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Jim Guthrie — Takes Time (May 7th, 2013)

Jim Guthrie — Takes Time (May 7th, 2013)

        Jim Guthrie — Takes Time (May 7th, 2013)  Jim Guthrie — Takes Time (May 7th, 2013)••→   Každá skladba přispívá k vnitřní jednotě alba díky tomu, že oko tvůrce je posedlé pro detail. Zatímco lyricky a melodicky Guthrie čerpá krásu v jednoduchosti, je to album plné bizarních, okouzlujících detailů — malých dárků, které se dají odhalit pouze několika poslechy. This 180g boutique pressing of TAKES TIME includes killer artwork by Cory Schmitz printed on reverse board with embossing on jacket. Full colour sleeve and lyric sheet insert also included. All of this is slipped into a resealable vinyl bag that is sure to ‘wow’ even the harshest critic. So, even if you think my music sounds like “farts” — you at least should buy this for the stunning package that gently cradles it. It’s totally tubular, like...OMG. Gag me with a Smurf.
Location: Guelph ~ Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genre: Indie Singer~Songwriter, Indie Rock
Album release: May 7th, 2013
Record Label: Static Clang
Duration:     40:27
01. Taking My Time     3:44
02. Difference a Day Makes     3:17
03. Before and After     3:45
04. Never Poor     4:21
05. The Rest Is Yet to Come     3:22
06. Bring on the Night     2:41
07. Don’t Be Torn     2:52
08. The Sound of Wanting More     3:44
09. Like a Lake     3:05
10. Wish I Were You     5:05
11. Turn Me On     2:31
01. Taking My Time
→   Jim Guthrie — guitars, vocals, synth, drums
→   Evan Clarke — drums
→   Shaw~Han Liem — piano, celesta
→   Jeremy Strachan — woodwinds
02. Difference a Day Makes
→   Jim Guthrie — guitars, vocals, keys
→   Evan Clarke — drums
→   Simon Osborne — bass
→   Shaw~Han Liem — piano
→   Philippe Custeau — pedal steel
→   Seb and Alex Chow — Strings
03. Before and After
→   Jim Guthrie — guitars, vocals, keys
→   Evan Clarke — drums
→   Simon Osborne — bass
→   Shaw~Han Liem — piano
→   Randy Lee — strings
→   Andy Magoffin — brass
→   JJ Ipsen — brass arrangement
→   Tim Kingsbury — guitar
04. Never Poor
→   Jim Guthrie — guitars, vocals, synth
→   Evan Clarke — drums
→   Simon Osborne — bass
→   Shaw~Han Liem — piano
→   JJ Ipsen — additional piano, bass clarinet
→   Andy Magoffin — horn on intro 
05. The Rest Has Yet To Come
→   Jim Guthrie — guitars, vocals, keys, bass, synths, samples
→   Evan Clarke — drums
→   Randy Lee — strings
06. Bring on the Night
→   Jim Guthrie — guitar, vocals, synths, bass, shakers, hats
→   Nicolas Buligan — trumpet solo
→   JJ Ipsen — editing, moral support
07. Don’t Be Torn
→   Jim Guthrie — guitars, vocals
→   Evan Clarke — drums
→   Simon Osborne — bass
→   Shaw~Han Liem — piano
→   Jeremy Strachan — flute
→   Nicolas Buligan — horns
→   Jordan Howard — guitar solo!
→   Cheerleaders — Regan Clarke, Pauline Craig, Liz Forsberg, Magali Meagher, Peggy Messing, Teresa Morrow, Kristy Simpson
08. The Sound of Wanting More
→   Jim Guthrie — guitars, vocals, keys, bass, synths
→   Evan Clarke — drums
→   Randy Lee — strings
09. Like a Lake
→   Jim Guthrie — guitars, synths, bass, celesta, harpsichord, drums, claps
→   Seb and Alex Chow — strings
→   Jeremy Strachan — woodwinds
10. Wish I Were You
→   Jim Guthrie — guitars, vocals
→   Evan Clarke — drums
→   Simon Osborne — bass
→   Shaw~Han Liem — piano, synth
→   Owen Pallet — violins and arrangement
→   Mike Olsen — cello
→   Philippe Custeau — pedal steel
11. Turn Me On
→   Jim Guthrie — guitar, vocals, synth, percussion
→   Shaw~Han Liem — piano
→   Evan Clarke — hi~hats
→   Music and words by Jim Guthrie except for “Turn Me On” (John D Loudermilk)
→   Additional lyrical consultation by Samir Khan on “The Sound Of Wanting More”
