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John Butler — Tin Shed Tales (2012)

Flag of  Western Australia    John Butler ≡ Tin Shed Tales                                                        Birth name: John Charles Wiltshire~Butler
Born: 1 April 1975, Torrance, California, United States
Origin: Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia Portal icon  Portal icon 
Genres: Bluegrass, alternative rock, jam band Celtic, roots, funk rock
Occupations: Musician, songwriter, record label owner, producer
Instruments: Vocals, electric, twelve~string, lap steel g., harmonica, didgeridoo, banjo, stomp box, ukulele
Notable instruments: 1930s dobro, Maton twelve~string guitar
Album release: April 24, 2012
Record Label: Jarrah Records/2012 John Wiltshire Butler
Duration:     99:33
01. Acknowledging Ancestors      0:25
02. Johnny’s Gone      3:43
03. Grass in Greener      2:44
04. Better Than      5:20
05. We Drove Out to Kalgoorlie      0:46
06. Gonna Be a Long Time     4:16
07. Joseph & Paddy Roe      3:31
08. Kimberley      6:45
09. My Grandfather’s Guitar      3:11
10. Danny Boy      4:35
11. Pickapart      9:29
01. Mystery Man      5:41
02. Koprivshtitsa      2:14
03. Revolution      7:13
04. Guy On My Shoulder      1:12
05. Used to Get High      4:31
06. Pinjarra      2:30
07. Treat Yo Mama      7:27
08. Losing You      4:13
09. Yogurt & Football      0:28
10. Zebra      4:32
11. A Good Friend      1:51
12. Ocean      12:57
Website: http://johnbutlertrio.com  /  Reservé agent: Duffy McSwiggin, Chip HooperJohn Charles Wiltshire-Butler Editorial Reviews:
º  It’s probably a little embarrassing to admit I shed a tear listening to John Butler’s Tin Shed Tales CD. Those who caught any of the concerts on the tour from which the double album is recorded will agree nothing beats seeing Butler play solo in a raw and intimate setting such as the one he created using corrugated walls from his own shed. However, this seamless mix of songs taken from five shows on the Tin Shed Tales circuit has managed to capture the very essence of those gigs — the sound of a humble and phenomenally talented performer stripped back and bare. Recorded, mixed and mastered by fellow West Australian James Hewgill, Tin Shed Tales features 23 tracks from Butler’s shows in Fremantle, Kalgoorlie, Mandurah, Dunsborough and Albany in March and April, including old favourites Better Than and Treat Yo Mama, a reworking of Revolution and new song Kimberley. With each track punctuated with one of the former Freo busker’s quirky anecdotes, close your eyes and it's like experiencing your own intimate gig. Best enjoyed with a glass of red.   —  Yahoo Australia
Product Description:
º  Tin Shed Tales is the new 2CD live and solo album from John Butler. Recorded on his solo/acoustic tour of Australia throughout March and April 2012.John Butler (www.forum.doctissimo.fr) º  Earlier this year John Butler returned to his roots performing a series of solo concerts across the country. Aptly titled “Tin Shed Tales”, the tour was a huge success and a rare opportunity to hear the music of this iconic artist in a raw and intimate setting. º  John Butler is pleased to announce he will be bringing his Tin Shed to Mackay, Townsville and Bundaberg this September/October. Tickets go on sale on August 20th, please see all tour details below.
º  The incredible recreated Tin Shed setting making its way to North Queensland creates the perfect atmosphere for a unique show up close and personal with his fans. Decked out with a collection of personal art pieces, vintage skateboards and vintage guitars, these items are laid out in his shed at home where he draws inspiration for his art and songwriting.
º  In December last year John decided to put on a surprise concert for his fans in Perth. The unplugged acoustic show was announced a day before the performance and with only 300 seats available it sold out in under seven minutes. He shared many anecdotes with the audience and performed songs from his vast catalogue spanning across all five albums. Thus the “Tin Shed Tales” concept came to life.
