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Jeff Mills — Chronicles Of Possible Worlds (2014)

 Jeff Mills — Chronicles Of Possible Worlds (2014)

USA Flag Jeff Mills — Chronicles Of Possible Worlds

ο•   Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills helped define the hard–edged, minimal Detroit techno sound in the 1980s as a member of Underground Resistance, before moving to New York to pursue solo career as a DJ, producer, and film composer.
ο•   Jeff Mills return with a new album called Chronicles Of Possible Worlds, which comes backed by a DVD and 22–page booklet.
Birth name: Jeff Mills
Born: 18 June 1963, Detroit, Michigan, United States
Location: Detroit
Album release: January 1, 2014
Record Label: Axis/Second Nature
Format: CD, Album / DVD, DVD-Video
Duration:     55:58
01 Starlight Transmission     5:24
Guest, Violin [Violinist] — Thomas Roussel
02 An Alternative To Earth     5:16
Voice [Monologue] — Jeff Mills
03 Solar System Context     5:32
Voice [Monologue] — Magali Deleuil
04 The Gemini Pulsar 4:16
05 Searching The Stars  5:34
06 The Possibility Of Other Earths     3:21
Voice [Monologue] — Cilia Diamiani  
07 Tales Of Extra Solar Wasp 17b     5:06
08 Transit Detections     5:29
Voice [Conversation] — Jeff Mills, Magali Deleuil
09 Lyra Constellations     4:53
Guest, Violin [Violinist] — Thomas Roussel
10 Planetary Habital Zones     6:00
Guest, Violin [Violinist] — Thomas Roussel
11 Dreams Beyond Our Horizons     5:07
Voice [Conversation] — Jeff Mills, Magali Deleuil, Thierry Botti
ο•   The album is a soundtrack to Mills' recent performance art show of the same name, which premiered in late 2013 in Aix–en–Provence, France, commissioned by Foundation Vasarely. The show sees Mills "translate scientific data of newly discovered Extra Solar Planets using dance, art and techno music," according to a post on his Facebook page. Apparently, dancers at the performance transmitted Mills's soundtrack through speakers built into their outfits. Chronicles Of Possible Worlds will come out through the artist's own Axis Records, with the soundtrack accompanied by a "Making Of" DVD and booklet.
ο•   Chronicles Of Possible Worlds     25:00
ο•   Choreography [Chorégraphie] — Alexandre Roccoli
ο•   Cinematographer [Réalisation Vidéo], Film Editor [Montage Vidéo] — Jean–Jaques Sage (tracks: DVD)
ο•   Composed By [All Compositions], Producer — Jeff Mills (tracks: CD–1 to CD–11)
ο•   Concept By [Conception], Performer [Création Musicale], Liner Notes [Texts] — Jeff Mills
ο•   Design [Design Graphique] — Thomas Serriere
ο•   Engineer — Tom Van Haute (tracks: CD–1 to CD–11)
ο•   Graphics [Création Visuelle] — Yoko Uozumi
ο•   Interviewer [Interviews], Liner Notes [Textes] — Jean Yves Leloup*, Magali Deleuil
ο•   Liner Notes [Traductions] — Azra Brancovic
ο•   Management [Direction De Projet], Coordinator [Coordination Générale] — Raphaël Sage
ο•   Other [Contribution Scientifique] — Cilia Diamiani, Laboratoire D'Astrophysique De Marseille — Institut Pythéas (AMU–CNRS), Magali Deleuil, Thierry Botti
ο•   Other [Création Costumes] — Anke Bruns
ο•   Other [Danseur] — Awatef Fettar, Cécilia Bongolea, Mehdi Berbouki, Sandra Moens
ο•   Other [Répétiteur Et Danseur] — Michel Abdoul
ο•   Other [Sous–titrages] — Azra Brancovic (tracks: DVD)
ο•   Other [Violin Luthier] — Luc Deneys (tracks: CD–1 to CD–11)
ο•   Photography By [Photographie] — Imed Argoubi
ο•   Set Designer [Réalisation Des Décors], Technician [Régie Technique] — Franck Gubarew
From the Seconde Nature website:
ο•   "Following a period of investigation and a meeting with researchers from the Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory, Mills chose to focus on six exoplanets, new planets discovered starting in 1995 which revolve around a star outside our solar system.
ο•   Their specific physical and structural properties were then translated through music you can find in this 40 pages bilingual collector booklet, including:
CD/Album — Chronicles of Possible Worlds [11 tracks]
DVD: The documentary revealing the creation process of the show which took place the 9th and 10th of novembre 2013 at the Vasarely Foundation, Aix–en–Provence, France.
ο•   Suite a une période de documentation et a la rencontre avec deux chercheuses du laboratoire d’astrophysique de Marseille, Jeff Mills a choisi de s’intéresser a six exo–planetes, ces nouvelles planetes découvertes a partir de 1995, gravitant autour d’une étoile, hors de notre systeme solaire.
ο•   Leurs caractéristiques physiques particulieres ont été traduites a travers la musique que vous pourrez retrouver dans ce coffret collector de 40 pages, bilingue et en tirage limité comprenant:
CD/Album — Chronicles of Possible Worlds [11 titres]
DVD documentaire du processus de création du spectacle ayant eu lieu les 9 et 10 novembre 2013 a la Fondation Vasarely, Aix–en–Provence, France."
Publishing: Millsart/Universal BMG, 2013
ο•   Axis Records LLC.
ο•   Recorded at Spider Formation — Chicago.
ο•   Post production and violin recordings at House Of Media — Gand, Belgium.
Violin Luthier: Luc Deneys — Gand, Belgium.
Languages: Français et Anglais sous–titré Français
crédits images du livret:
1 Nestor Leivas
2 NASA/JPL/University of Arizona, ESO/J. Rameau, Galin Borosov, CNES/CoRoT, ESO/L. Calcada, NASA/JPL–Caltech
