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Jimmy LaFave — Depending On The Distance (2012)

 Jimmy LaFave — Depending On The Distance (2012)

Jimmy LaFave — Depending On The Distance
♠   This is Jimmy's first studio release in five years and also his debut album of new material for Music Road Records. The CD contains 13 tracks, 8 of which are new original LaFave compositions, and three are Bob Dylan songs with LaFave's distinctive interpretation that have become fan favorites. The track list also contains one Springsteen song and LaFave's version of the '80's classic Missing You.
♠   Produced in Austin at Cedar Creek Recording by LaFave, it features a cast of stellar musicians and was recorded over a two year time period. Depending On The Distance is another time-tested mix of LaFave's ballads and soulful voice which critics have called, "real, rooted, and uncompromising."
Born in Wills Point, Texas, a small town 30 miles east of Dallas
Location:  Stillwater, Oklahoma ~ Austin, Texas (from 1986)
Album release: September 18, 2012
Record Label: Music Road Records
Duration:     55:35
01. Clear Blue Sky      (4:24)
02. Missing You      (3:53)
03. Red River Shore      (9:37)
04. Living In Your Light      (4:48)
05. Vanished      (4:01)
06. Land Of Hope And Dreams      (4:30)
07. It Just Is Not Right      (4:14)
08. Red Dirt Night      (3:15)
09. I'll Remember You      (5:51)
10. Bring Back The Trains      (3:06)
11. Tomorrow Is A Long Time      (5:23)
12. Talk To Me      (2:59)
13. A Place I Have Left Behind      (4:21)
Website: www.jimmylafave.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/lafavejimmy
Music Road Records Store with audio: http://www.nimbitmusic.com/musicroadrecords
Jimmy LaFave
P.O. Box 2500
Austin, Texas 78768
Contact: musicroadrecords@msn.com
♠   "Throughout the album, LaFave sings with deep soul, harboring a waver in his notes that may remind you of Steve Forbert. He takes his songs at tempos that provide room for thought and expression, as befits the songs he writes and covers. This album will appeal to your ears on first spin, and grow in your thoughts over time."
♠   Music Road Records announces the September 18, 2012 release of Depending on the Distance, the new album from Austin-based singer-songwriter Jimmy LaFave. This is Jimmy's first studio release in five years and also his debut album of new material for Music Road Records. The CD contains 13 tracks, 8 of which are new original LaFave compositions, and three are Bob Dylan songs with LaFave's distinctive interpretation that have become fan favorites. The track list also contains one Springsteen song and LaFave's version of the '80's classic Missing You.
♠   Produced in Austin at Cedar Creek Recording by LaFave, it features a cast of stellar musicians and was recorded over a two year time period. Depending On The Distance is another time-tested mix of LaFave's ballads and soulful voice which critics have called, "real, rooted, and uncompromising."
♠   Jimmy says he is looking forward to getting the long awaited CD out to his fan base as he has been busy the last few years getting Music Road Records, the label he formed in 2008 with his friend Kelcy Warren, off the ground. In addition, he has been touring Walking Woody's Road, his Woody Guthrie tribute show, and says it seems like the time has flown by. That being said, he is excited to have his new release out in 2012. He is also looking forward to doing some extensive touring to support the new album.
In french:
♠   Un album composé de 8 titres originaux et 5 reprises (Dylan et Springsteen, notamment). Pour amateurs de belles ballades.