º  ““Unfortunately I couldn’t bring the Tin Shed to Queensland on the last run. It felt weird like we had forgotten to invite dear friends to a party. So I am stoked to be bringing the solo show over and completing the circle. QLD family have always held a special place in my heart. They’re always so passionate and giving as an audience. I can’t wait.”
Early life and education:
º  His Australian father with Australian, Greek and Bulgarian ancestry, Darryl Wiltshire~Butler, and American mother, Barbara (née Butler — unrelated), divorced and Butler migrated to Western Australia with his father, brother and sister in January 1986. He was named after his paternal grandfather, John Wiltshire~Butler, a forestry worker who died fighting a bushfire in Nannup. He moved to the small town of Pinjarra when he was eleven, and he attended the local primary and secondary schools.
º  Butler's genealogy was investigated on an episode of SBS Television’s series, Who Do You Think You Are?, which aired on 1 November 2009. The show traced his family history from his deceased grandfather — reading war diaries – through to ancestors in Bulgaria and the events of the 1876 April Uprising.
º  Butler began playing guitar at the age of sixteen after his grandmother gave him a 1930s dobro belonging to his deceased grandfather. In 1996, Butler attended Curtin University in Perth and enrolled in an art teaching course but abandoned his studies to pursue a career in music.
º  Butler was a participant in the Western Australian skateboarding scene and is recognised for his involvement with the internationally~renowned “Woolstores” street spot.
º  John Butler was a busker on the streets of Fremantle playing his own compositions. In mid~1996, he released a self~recorded cassette of his instrumentals, Searching for Heritage, which sold 3,000 copies. He played different styles of music including “Indian, Celtic, bluegrass and folk”. Butler had his first paid performance in 1997 at the Seaview Hotel in Fremantle. In 1998, North Fremantle, Mojos club owner, Phil Stevens, hired Butler as a regular performer. Stevens became his manager and later his business partner.
Jarrah Records:
º  In July 2002, Jarrah Records was created by Butler, members of fellow Western Australian act The Waifs and their common manager, Stevens. Being a partner in a record label allowed Butler to maximise artistic control of his recordings.
Equipment and technique:
º  Butler plays harmonica, didgeridoo, drums, lap-steel, banjo and amplified acoustic guitars and removes the higher octave G string on his 12-string guitar. Butler prefers the Maton 12~string guitar and often uses a Seymour Duncan SA~6 Mag Mic pickup with a Marshall Amplification JMP Super Lead Head and a Marshall 4×12 cabinet. He uses a variety of electronic effects including distortion, reverb / delay and wah~wah pedal to achieve his unique sound. Butler uses long, pointed acrylic fingernails for finger picking.John Butler 24 July, 2009 / Author: J.F. Leblanc / Festival de Jazz  au Club SodaARIA Awards:
º  2004    Nominated work: Sunrise Over Sea   Award: Best Male Artist    Result: Won
With John Butler Trio:
Studio albums:
º  John Butler (1998)
º  Three (2001)
º  Sunrise Over Sea (2004)
º  Grand National (2007)
º  April Uprising (2010)
º  Searching for Heritage (1996)
º  Live At Twist & Shout (2007)
º  One Small Step (2007) Australian release of Live At Twist & Shout
º  Tin Shed Tales (2012) º  © Author: Scott Dudelson; John Butler Trio - Live in Concert 2009 / Guitar: Harmony/Silvertone  H49 Stratotone Jupiter  (http://harmony.demont.net/guitars/H49/136.htm) © Author: Benoît Derrier / The John Butler Trio live at Aux Zarbs festival 2008 (Auxerre, France)/Date: 19 July 2008, 23:22:50File:FremantleTrainStation gobeirne.jpg Fremantle Railway Station, Western Australia/Author: Photograph by Greg O'Beirne/Permission: GFDL / Creative Commons 

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