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John Butler Trio — Flesh & Blood (2014)

 John Butler Trio — Flesh & Blood (2014)

AUS Flag  John Butler Trio — Flesh & Blood

The official logo by B.T. Amundssen´s Tais Awards & Harvest Prize for nominated artists
→   The John Butler Trio, featuring singer and guitarist John Butler, is Australia's biggest contribution to the jam band scene.
Location: Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia
Album release: February 7, 2014
Recording date: 2012 — 2013, The Compound, Fremantle
Record Label: Jarrah, ATO, MapleMusic Recordings (Canada)
01 Spring To Come (John Butler)     4:14
02 Livin' In the City (John Butler)     3:28
03 Cold Wind (John Butler)     4:57
04 Bullet Girl (John Butler)     5:20
05 Devil Woman (Nicky Bomba/John Butler/Byron Luiters)     3:00
06 Blame It On Me (Nicky Bomba/John Butler/Byron Luiters)     6:08
07 Only One (Nicky Bomba/John Butler/Byron Luiters)     3:39
08 Young and Wild (John Butler)     5:36
09 Wings Are Wide (John Butler)     5:51
10 How You Sleep At Night (John Butler)     4:13
11 You're Free (John Butler)     5:33
John Butler: guitarist and vocalist
Byron Luiters: bass
Grant Gerathy: drums, percussion 
◊   The first single from the album was "Only One", which was released for digital download on 14 November 2013, followed by a lyric video on YouTube on 18 November 2013, then followed up by an official music video on 3 December 2013. The single has peaked at #44 on the ARIA Singles Chart.
◊   Jessica Bell  Violin
◊   Nicky Bomba  Composer, Drums, Percussion, Producer, Steel Pan, Vocals
◊   John Butler  Art Conception, Composer, E–Bow, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Photography, Producer, Vocals, Weissenborn, Wurlitzer
◊   Grant Gerathy  Drums, Producer, Vocals
◊   Byron Luiters  Bass (Electric), Clavinet, Composer, Double Bass, Fender Rhodes, Fretless Bass, Moog Bass, Organ, Piano (Upright), Producer, Synthesizer, Vocals, Wurlitzer
◊   Robin Mai  Engineer
◊   Caerwen Martin  Cello
◊   Christian Read  Viola
◊   Kester Sappho  Photography
◊   Jan Skubiszewski  Beats, Engineer, Producer, Programming, String Arrangements
◊   Chloe Smith  Double Bass
◊   Philip Stevens  Cover Photo, Photography
◊   Phil Tan  Mixing
◊   Tom Walker  Photography
◊   Ainslie Wills  Vocals
◊   Bo Wong  Photography
◊   Leon Zervos  Mastering
→   Flesh & Blood is John Butler Trio’s sixth studio album and follow up to the band’s internationally acclaimed 2010 release, April Uprising. The album was recorded over 20 days at Butler’s studio ‘The Compound’ during December 2012, with extra recording sessions taking place in 2013.
→   John Butler meant it when he announced his sixth album would be a step in a very different direction, but he definitely didn’t mean a complete musical overhaul.
→   Flesh & Blood comes across as very personal, introspective, nostalgic and sometimes just plain tear–jerking due to the fact that Butler has made family and relationships the centre of his songwriting, as well as all those ups and downs that come with the territory.
→   As opposed to albums like Sunrise Over Sea [2004/http://www.musicomh.com/reviews/albums/the-john-butler-trio-sunrise-over-sea], Grand National [2007/http://www.allmusic.com/album/grand-national-mw0000746292] and April Uprising [2010] — which helped establish John Butler Trio as Australia’s biggest indie-roots export and cemented the singer’s reputation as an opinionated activist — Flesh & Blood is not only sonically mellower thanks to beautiful, melancholic numbers like Bullet Girl, Young And Wild, Wings Are Free and You’re Free, but it also sees Butler take on a more sympathetic view on issues that would normally inspire an outrage in his songs.
→   Old age? Not likely. Because when it comes to the rest of the album’s material, Butler still friggin’ jams. Old–school fans won’t be disappointed with songs like Devil Woman and Living In The City which very much stay true to the bluesy–funk that the band’s well–known for, with Butler letting fly with that feisty spark of his on tracks like Blame It On Me — “Give me your truth/how is it that you believe in me when it’s all working for you/but when it’s not, you blame me/when really you make your own bed and you need to sleep in it”.
→   Overall, Flesh & Blood is still very inspiring stuff from a man with a strong message and an even stronger desire to change the world, the only difference is the sixth time around he’s approaching it from a different angle. (http://www.tntmagazine.com/)
Website: http://johnbutlertrio.com/new/
APRA Awards
The APRA Awards are presented annually from 1982 by the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA).
Year: Recipient:   Award: Result:
2004 "Zebra" Song of the Year  Won
2006 "Somethings Gotta Give" Most Performed Blues & Roots Work  Won
→   "What You Want" Most Performed Blues & Roots Work Nominated
2008 "Better Than" Song of the Year  Nominated
→   "Funky Tonight" Blues & Roots Work of the Year Nominated
→   "Good Excuse" Blues & Roots Work of the Year Won
2011 "Revolution" Song of the Year  Nominated
→   "Close to You" Blues & Roots Work of the Year Won
→   Most Played Australian Work  Nominated
→   "One Way Road" Blues & Roots Work of the Year Nominated
→   Most Played Australian Work  Nominated
ARIA Awards
The ARIA Music Awards are presented annually from 1987 by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA). The John Butler Trio have won five awards from twenty–one nominations.
2001 Three   Best Independent Release
2004 Sunrise Over Sea   Best Blues & Roots Album
                                 Best Independent Release
2007 Grand National  Best Independent Release
                             Best Blues & Roots Album
Studio albums:
→   John Butler (1998)
→   Three (2001)
→   Sunrise Over Sea (2004)
→   Grand National (2007)
→   April Uprising (2010)
→   Flesh & Blood (2014)
Live albums:
→   Living 2001–2002 (2003)
→   Live at St. Gallen (2005)
→   Live At Red Rocks (2011)

John Butler Trio — Flesh & Blood (2014)