Jim Noir — „Deep Blue View“ EP (Aug. 6, 2021)

UK FLAG                                                           Jim Noir — „Deep Blue View“ EP (Aug. 6, 2021)
♦  Přeměněná z doprovodné skladby do skvělého sousta příběhového popu, připomíná opilou radost, když dvojice společně pořizuje nahrávky mezi zpěvem Everly Brothers při plné hlasitosti. „String Beat“ se mezitím vznáší jako krásné Bondovské téma se třpytem Lee Hazlewooda na dovolené v Palm Springs, možná vedle valčíkových smyčcových syntonií jakéhosi dávno ztraceného rhythm and bluesového orchestru Davyhulme, který mu představil Super Furry. Zvířecí Cian Ciaran [Bangor, Wales]. Transparentní vinyl.
Birth name: Alan Roberts
Born: 1982, Davyhulme, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, England
Origin: Chorlton, Manchester, England
Genres: Indie pop, Neo~psychedelia, Electronica
Occupations: Composer, Producer
Instruments: guitar, bass, keyboard, drums
Album release: Aug. 6, 2021
Recording Location:
Dooksteareo, Manchester, England
Record Label: Dook Recordings
Duration:     30:23
1. Deep Blue View   6:16
2. Star Six Seven   4:35
3. Night Talk / Late Street   5:42
4. String Beat   4:14
5. Have Another Cigar   2:33
6. Peppergone   7:03
♦  Written and Produced by Alan Peter Roberts
♦  Recorded at DookStereo, Manchester, England
♦  Vocals and Lyrics on ‘Have Another Cigar’ by Aidan Smith
♦  Additional vocals on ‘Night Talk / Late Street’ by Leonore Wheatley
♦  Chord inspiration on ‘Peppergone’ from ‘Peppercorn’ by Batfinks
♦  Mastered by Gareth Mallinson
♦  Artwork by Marie~Claude DequoyJim Noir ©Brian Teutsch
Deep Blue View Review by Tim Sendra Score: ★★★½ 
Jim Noir’s 2010 album A.M. Jazz charted a new musical course for the longtime singer/songwriter/producer. On it, he set aside the junkshop pop of previous releases in favor of a sound that nods (in a couple senses of the word) in the direction of gently relaxing sounds most often found in hipper elevators. He added some mild chillwave and techno sounds to the mix, too, and in the process made something that stood out from the albums he’d previously released, with string sounds, quietly clopping percussion, enveloping vocal harmonies, and softly drifting melodies.
Deep Blue View takes the exploration a little deeper into pillowy calmness. Constructed from sounds and ideas cast aside while making A.M. Jazz, the EP mostly forgoes electronics in favor of a lushly romantic sound made up of soaring banks of fake strings, resonant pianos, the occasional Theremin, and lots of stringed instruments that sound on loan from a very landlocked Beach Boys session. Noir has the skills to make it sound entrancing instead of dozy, even when the songs stretch out past the five~minute mark.
The opening title track gets the template in place right away as the strings swell around Noir’s quietly searching vocals like a ghostly hug. It sounds a little like High Llamas, minus their need to fill every nook and cranny with a banjo riff. Noir is working for a place of serenity throughout and it’s a mood that is hard to keep going without sending the listener off to dreamland. He does it through the subtle use of dynamics throughout, bringing up and then dropping instruments in the mix as masterfully as a Baroque King Tubby. It’s not as captivating as A.M. Jazz is overall, but it’s a fine companion piece and shows Noir maturing both as a composer and a producer.
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