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Jesse Winchester
A Reasonable Amount of Trouble

Jesse Winchester — A Reasonable Amount of Trouble (September 16, 2014)

USA Flag Jesse Winchester — A Reasonable Amount of Trouble

Jesse Winchester — A Reasonable Amount of Trouble CLASSIC FINAL MASTERPIECE!
♣   Můj, můj pohled v letícím čase, podívejte se...
♣   Omlouvám se, že opravdu musím běžet...
♣   Miluju, když jsem s tebou,
♣   bylo to celé taková sranda...
♣   My my look at the time fly
♣   Sorry I really have to run
♣   I just love being with you
♣   The whole thing’s been such fun
♥   Je optimistický a milující, “bydlí”. A přebývá v mém srdci s tím druhem jednoduché radosti života, co sám vedl. Odmítl bojovat ve Vietnamu i přesto, že věděl, že tím riskuje kariéru.  Smekám. ♥   Toto je pro mne nejdůležitější ze všeho. Tam je láska a láska, touha tančit navždy a pochopení míru končícího dne. . . . .           (Ben Tais Amundssen)
♥   Sladký a suše vtipný, muž, který vyzařoval uvolněnou radost, vtip, pokoru a poctivost. Jeho P/1970 debut (produkoval Robbie Robertson) zůstává typický i dnešním pohledem; pak uprchl do Kanady, aby zabránil odvodu do Vietnamu, nemohl proto podpořit album na turné ve Spojených státech.
♥   Zpěvák / skladatel byl vášnivým milovníkem doo–wop a 60´ oldies. 
♥   V  roce 2007 získal za celoživotní dílo Achievement Award od Americké společnosti skladatelů, autorů a vydavatelů.
Birth name: James Ridout Winchester
Born: May 17, 1944, Bossier City, Louisiana, U.S.
Died: April 11, 2014, Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S.
Album release: September 16, 2014
Record Label: Appleseed  
Duration:    42:22
01 All That We Have Is Now     2:20 
02 She Makes It Easy Now     3:00 
03 Neither Here Nor There     3:56  
04 Rhythm of the Rain (John Gummoe)     2:51 
05 A Little Louisiana     2:56 
06 Ghosts     4:41  
07 Never Forget to Boogie     4:00 
08 Devil or Angel (Blanche Carter)     3:15  
09 Don't Be Shy     3:48 
10 Every Day I Get the Blues     4:34 
11 Whispering Bells (F. Lowry / Clarence E. Quick)     2:39 
12 Just So Much     4:22
♣   All tracks written by Jesse Winchester except ... 4 & 11.
2014 Appleseed Recordings
♣   Billboard Albums
♣   2014  A Reasonable Amount Of Trouble  Top Heatseekers     #14
♣   Produced by Mac McAnally (who also plays lead guitar),
♣   A Reasonable Amount of Trouble features Jerry Douglas (lap steel guitar),
♣   Jim Horn (saxophone),
♣   Roscoe Beck (bass),
♣   Eric Darken (percussion),
♣   Lenny LeBlanc (backing vocals),
♣   Joel Guzman (accordion),
♣   and Stuart Duncan (fiddle).
♣   Winchester, of course, plays guitar, piano, sang, and wrote nine of the 12 songs.
♣   Roscoe Beck Bass (Electric), Bass (Upright)
♣   Jimmy Buffett Liner Notes
♣   Rodney Bursiel Photography
♣   Blanche Carter Composer
♣   Eric Darken Percussion
♣   Jim DeMain Mastering
♣   Jerry Douglas Lap Steel Guitar
♣   Stuart Duncan Fiddle
♣   Alan Edwards Post Production Coordinator, Quotation Author
♣   Tina Galbiati Package Design
♣   John Gummoe Composer
♣   Joel Guzman Accordion
♣   Jim Horn Saxophone
♣   Charlie Kramsky Engineer
♣   Lenny LeBlanc Vocals (Background)
♣   F. Lowry Composer
♣   Mac McAnally Guitar (Ac. + El.), Keyboards, Liner Notes, Mandola, Producer, Vocals (Backgr.)
♣   Jim Musselman Quotation Author
♣   Clarence E. Quick Composer
♣   Kevin Sokolnicki Engineer
♣   Chris Stone Engineer
♣   Jesse Winchester Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Matthew Boulter, Thursday, 16 October 2014; Score: 9
Classic Songwriter's final masterpiece
⁄>≥   Jesse Winchester died of cancer in April 2014. Although not a household name he was considered by his peers as one of the finest songwriter’s of his generation, having his songs covered by an array of legends from Elvis Costello to George Strait, as well as penning songs for the likes of The Mavericks. Before he passed, he was able to record one last studio album, his eleventh in the form of “A Reasonable Amount of Trouble”. There is honesty in Jesse’s music, a songwriter simply plying his trade with no image or hip slant to project. The songs have a fragility about them, hung together with a voice that has something of the Roy Orbison about it but not in the pop operatic way, this voice is thin, welcoming and knowing. Like Warren Zevon’s “The Wind”, “A Reasonable Amount of Trouble” is optimistic and loving and dwells on the simple pleasures of a life led. There is love and affection, the hankering to dance forever and the understanding of peace at the end of the day.
⁄>≥   The songs possess a classic quality with gentle vibraphones and Mark Knopfler style guitar arrangements and lap steel appearances by none other than Jerry Douglas; Jesse Winchester was clearly a master of his craft. Featuring a forward by Jimmy Buffett and set for release in November, his could be one of the most essential songwriter albums of 2014. :: http://www.americana-uk.com/
Written by Hal Horowitz, September 16th, 2014 at 11:55 am; Score: 4/5
