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♠   Songwriters: Jay and various.
♠   Gruska has received three Emmy Award nominations, one Genie Award nomination, and nine ASCAP awards. Some of his best~known scores are for the TV shows Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Charmed, and Supernatural.
♠   ‘Which One Of Us Is Me’ it’s the kind of albums that only could have been created during the golden era of the US music industry machine; massive & expensive production with attention to the minimum detail, top class musicians and extremely polished songwriting.
Born: April 23, 1952
Origin: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Location: Brooklyn, New York ~ Caracas, Venezuela ~ Los Angeles, California
Album release: 1984
Record Label: Warner Brothers Records
Duration:     38:17
Japan issue LP:
Side A
1. Desperate Eyes     4:34
2. Atlanta Calling     3:19
3. Tattoo     4:17
4. The Motion     4:25
5. Cancun     3:44
Side B
1. Which One Of Us Is Me     3:25
2. Take A Number     3:17
3. Famous     4:00
4. Circus     3:33
5. Baby Theme     2:54
Written by:
♣   Jay Gruska / Brock Walsh     1
♣   Jay Gruska / Michael Landau     2
♣   Tony Berg / Jay Gruska     3
♣   Paul Gordon / Jay Gruska     4, 5, 9
♣   Paul Gordon     6
♣   Jay Gruska / Joseph Williams     7
♣   Jay Gruska / Randy Kerber     8
♣   Jay Gruska     10
♣   Janit Baldwin Choir/Chorus
♣   Tony Berg Arranger, Composer, Guitar
♣   Ken Caillat Engineer
♣   Gary Chang Programming
♣   Vinnie Colaiuta Drums
♣   Nathan East Bass
♣   George Englund Flute
♣   Michael Fisher Bells, Percussion
♣   John Gilston Programming
♣   Paul Gordon Choir/Chorus, Composer, Vocals (Background)
♣   Barbara Gruska Choir/Chorus
♣   Jay Gruska Arranger, Composer, Keyboards, Producer, Programming, Synthesizer, Vocals (Background)
♣   Jenny Gruska Choir/Chorus, Vocals (Background)
♣   Michele Gruska Choir/Chorus, Vocals (Background)
♣   Jermaine Jackson Vocals (Background)
♣   Randy Kerber Arranger, Composer, Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer
♣   Abraham Laboriel, Sr. Bass
♣   Michael Landau Composer, Guitar
♣   Charles Love Drums
♣   Jeremy Lubbock Arranger, Conductor
♣   Steve Lukather Guitar
♣   Bill Mumy Choir/Chorus
♣   Michael Omartian Arranger, Drums, Keyboards, Producer, Synthesizer
♣   Doane Perry Drums
♣   John Pierce Bass
♣   Mike Porcaro Bass
♣   John ‘J.R.’ Robinson Drums
♣   Schteinman Programming
♣   Debbie Shapiro Choir/Chorus
♣   Craig Siegel Programming
♣   Neil Stubenhaus Bass
♣   Nick Uhrig Vocals (Background)
♣   Carlos Vega Drums
♣   George Vinci Conductor
♣   Brock Walsh Composer, Vocals (Background)
♣   Don Williams Timpani
♣   Joseph Williams Composer, Vocals (Background)
♣   Steve Williams Programming
♣   Frank Wolf Engineer
♣   Tanya Wolf Choir/Chorus
US issue
1. Take a Number    (J. Gruska~J. Williams)     3:19 
2. Which One Of Us Is Me    (J. Gruska~P. Gordon)     3:27 
3. Atlanta Calling   (J. Gruska~M. Landau~R. Freeland)     3:25 
4. Cancun   (J. Gruska~P. Gordon)     3:27 
5. Tattoo   (J. Gruska~T. Berg)     4:18 
6. Circus   (J. Gruska~P. Gordon)     3:38 
7. Barbara’s Theme    (J. Gruska)     2:56 
8. Sybil    (J. Gruska)     6:52 
Copyright © 2017 Jay Gruska.
About album:
♠   Lenny Waronker, then president of Warner Brothers Records said yes when I asked if I could do a solo album and produce it as well. 
♠   He was cool to do that,  must have been in a very good mood and I’ll never forget it.  This project was, as I am, very eclectic and not always sure of who it was musically, hence the title: ‘Which One Of Us Is Me’. 
♠   Sometimes one’s interest in many styles does not a balanced album maketh. but that is what showed up for me at the time and I really had fun with it, especially working with lots of songwriters and  musicians whom I both idolized and called friends like: Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Abraham Laboriel, Carlos Vega, Vinnie Colliuta, Doane Perry, John Robinson, Nathan East, Mike Porcaro, Tony Berg, Michael Omartian and Neal Stubenhaus,  to name a bunch. 
♠   I wrote an instrumental piece in honor of my just born daughter, Barbara,  and absolutely loved working with Jeremy Lubbock and the orchestra. It was a pivotal moment for me in shifting towards film composition as an additional musical expression.  Included here is an experiment that never made it to the record, Sybil, but I wanted to share it here.  And small point of interest: ‘Circus’ was written for the cool drummer in The Belle Brigade…….she was cool even then.
♠   Jay Gruska received his first recording contract as a singer/songwriter with ABC Dunhill Records while in his third year of college as a music major at UCLA.  It began a career that has included the release of two additional albums as an artist for Warner Brothers Records, writing several hit songs for other artists that have charted #1 or Top #10 on the BILLBOARD charts in virtually every category including  Adult Contemporary (#1), Country (#1) and Dance charts (#1), POP (#2), composing multiple EMMY and GENIE (Canadian Academy Award) nominated music for Film and Television shows seen in over 50 countries, and writing scores for theatrical musicals.
♠   Gruska was born in Brooklyn, N.Y, lived in Caracas, Venezuela until he was nine, then moved with his family to Los Angeles, California. Influenced early on by Latin, Classical and Broadway music played in his home, and popular music ranging from standards to The Beatles and Motown, his musical sensibility incorporates a constantly evolving mixture of styles and genres.
♠   As a result of his eclectic music background, Jay has morphed musically from project to project. This ever changing musical landscape is the quality he likes most about the work he’s been privileged to enjoy.  While spending over 15 years as a staff songwriter with either Screen Gems EMI, Geffen Music or Universal Music, Jay shifted seamlessly from pop music to film and TV composing and he once enjoyed a #1 movie “Mo’ Money”, a Top Ten hit on the pop charts “Good For Me” by Amy Grant, and a hit TV series with an EMMY~nominated theme “Lois And Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” all within a short period……many of these projects have garnered 10 ASCAP AWARDS for Jay so far.
♠   While composing music for more than 500 hours of TV dramas and movies, he has also co~written the scores for three musicals in various stages of development, “Being Earnest”  a musical version of “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde, which had it’s world premiere at THEATREWORKS Palo Alto in April of 2013 (BAY AREA THEATER CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD~nomination for Best New Musical), “The Front” (based on the movie of the same name starring Woody Allen) and  an original work,  “Backstreet”.
♠   A memorable moment in his songwriting career was when “Friends And Lovers” and “Both To Each Other” achieved 2 simultaneous single releases by 4 different artists (2 duets), which rode to the very top of 3 charts and for which he received a total of 4 ASCAP Awards for ‘Among Most Performed Songs’ 2 years in a row.
♠   Despite a long and varied career, Jay still feels like a student of his craft and is genuinely excited at each opportunity to immerse himself either in familiar territory or a new musical idiom.  He is equally at home with a group of live musicians as he is in front of a bank of electronics, although he will always swear by the former…
♠   Website: http://jaygruska.com/



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