Review by Hal Horowitz 
♠   Texas troubadour singer/songwriter Jimmy LaFave has never been shy about flaunting his influences. He's usually good for at least one Dylan cover per album (this has three, others have more) so it's no surprise that he adds a Springsteen tune here to connect the dots. But surprisingly, one of the best of the five non-originals on LaFave's first album in five years is a stunning remake of John Waite's '80s power ballad "Missing You." He uses the catches in the phrasing of his grainy, distinctive voice to unlock subtleties in the lyrics (that many took for granted on the original) and expose the song's deep sentiments. Similar to his versions of Dylan's tunes, he explores new depths in the music by finding the tune's essence and bringing out the passion that was somewhat lost in the commerciality of Waite's performance. But LaFave is more than just a great interpreter. His compositions, such as the opening "Clear Blue Sky" are just as moving and introspective. The dark, melancholy groove is emphasized through songs of lost ("Vanished") and fading love ("Talk to Me") worthy of Jackson Browne in his prime. He brings church to a love-train, let's-build-a better-world gospel song ("Bring Back the Trains") and even goes born again with sincerity minus any pretensions in "Living in Your Light." The three Dylan tunes ("Red River Shore," "Tomorrow Is a Long Time," and a stunning, touching "I'll Remember You," complete with a string quartet) cherry-pick potent and relatively obscure tracks from three different Dylan eras. LaFave imports fresh expression to them in performances that are poignant and powerful. Acting as his own producer, LaFave captures a rootsy vibe and clean but not sterile sound from a terrific band, but the reliance on moody ballads doesn't do the album any favors. A few more chugging, twangy country-rockers such as "Red Dirt Night" would have helped the flow and offset the quieter material that dominates -- arguably over-dominates -- the sequencing. Still, LaFave sings the softer material with such obvious emotion, it's hard to complain that at 13 cuts and an hour of running time, some judicious pruning might have been in order. He's one of the finest under-the-radar Americana artists, and this is a terrific addition to a remarkably consistent ten-album catalog that has sadly been undiscovered by the masses. (Allmusic.com)
♠   These proliferation end-times – call it post-music – dictate that 13 tracks and an hour run time of singer-songwriter soul-searching weigh way too heavy in this multitasked millennium. Not for Jimmy LaFave. Austin's honorary Okie doesn't reach full saturation of his lavish, lady-killing nasal whine with anything less. Thus CD No. 10, Depending on the Distance, travels a Zen balladic road trip of perfectly sequenced originals and covers working off one another like wood and glue. Uncanny fit, a cover of John Waite's "Missing You" cements the singer's God-given gift of interpretation, particularly as segued into an epic, nine-minute rumination on Bob Dylan's "Red River Shore." LaFave's first/last/always musical love green lit three covers here among the local's eight originals, with Springsteen's "Land of Hope and Dreams" making lucky 13. ♠   The Bard's patient "I'll Remember You" comes sandwiched between prime patches of Guthrie soil – LaFave's "Red Dirt Night" and LaFave's "Bring Back the Trains" – the latter featuring fellow Woody acolyte Eliza Gilkyson. Likewise, LaFave's haunting "Vanished" and "It Just Is Not Right" box in the Boss tune exquisitely. High Plains closer "A Place I Have Left Behind" says see ya. No false steps from Depending on the Distance.  (http://www.austinchronicle.com/)
By Martin Chilton |  6:22PM BST 23 Oct 2012 | Score: ***
♠   Jimmy LaFave, 57, has always been a Bob Dylan enthusiast and there are three fine 'modern' Dylan songs on the album Depending On The Distance. I'll Remember You and Tomorrow Is A Long Time are strong covers but the highlight is a brooding nine and a half minute version of Red River Shore, a forlorn song of lost love:
'And the frozen smile upon my face,
Fits me like a glove.'
♠   There is also a cover version of John Waite's Missing You. What can be a slightly cheesy country song (or done bombastically à la Tina Turner) becomes a deft heartbreaker in LaFave's hands. He also sings Bruce Springsteen's Land Of Hope in a gritty, Boss-like way.
Fortaken: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/
December 24th, 2012 |  A Vivoscene Featured Review by Brian Miller | Score: 8.5
♠   Better late than never, as we finally get around to reviewing an overlooked New Country treasure. The new Jimmy LaFave album Depending On The Distance was released in September 2012, but came to our attention only recently. We were big fans of his last studio album, Cimarron Manifesto, a 2007 recording which many regard as the high point in Jimmy’s career. This album, though, is even more of an Americana treasure, consisting as it does of several original songs, three Dylan covers, a Springsteen tune, and a rather stunning interpretation of the John Waite single “Missing You”.
♠   LaFave still has that cry in his voice that marks him as an obvious candidate for delivering country weepers, and he’ll probably never lose that quality. What separates him, though, from a dozen or so peers is his faultless phrasing, superb guitar playing, and choice of material. While new listeners to his music will require a certain tolerance for the melancholy that pervades most of the album, this is a fine outing from one of our very best Austin-based singer-songwriters working today.
♠   His previous album contained a marvellous reworking of the early Donovan number “Catch The Wind”, and until you heard it you wouldn’t think the song could be improved over the original. Same goes here for Jimmy’s version of Bruce Springsteen’s “Land Of Hope and Dreams’, which thankfully disposes of Springsteen’s unfortunate tendency for turning his best songs into bombastic arena rock and delivers a moving, eloquent plea that captures the true spirit of the song. The highlight of this album, though, is the nine minute version of Bob Dylan’s “Red River Shore”. While it’s true that no one sings Dylan like Dylan, the current gravel in Dylan’s vocalizations tends to make many of his former fans wary of his last few records, which is a shame because Dylan remains our finest living songwriter and much of his newer stuff deserves wider exposure than it’s getting. Jimmy is perhaps the best current interpreter of Dylan’s material. Here’s our recommendation for the next Jimmy LaFave project: he should be making an entire album of recent Dylan songs.
