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Jill Detroit See You Later

Jill Detroit — See You Later (Aug 20, 2016)

            Jill Detroit — See You Later (Aug 20, 2016) Jill Detroit — See You Later (Aug 20, 2016)Location: northern California ~ Las Vegas, Nevada
Genre: Easy Listening, Folk Pop, Singer~Songwriter
Album release: Aug 20, 2016
Record Label: Jill Detroit
Duration:     37:55
01. Lovin’ You Is Easy     4:18
02. Heartbroken     3:53
03. Tell Me Goodbye     3:12
04. If You Love Me     4:38
05. Changes     3:45
06. White Girl Playin’ on the Street     3:36
07. Love Like This     3:28
08. Needin’ It     4:35
09. Hiding in Plain Sight     2:15
10. See You Later     4:15
℗ 2016 Jill Detroit
•   Lyric Credits: Jill Detroit; Bill Bentley
•   Music Credits: Jill Detroit; Bill Bentley
•   Producer Credits: Bill Bentley Productions
•   Performance Credits: Jill Detroit, Bill Bentley, vocals; Bill Bentley, all instruments
See You Later lyrics:
V1: What would I say if I saw you once more?
What would I want you to know?
Why in the world did you go?
I know you’re out there, waiting for me
I have to believe that it’s true
I’ll try to be patient for two
Chorus: I’ll see you later — this isn’t the end
Someday we’ll be together again
I know you’ll be waiting — we’ll be celebrating
Don’t think of this as goodbye
I’ll see you later, oh, I
V2: I feel so selfish singing this here
Clearly you’ve somewhere to be
But if it were left up to me
I’d keep you here — I’d hold you close
I would give you more time
To stay here and shine
Bridge: Your smile gave us all more smiles
Your singing made all our hearts sing
Your passion for living just keeps on giving
You’re still here in everything
You made being quirky so cool and funny
You made friends with grown~ups and kids
Instead of asking why you had to die
I’m grateful you got to live
★↔★  This is Jill Detroit’s 20th album, an incredible feat for any singer~songwriter and a very welcome one for this artist’s followers. Jill and her arranger/producer/engineer/band, Bill Bentley, have outdone themselves as they continue the tradition of crafting non~traditional, unpredictable musical nuggets. This album begins with “Loving You Is Easy,” a catchy pop song that has some vocal surprises. From there, we are presented with “Heartbroken,” a stunning, memorable message to someone whose attempt to take their own life created a ripple effect in the lives of loved ones. The tone significantly lightens on “Tell Me Goodbye,” with a whimsical musical track and melody that belie a deeper message: Either step up to the plate or risk losing a chance at love.
★↔★  We are transported into some of my favorite Jill Detroit territory with “If You Love Me,” a jazz~blues blend that shows off Jill’s sultrier, swinging side. The “Jill~ettes” shine as they mimic the big band horn section and culminate in a swinging finale that compels you to swing (sic) along. “Changes,” a rock ballad that shows off Jill’s incredible vocal range and control, is followed by “White Girl Playing on the Street,” a song that owes its inception to Jill’s childhood experiences growing up in middle America, where her obsession with music outweighed any differences in outward appearances or cultural background. Bill Bentley captures the innocence of Jill’s experience playing her guitar on the street corner, oblivious to traffic or gathering crowds with a largely acoustic track featuring a hammer dulcimer and hand claps. It was all about the music!
★↔★  In “Love Like This,” Jill delivers a beautiful melody that lovingly encases a familiar message: Love is a journey full of ups and downs; joy and heartache. In “Needing It,” Jill regales us with another jazz~infused song featuring an instrumental track that demonstrates the amazing range and talent of Jill’s producer (and band), Bill Bentley, as well as the “Jill~ettes.” Next up is another catchy pop song, “Hiding in Plain Sight,” with its simple tag line and sing~along melody.
★↔★  The final and title song of this album is “See You Later.” Co~written with Bill Bentley, this very personal song, which epitomizes the essence of this musical partnership, is dedicated to Jill’s late nephew, Wyatt Phillips, whose engaging smile and pet phrases, such as “Don’t think of it as goodbye…think of it as see you later,” inspired the touching lyrics that are lovingly nestled in an engaging melody that are captured with heartfelt performances.
★↔★  What more is there to say? As a song~writer, Jill is right up there with Gershwin, McCartney, and Joni Mitchell. As a singer, she has never sounded better. Together with Bill Bentley, Jill has given us another stunning collection of musical gems that spans genres and, most importantly, resonates with those of us who live and breathe poetic music. / Website: http://www.jilldetroit.com/

Jill Detroit See You Later


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