→   Musical intro for “Never Poor” written and arranged by JJ Ipsen
→   Recorded by Mark Lawson and Jim Guthrie, 2007~2012
→   Violins on “Wish I Were You” recorded by Owen Pallet
→   Intro on “Never Poor” and horns on “Before and After” recorded by Andy Magoffin
→   Mixed by Justin Nace (@justinshanenace)
→   Additional mixing by Jim Guthrie
→   Mastered by Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles (thetwominutemiracles.com)
→   Artwork and layout by Cory Schmitz (@CorySchmitz coryschmitz.com)  
→   Professionally Sequenced by Kristian Galberg
→   This album is best served on a good pair of headphones
••→  A huge, heartfelt thank you to so many people over the years. Much advice and words of encouragement were given while making this record. You are the only reason this record exists so thank you, thank you, thank you.                                           © Feel the vibee. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA
••→   Although Canadian journeyman Jim Guthrie has released plenty of music in recent years — including a film soundtrack, videogame score and side~projects — his next solo LP is being billed as a follow~up to 2003’s “Now, More Than Ever.” Entitled “Takes Time”, it’s out on May 7 via Static Clang.
••→   The album was created over a lengthy period stretching from 2007 to 2012. It was recorded by Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Colin Stetson, the Unicorns), along with Guthrie himself, and will be available on CD, vinyl and digital formats.
••→   The album cover is above and the tracklist is below. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the hear the single “The Rest Is Yet to Come,” which features chopped~up vocal harmonies and an atmospheric folk~pop bounce.
••→   This is presumably the same album that Guthrie told Exclaim! about in 2012, when he said, “I have a new album in the works. I actually started it three years ago and then just stopped working on it only to pick it up again and then put it back down! I’m hoping to finish it soon because it’s getting to the point of just plain lame.”Review
BY ZACHARY STOCKILL, 6 August 2013 / Score: 7
••→   Canadian singer~songwriter shines brightly on new album Jim Guthrie may very well be labelled a “cult” artist: devoted fans of the Canadian singer~songwriter feel fortunate and superior to others for being “in the know” with regards to one of the nation’s best~kept artistic secrets. In 2003, Guthrie produced one of the most interesting and well~written folk~rock albums of the decade, Now, More Than Ever, which was nominated for a Juno award (or, Canadian Grammy). For one reason or another, the record never really gained much traction in the United States and Europe, and Guthrie spent the next 10 years working on video game music, a soundtrack for a film about video games, and other artists’ projects.
••→   Thus, Guthrie’s newest release, the aptly~titled Takes Time, feels long overdue, and thankfully, the album is well worth the wait: though it does not quite reach the same heights as Now, More Than Ever, there’s a lot to love on Takes Time, with Guthrie’s penchant for elusive lyrics and innovative arrangements taking centre stage. If there is any justice left in the world, Takes Time will grant Guthrie the worldwide recognition he so obviously deserves.  ••→   http://www.popmatters.com/
By Ben Landau, Published May 06, 2013 / Score: 8
••→   http://exclaim.ca/music/article/jim_guthrie-takes_time
Label Bandcamp: https://jimguthrie.bandcamp.com/album/takes-time
Website: http://www.jimguthrie.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimguthriemusic→→→→→→→→••→→→→→→→→••→→→→→→→→••→→→→→→→→••→

Jim Guthrie — Takes Time (May 7th, 2013)


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