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John Butler Trio
Flesh & Blood (2 cd)

John Butler Trio — Flesh & Blood (February 3rd, 2015)

Australia                 John Butler Trio — Flesh & Blood 
♠  Toto album bylo 13 týdnů na 2. místě Australian Charts. Čtyřnásobný vítěz APRA Awards: The APRA Awards are presented annually from 1982 by the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA). Šestinásobný vítěz ARIA Awards: The ARIA Music Awards are presented annually from 1987 by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA). The John Butler Trio have won six awards from twenty-seven nominations. Světoznámý virtuóz australských roots odstínů s měkoučkým a přívětivým hlasem. Ani by nemělo být překvapením, že toto album je bohatě strukturované. Je čisté, imrvére krmené 12–ti strunovými fingerstyle výlety, a pak Weissenborn–fueled exclamations ("Livin 'in the City" a "Devil Woman"), zatímco závěrečná čtvrtina alba se stěhuje do měkčích, více melodických temperatur. To může být jeho nejlepší kytara, jakou jsem slyšel doposud, a zvláštnost spočívá v tom, že to dělá bez jakékoli okázalosti. 
Location: Fremantle, Western Australia
Album release: 2014
♠  Flesh & Blood is due for release around the world on the following dates:
♠  USA/Canada — February 4th
♠  Europe — February 3rd
♠  Australia/NZ — February 7th
♠  Japan — February 5th
♠  Rest of the world — February 3rd to 7th
Record Label: Jarrah Records/Because/MGM/Vanguard Records/Family Music Pty Ltd
Disc 1
01 Spring to Come     4:14
02 Livin' in the City     3:28
03 Cold Wind     4:57
04 Bullet Girl     5:20
05 Devil Woman     3:00
06 Blame It on Me     6:08
07 Only One     3:39
08 Young And Wild     5:36
09 Wings Are Wide     5:51
10 How You Sleep at Night     4:13
11 You're Free     5:33
Disc 2
12 Higher     4:04
13 Runaround     3:28
2014 Family Music Pty Ltd
♠  John Butler (Guitars, Voice),
♠  Byron Luiters (Bass),
♠  Grant Gerathy (Drums & Percussion)
Billboard Albums
♠  2014  The Billboard 200     #58
♠  2014  Top Independent Albums     #13
♠  2014  Top Rock Albums     #13
Year–end charts:
♠  Australian Albums Chart     # 47 (#2)
Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=John+Butler+Trio&titel=Flesh+%2B+Blood&cat=a
♠  Jessica Bell Violin
♠  Nicky Bomba Composer, Drums, Percussion, Producer, Steel Pan, Vocals
♠  John Butler Art Conception, Composer, E–Bow, Guitar, Guitar (Ac + El.), Photography, Producer, Vocals, Weissenborn, Wurlitzer
♠  Grant Gerathy Drums, Producer, Vocals
♠  Byron Luiters Bass (Electric), Clavinet, Composer, Double Bass, Fender Rhodes, Fretless Bass, Moog Bass, Organ, Piano (Upright), Producer, Synthesizer, Vocals, Wurlitzer
♠  Robin Mai Engineer
♠  Caerwen Martin Cello
♠  Christian Read Viola
♠  Kester Sappho Photography
♠  Jan Skubiszewski Beats, Engineer, Producer, Programming, String Arrangements
♠  Chloe Smith Double Bass
♠  Philip Stevens Cover Photo, Photography
♠  Phil Tan Mixing
♠  Tom Walker Photography
♠  Ainslie Wills Vocals
♠  Bo Wong Photography
♠  Leon Zervos Mastering
Tessa Jeffers, December 30, 2013, Score: ****
♠  Aussie roots virtuoso John Butler is known for his masterful lap–steel talent, as well as his unusual preference for playing acoustic guitars through a variety of pedals and distorted Marshall amps. But when it comes to the playing of stringed instruments, he virtually does it all, and extremely well at that, with a rare air of originality. JBT carved a niche in the jam–blues circuit with the success of Sunrise Over Sea in 2004, and has since built a following with accessible songwriting and experimental multi–instrumentalism that includes Australia’s beloved didgeridoo.
♠  So it should be no surprise that this album is richly textured, going from clean to feeding–back 12–string fingerstyle excursions, and then to Weissenborn–fueled exclamations (“Livin’ in the City” and “Devil Woman”), while the last quarter of the album moves to a mellower, more melodically haunting pace. It may be his best guitar record yet, and the specialness lies in that it isn’t only that.
Must–hear tracks: “Livin’ in the City,” “Young and Wild”
Fortaken: http://www.premierguitar.com/
♠  Tessa is a Nebraska native who began her career in journalism at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Her first assignment was to review a Poison performance at the state fair, and she’s since interviewed a menagerie of musicians — from Pete Townshend to Bonnie Raitt, James Valentine, Tori Amos, T.S. Monk, and Henry Rollins, as well as members of the Flaming Lips, 311, and the Blue Man Group. In addition to writing for SPIN, Tessa worked for three years as an arts editor and investigative reporter for the Omaha Reader. Her most challenging role to date was working as a managing editor tasked with reinventing a lifestyle magazine in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar. She’s now back from her adventure abroad and ready to rumble with PG.
Review by James Christopher Monger;  Score: ***½
♠  The sixth long player from the rootsy Australian trio (and first outing in four years) finds bandleader John Butler occupying a more introspective and nostalgic headspace than he has on previous outings. Butler has always been a cerebral gent, although one prone to crafting stadium sized activist anthems like "Earthbound Child" and "Fire in the Sky," but there's a more settled vibe to Flesh + Blood that suggests a possible sea change. Opener "Spring to Come," which begins with the lyric "Lost my love, lost my light" and concludes with the line "After a lonely long night comes the sun," sets the mood, offering up a solid foundation of fluid fingerpicking and circular, warm weather rhythms and melodies for Butler to opine over. It's a tone and sentiment that occurs frequently throughout the album's surprisingly concise (for a jam band) fifty–two minute runtime, and it serves the trio well, especially on more contemplative cuts like "Bullet Girl," "Only One," and the lovely and languid Ainslie Wills–assisted "Young and Wild." To be fair, JBT fans looking for bolder, more familiar strokes have more than a few traditional roots–rock offerings to sift through, some of them solid (the dark and immersive "Cold Wind" and the fun, if not a tad derivative "Livin' in the City") and some of them not (the turgid, reggae/blues–rock epic "Blame it on Me" and its throwaway, whitebread counterpart "Devil Woman"), but it's in the more refined, self reflective moments where Butler, bassist Byron Luiters, and drummer Nicky Bomba really come alive. :: http://www.allmusic.com/
Website: http://johnbutlertrio.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnbutlertrio
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JohnButlerTrio
Available as a 6–panel CD softpak or Double Vinyl Gatefold (with mp3 download card inside) now via:
North America:
Australia / New Zealand:
Studio albums
♠  John Butler (1998)
♠  Three (2001)
♠  Sunrise Over Sea (2004)
♠  Grand National (2007)
♠  April Uprising (2010)
  Flesh & Blood (2014)
Live albums
♠  Living 2001–2002 (2003)
♠  Live at St. Gallen (2005)
♠  Live At Red Rocks (2011)

John Butler Trio
Flesh & Blood (2 cd)



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