully illustrated by London’s Treat Studios, the video makes for a truly captivating experience, the kind of subtly enchanting four~minutes that lifts you out of the humdrum of the real world and off to somewhere else entirely.   ?      https://www.goldflakepaint.co.uk/
?      “Echoing artists like Sufjan Stevens and José Gonzelez during their earlier days, the young man from Bergen prefers to stick to the acoustic folk sounds of the genre’s history. It results in melancholic little acoustic gems.” — Nothing But Hope and Passion
?      “A truly timeless songwriter, his acoustic style is rooted in the past but firmly looks to the present.” — Clash Magazine
?      “He has one of those special vocals that’s as stunning as it is haunting...he’s the kind of performance that’ll make anyone who comes across it a fan.” — Hillydilly
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JarleSkavhellen
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/jarleskavhellensolo/
Website: http://jarleskavhellen.com/
Label: http://www.nettwerk.com/

Jarle Skavhellen
The Ghost In Your Smile


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