⁄>≥   By all accounts, the late Jesse Winchester was similar to the music he recorded; low key, sweet and dryly humorous, a man who exuded relaxed joy, wit, humility and honesty. His 1970 Robbie Robertson produced debut remains archetypal but since he had fled to Canada to avoid the Vietnam draft, he could not tour in the States to support it. That didn’t stop others from recognizing his talents and soon artists as diverse as Jimmy Buffett (who contributes touching liner notes to this release), Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello and even Wilson Pickett, along with dozens more, were recording his tunes.
⁄>≥   As usual though, Winchester’s own versions, filled with subtle charm and sly humor, were usually definitive. He wasn’t particularly prolific, sometimes waiting 10 years between sets, but had been on a bit of a late life roll with 2009’s terrific Love Filling Station. He then was slowed by cancer but was in remission when he recorded this, his final album. Sadly the cancer returned shortly afterwards and he passed in April of this year.
⁄>≥   It’s difficult to be objective about these posthumous projects, but A Reasonable Amount of Trouble would have been just as impressive even if it wasn’t Winchester’s last studio effort. Producer (and longtime Buffett associate) Mac McAnally creates an open sound, enhanced by a sparse backing band that emphasizes Winchester’s lovely melodies, reserved voice and sharply tuned lyrics. The singer/songwriter was an avid lover of doo–wop and 60s oldies, referencing those often innocent sounds in his own work (see his previous album’s “Sham–A–Ling–Dong–Ding”) along with covering a handful on recent discs. Here he tackles “Devil or Angel,” “Rhythm of the Rain,” and “Whispering Bells” — all from four or more decades ago — in versions that are graceful, respectful and playful. Ballads such as “Neither Here Nor There” and the Latin tinged “Ghosts,” both filled with tenderness and sensitivity, can stand with his finest compositions. A few restrained rockers like “She Makes It Easy Now” (whose lyrics “outside Mobile in a mobile home” are typical of his clever, understated approach) and the Cajun influenced “Never Forget to Boogie” show that he’s in a pretty chipper mood throughout as it seemed like this was a second chance after beating his first bout of cancer.
⁄>≥   Winchester won’t be recording any more music, but he has left us with plenty of classics and undiscovered gems with this final one a wonderful example of his humble yet impressive gifts. :: http://www.americansongwriter.com/
By Wesley Britton, BLOGCRITICS.ORG
Published 10:00 pm, Sunday, August 24, 2014
:: http://www.seattlepi.com/lifestyle/blogcritics/article/Music-Review-Jesse-Winchester-A-Reasonable-5707476.php
:: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/posts/la-et-ms-review-jesse-winchester-final-album-reasonable-amount-of-trouble-20140916-story.html
Review by Mark Deming; Score: ***½
⁄>≥   Jesse Winchester‘s career was sometimes shadowed by grave themes that didn’t often express themselves in his music — most notably, he fled the United States rather than fight in the Vietnam War, and was an exile in Canada when he did most of his best–known work — and it seems curiously fitting that his final album, A Reasonable Amount of Trouble, would arrive five months after Winchester’s death in April 2014. But mortality and tragedy don’t figure into these songs much at all; they were mostly written and recorded after Winchester survived an earlier bout with cancer of the esophagus in 2011, and this music sounds like the work of a man who is grateful for his new opportunities, without having too many false illusions in his late sixties. There’s a pleasing warmth and grace to this music, and while Winchester’s medical issues added a rougher texture to his voice, the velvet sounds just right for songs like the rootsy “A Little Louisiana,” the contemplative “Just So Much,” and the romantic “All That We Have Is Now.” Winchester also seemed to be in a nostalgic mood when he was recording these songs; “Ghosts” includes a verse about playing guitar to the radio in 1963, while three of the 12 songs are covers that date back to the ’50s and early ’60s, and his version of the Del Vikings’ “Whispering Bells” is kitted out with doo wop harmonies and period–appropriate honking sax. Not every song on this set is a winner — “Never Forget to Boogie” hardly sounds like the work of a first–class songwriter — but the tone of A Reasonable Amount of Trouble is one of a man enjoying himself as he makes an album he never expected he’d be able to record. It’s mindful of the past but stands happily in the present, and this release doesn’t mourn the loss of a gifted songwriter and vocalist so much as it celebrates the joy he found in his music, and this album will bring a smile to anyone who loved Jesse Winchester’s music.
1970 Jesse Winchester   #26 (CAN) —
1972 Third Down, 110 to Go   #34 (CAN) / #193 (USA)
1974 Learn to Love It   — —
1976 Let the Rough Side Drag   — #210
1977 Nothing But a Breeze   — #115
1977 Live at the Bijou Cafe   — —
1978 A Touch on the Rainy Side   — #156
1981 Talk Memphis   — #188
1988 Humour Me   — —
1989 The Best of Jesse Winchester   — —
1999 Anthology   — —
1999 Gentleman of Leisure   — —
2001 Live From Mountain Stage   — —
2005 Live   — —
2009 Love Filling Station   — —
2014 A Reasonable Amount Of Trouble   — —

Jesse Winchester
A Reasonable Amount of Trouble



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