♠   The supporting musicians are nothing short of terrific on this outing, particularly on the let’scutloose track “Red Dirt Night”, a track strongly reminiscent of another country-folk-rock artist from Oklahoma named David Patton, whose early 70s album Buckeye is well worth the exhaustive search it may take to locate it.
♠   You may audition the entire album Depending On The Distance here, courtesy of Rdio: http://vivoscene.com/featured-articles/jimmy-lafave-depending-on-the-distance-album-review/
♠   Austin-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Jimmy LaFave brings a passionate rock & roll energy to his original folk songs, whether he's playing solo or with a band.
♠   LaFave grew up in Wills Point, east of Dallas, but at 17, his family moved to Stillwater, OK. When he was in his teens, his mother purchased his first guitar for him with green stamps. While Stillwater was not exactly bustling with musical activity, it wasn't a ghost town either, and it was close enough to Tulsa that LaFave found all the opportunities he was seeking as a young singer/songwriter. The musical heritage of the area certainly was rich enough: folksinger Woody Guthrie, jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, and jazz fiddler Claude "Fiddler" Williams, plus songwriter J.J. Cale and Leon Russell's Shelter Studios. But to find a wider audience and, more importantly, a record deal, LaFave thought it would be worthwhile to move to Austin. He found both after moving to Austin in 1985, and he's been based there ever since.
♠   LaFave found a home in Chicago House, an Austin coffeehouse, and he spent the next eight years hosting open mikes there, honing his presentation skills as a solo artist. Through the latter half of the 1980s, he also worked with his band, Night Tribe, at other Austin clubs. With backing from Mark Shumate, a computer entrepreneur, LaFave was finally able to record his debut for Bohemia Beat Records, a company Shumate founded in 1992.
♠   LaFave has released three albums for Bohemia Beat: Austin Skyline, (1993), his debut, a live recording titled as a play on Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline album; Highway Trance (1994), a studio album that showcases his considerable skills as a guitar picker, singer, and songwriter; and 1995's Buffalo Return to the Plains, which contains just one cover, prime inspiration Bob Dylan's "Sweetheart Like You." LaFave counts among his other influences Jackson Browne, Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Lewis.
♠   LaFave's grassroots approach should give him a better foundation on which to build a successful career. The way he blends country, blues, folk, and early rock & roll, his work ethic, and low-key rapport with fans are all factors that work in his favor. Trail was issued in 1999; Texoma followed in early 2001. His next two albums -- 2005's Blue Nightfall and 2007's Cimarron Manifesto -- were issued by Red House Records. ~ Richard Skelly
Brandy McDonnell  | Published: September 21, 2012  |
♠   http://newsok.com/cd-review-jimmy-lafave-depending-on-the-distance/article/3831720  |
— The more you love music, the more music you love — Tom Moon
♠   http://bloggerhythms.blogspot.cz/2013/01/jimmy-lafave-depending-on-distance-2012.html  |
By Jela Webb on September 16, 2012 at 2:30am
"His voice is so distinctive, full of plaintive timbres that never fail to move me."  |
♠   http://www.nodepression.com/profiles/blogs/cd-review-jimmy-lafave-depending-on-the-distance |
♠   LaFave is nothing if not a red–dirt romantic. Viewing the world from an open road and an open heart, with one eye on the girl and the other on the mythological lure of the highway. First it was Woody Guthrie and then Jack Kerouac, now it’s LaFave and his brand of dirty–boots folk–rock... Jimmy has the most expressive voice this side of Belfast... it’s the music of Jimmy LaFave that really defines this part of the land.” –– Oklahoma City Gazette |
Select discography:
Year | Title | Record Label
♠   1979 Down Under  |  Snowbound
♠   1981 Broken Line  |  Snowbound
♠   1988 Highway Angels...Full Moon Rain  |  Independent
♠   1992 Austin Skyline  |  Bohemia Beat
♠   1994 Highway Trance  |  Bohemia Beat
♠   1994 The Open Road (Highway Trance)  |  Munich Records EP
♠   1995 Buffalo Return to the Plains  |  Bohemia Beat
♠   1995 Burden To Bear  |  Munich Records EP
♠   1997 Road Novel  |  Bohemia Beat
♠   1999 Trail  |  Bohemia Beat
♠   2001 Texoma  |  Bohemia Beat
♠   2005 Blue Nightfall  |  Red House Records
♠   2007 Cimarron Manifesto  |  Red House Records
♠   2010 Favorites 1992-2001  |  Music Road Records
♠   2012 Depending On The Distance  |  Music Road Records

Jimmy LaFave — Depending On The Distance (2012)



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