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Jarryd James
Thirty One

Jarryd James — Thirty One (11 September 2015)

       Jarryd James — Thirty One (11 September 2015) Jarryd James — Thirty One (11 September 2015)≡♥≡   “The songs here are made to reflect the kind of seminal tracks that inspired James himself.” — Roshan ClerkeBirth name: Jarryd James Klapper
Born: December 1984, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Album release: 11 September 2015
Record Label: Dryden Street / Universal Music Australia
Duration:     48:42
01 Sell It To Me     4:31
02 Underneath     5:18
03 Sure Love     3:38
04 Do You Remember     3:55
05 Undone     4:44
06 Regardless (featuring Julia Stone)     4:34
07 Interlude     1:57
08 This Time (Serious Symptoms, Simple Solutions)     4:18
09 Giving It Up     4:42
10 The Way You Like It     4:09
11 Give Me Something     3:11
12 High     4:42
Producer: Joel Little
Chart (2015)
≡♥≡   Thirty One debuted and peaked at number 2 in Australia, behind Bring Me the Horizon’s album, That’s the Spirit. 
≡♥≡   Australian Albums Chart      #2
≡♥≡   New Zealand Albums Chart      #28       © Southbound Festival 2011, Sir Stewart Bovell Park (1. 1, 2011) Author: Stuart Sevastos
≡♥≡   Julia Natasha Stone (born 13 April 1984) is an Australian folk-blues singer-songwriter and multi–instrumentalist. She is the sister half of Angus & Julia Stone and is also a solo musician. Her debut solo album, The Memory Machine, was issued in 2010. Her second solo album, By the Horns, appeared in May 2012, which peaked at No. 11 on the ARIA Albums Chart.
Review, Sep 8th 2015 | Score: ****
≡♥≡   Jarryd James is Brisbane’s most visible shy guy. Thrust into the spotlight these last few months, last year the reserved singer–songwriter was still struggling to juggle making music with his full–time job as a youth worker. Two years before he was playing guitar and singing in the middling indie–rock band Holland, although don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of them. They recorded a debut album only to experience the slow agony of watching their label permanently shelve the project. James fell into depression and temporarily quit making music.
≡♥≡   Thirty One is now his debut solo release, and things couldn’t be looking better. Having recently performed at Splendour In The Grass, he’s already achieved massive success with the first two singles. The bittersweet themes of Do You Remember permeate the rest of this album, as Sure Love mixes a little sunshine into this sense of nostalgia and Undone turns to a deeper shade of melancholy blue. Meanwhile, tracks like This Time (Serious Symptoms, Simple Solutions) and The Way You Like It bring James’ hazy reminiscences crashing into the complicated present. The maximalist stomp of Give Me Something and string flourishes of High showcase the album’s textured production, as James and his team of producers blend naturalistic sounds with electronic undertones. Ripe with repetition, the songs here are made to reflect the kind of seminal tracks that inspired James himself. The details are little vague around the edges, but that’s exactly the way our memories feel. http://themusic.com.au/
Website: http://www.jarrydjamesmusic.com/Other reviews:
≡♥≡   Roshan Clerke from 'The Music’ gave the album 4 out of 5, saying; “The bittersweet themes of “Do You Remember” permeate the rest of this album” adding, “The songs here are made to reflect the kind of seminal tracks that inspired James himself.”
≡♥≡   Jessica Thomas from Renowned for Sound gave the album 4.5 out of 5, saying; “His new record is all about minimalism; you won’t find exaggerated or elaborate structures. Rather, it’s all about simple rhythms centered around a message.” She added, “Ultimately James has delivered a beautiful blend of soulful pop and subtle EDM that makes Thirty One a refined, fresh collection of inspired tracks.”
≡♥≡   Anabelle Ross from Rolling Stone Australia was more critical, giving the album 3 out of 5. Ross said; “Despite having two star producers on board … the Brisbanite falls shy of expectations with his debut LP. In fact, perhaps the biggest disappointment is that the record meets our expectations almost exactly – there are no surprises and nothing half as immediate as “Do You Remember” … and so we have tracks that are not awful but indistinct, and tending to bleed into one another, turning the album into one long, rather sooky lament”.
≡♥≡   Claudia D’Amore from Sticky Trigger was also critical giving the album 4.5 out of 10. D’Amore commended first single “Do you Remember” but said the album reveals a common theme of “familiar drumbeat, clicks and snaps” and “the record overall becomes easily forgettable.”_____________________________________________________________

Jarryd James
Thirty One


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