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Jason Wilber Reaction Time
WilberTone Records August 11, 2017

Jason Wilber — Reaction Time (Aug. 11, 2017)

          Jason Wilber — Reaction Time (Aug. 11, 2017)   Jason Wilber — Reaction Time (Aug. 11, 2017)”“★λ★”“     Jason Wilber has a pretty killer day job playing guitar and producing records for none other than John Prine. When he’s not playing with Prine (or other luminaries like Willie Nelson), he’s working on his own music, which finds the little~trod common ground between Nineties~influenced alt~country and modern Americana. His new album Reaction Time lives in that space, which offers Wilber plenty of room to show off his knack for unorthodox arrangements and, of course, his guitar chops.
”“★λ★”“     Jason Wilber is an American singer and recording artist. He is also known as the lead guitar player for singer~songwriters like John Prine, Iris Dement, Greg Brown, and many others. Jason Wilber’s work with John Prine includes the Grammy Award winning CD Fair & Square. In addition to playing guitar on John Prine’s 2017 album For Better or Worse, Jason also served as a Co~Executive Producer.
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Album release: August 11, 2017
Record Label: WilberTone Records
Duration:     40:43
01. Reaction Time     4:45 
02. Love Me Now     4:24 
03. Jealousy and Envy     3:34 
04. Something Somewhere     3:40 
05. When These Good Old Days Are Gone     5:07 
06. Shame On You     3:12 
07. I’d Love Another Saturday Night     3:44 
08. Teenage Idol     4:25 
09. Powerful Light     4:05 
10. Heaven (feat. Iris Dement)    3:47
℗ 2017 WilberTone Records
•       Jason Wilber — Vocals, Guitars, Bass
•       Iris DeMent — Harmony Vocals (10)
•       Allie Summers — Violins
•       Chris Erbacher — Pedal Steel
•       Glenn Myers — Bass (1, 7, 8)
•       Ben Lumsdaine — Drums & Percussion (1, 3, 5, 7, 10)
•       Devon Ashley — Drums & Percussion (2, 4, 6, 8, 9)
•       Produced by Paul Mahern
•       Mastered by Kate Siefker
•       Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at White Arc, Bloomington, Indiana
•       Design and Layout by Lisa Wilber
•       Cover Image by Eugene Ivanov / Shutterstock.com
•       All songs written by Jason Wilber and published by Everyday Rain Music (BMI)
•       “THANK YOU for buying this record. I hope this music feels as good to you as it does to me. To Paul Mahern and all of the musicians who worked on this recording, thank you for your friendship and collaboration”. — JW
•  © 2017 Jason Wilber. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication or use is a violation of applicable laws. For free bonus tracks visit: www.jasonwilber.com
•       “The songs on Reaction Time weren’t written with any specific themes in mind,” says Grammy~winning artist Jason Wilber. “For me, those tend to emerge over time when I look back on the completed work.”
•       The artist has lent his consummate guitar skills to a fine blend of household names ranging from John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Kacey Musgraves, Iris Dement, and beyond throughout his over 20 years as a professional in music. Now, Wilber is making it a point to take listeners on a journey of his own with the heartful Americana reflections piecing together Reaction Time.
•       “But when I perform music and make records, my hope is that listeners will get the same pleasure from listening that I get from creating,” Wilber continues. “To put it another way, I hope my music makes you feel the way my favorite music makes me feel. Those feelings tend to be a complex web of associations, memories, and emotions.”
•       Further elaborating, Wilber says, “My goal is not to create a specific feeling within the listener, but rather to create an opportunity for you to experience your emotions, whatever those may be. At its best, music gives you a ‘psychological vacation’. It provides a context in which you give yourself permission to venture a little farther into the realm of your right brain than you otherwise might in your ordinary everyday life.”
•       “One of my big influences in life and art is Joseph Campbell. I think he put it very well when he said, ‘People aren’t so much looking for the meaning of life, as they are looking for the experience of being alive.’ Listening to music, and to a greater degree making music, provides that experience of being alive for me. I hope that when you listen to the songs on Reaction Time, they also help you tap into that same wonderful experience.”   •       https://www.popmatters.com/
•       With Wilber’s soul~searching lyrics, folksy acoustic and country~tinged electric guitar, and plenty of flourishes of yearning pedal steel and fiddle, Reaction Time feels like a time capsule from an era when country music was in purer form. (excerpt)
•       http://www.motherchurchpew.com/2017/08/10/album-review-jason-wilber-reaction-time/
Bandcamp: https://jasonwilber.bandcamp.com/album/reaction-time
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasonwilbermusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jasonwilber
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVndXSJqfGDIlUoNwIkDViQ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasonwilber/
Website: http://jasonwilber.com/

Jason Wilber Reaction Time
WilberTone Records August 11, 2017


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