3 Yoko Uozumi
4 Jean–Jaques Sage / Jeff Mills
Producteur: Seconde Nature
Coproducteurs: Marseille Provence 2013
Axis Records
Partenaire financeur:
ο•   Région PACA, Direction de l'Enseignement et de la Recherche
ο•   Partenaires Associés
ο•   Fondation Vasarely
ο•   Institut Pythéas-
ο•   Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (CNRS / AMU)
ο•   Agence Julie Tippex
Book: 20x20cm (8x8inch) hard cover booklet. Including texts by Jeff Mills, the astrophysicists etc, artworks related to the projects, photos of dance rehearsals. CD/DVD are attached inside the book.
Text: French and English
ο•   The catalog no. does not appear on the release. It is, however, mentioned on the Axis website.
1992: Waveform Transmission — Volume 1
1994: Waveform Transmission — Volume 3
1996: Mix–Up Volume 2 Live at the Liquid Room (a live DJ set)
1996: Purpose Maker Compilation
1997: The Other Day
1999: From the 21st
2000: Every Dog Has Its Day
2000: Metropolis (soundtrack to the Fritz Lang film)
2000: The Art of Connecting
2000: Lifelike
2002: Actual
2002: At First Sight
2004: Exhibitionist (a live DJ set, also available as a DVD)
2004: Choice: A Collection of Classics
2005: The Three Ages (new soundtrack to the Buster Keaton film)
2005: Contact Special
2005: The Mission Objective (a live DJ set)
2006: Blue Potential (live album)
2007: One Man Spaceship
2008: Gamma Player Compilation Vol 1: The Universe By Night
2009: Sleeper Wakes
2010: The Occurrence
2011: The Power
2011: 2087
2011: Fantastic Voyage
2012: The Messenger
2013: The Jungle Planet
2013: One Man Spaceship
2013: Live In Paris
2014: Chronicles Of Possible Worlds
MySpace: https://myspace.com/jeffmillsofficialspace
Artist Biography by Sean Cooper
ο•   Jeff Mills, along with Robert Hood, Carl Craig, and Joey Beltram, is one of the biggest American names in techno. Championed for his music's relentless pursuit of hardness and his stripped–down, almost industrial DJ sets, Mills is the latest in a long line of Detroit–bred talent to take on an international reputation. A founding member of noted Motor City institution Underground Resistance, Mills helped build the artist roster and label ideology (as well as much of its back catalog) with partners "Mad" Mike Banks and Robert "Noise" Hood before moving to New York in 1992 to pursue more vigorously his solo and DJ career (with a resident spot at the legendary Limelight and a recording contract with the noted German label Tresor). (Although rumors of bad blood between the early UR crew have been denied by all involved, Mills' decision to split was apparently total, with Banks all but repudiating his involvement with Mills and Mills distancing himself from the continuing political militancy of Banks and the UR organization.) Mills' UR–related releases (including "The Punisher" and "Seawolf") are stripped–down and erratic, fusing elements of hardcore acid and industrial techno to the sparse Detroit aesthetic. Not surprisingly, his post–UR sound hasn't eased a bit, although UR's penchant for the four–track has been replaced by higher–quality production.
ο•   Prior to his involvement in UR, Mills was a DJ at Detroit public radio station WDET (he was also studying architecture at the time), spinning everything from Meat Beat Manifesto and Nine Inch Nails to Chicago house and underground Detroit techno. He began producing in the mid–'80s, working with Tony Srock on the project the Final Cut. ο•   Mills met Banks through a local garage group Members of the House, whom Banks was working with in the late '80s. Mills remixed a track on a Members 12", and his and Banks' shared love for Chicago soul and the harder edge of Detroit techno blossomed into Underground Resistance as a combined business and creative enterprise. The pair, along with Robert Hood, recorded several EPs and singles together, including tracks such as "Waveform" and "Sonic," before Mills defected to New York in 1992 to pursue a residency at the Limelight club and a solo career recording for Tresor and his own label, Axis.
ο•   Mills' discography includes two full–length volumes of Waveform Transmissions for Tresor, a live album and rarities collection for the British label React, and the first album in a new contract with Sony Japan, as well as a handful of 12" EPs on Axis and several collaborations with Robert Hood on his M–Plant label. In 2000, Mills took more memorable action by scoring a new soundtrack for Fritz Lang's 1926 film Metropolis, screened around the world at venues including the Museum of Music in Paris, London's Royal Albert Hall, and the Vienna International Film Festival. The album Metropolis documented the project in 2000, the same year that the compilation The Art of Connecting and the new album Every Dog Has Its Day both arrived. In 2004 the Exhibitionist mix CD appeared, as did a mix DVD of the same name, the latter packed with extra features. Choice: A Collection of Classics was released that same year and featured Mills mixing some old personal favorites. Blue Potential from 2006 was a live album recorded with the Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra.

Jeff Mills — Chronicles Of Possible Worlds (2014)



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