John Cale Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood (2012)

 John Cale ↔ Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood (2012)

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John Cale — Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood
Birth name: John Davies Cale
Born: 9 March 1942, Garnant, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Genres: Art rock, classical, drone music, experimental rock, folk rock, protopunk, spoken
Occupations: Musician, composer, singer-songwriter, record producer, visual artist
Instruments: Vocals, viola, violin, guitar, bass, organ, piano, harpsichord, keyboards, harmonica, cello, double bass, saxophone, mellotron, celesta
Location: Los Angeles, California
Album release: October 1, 2012
Record Label: Double Six/Domino/Electric Drone
Duration:     53:42
01. I Wanna Talk 2 U      (3:33)
02. Scotland Yard      (4:59)
03. Hemingway      (3:58)
04. Face to the Sky      (4:57)
05. Nookie Wood      (4:05)
06. December Rains      (4:25)
07. Mary      (5:39)
08. Vampire Cafe      (5:47)
09. Mothra      (3:30)
10. Living with You      (4:04)
11. Midnight Feast      (5:00)
12. Sandman (Flying Dutchman)      (3:44)                         //  Recorded: 2011-12, A.R.M. Studio, Los Angeles, CA; Mondo Studio, Los Angeles, CA
John Cale − vocals, keyboards, synths, guitars, viola, bass guitar
Dustin Boyer − guitars, synths, backing vocals
Danger Mouse a.k.a. Brian Burton − jam session on "I Wanna Talk 2 U"[4]
Michael Jerome Moore − drums, percussion
Joey Maramba − bass
John Cale − producer, arranger
Dustin Boyer − recording
Nina Scott − executive producer
Andy Romanoff − photography
Rob Carmichael, Seen − artwork & design
Brian Burton a.k.a. Danger Mouse − producer on "I Wanna Talk 2 U"
Recorded at: A.R.M. Studio, Los Angeles, CA and Mondo Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Description from Double Six label:
∏  It’s with great honour that Double Six announces the release of John Cale’s new album, released on gatefold heavyweight vinyl, CD and digital on October 1st 2012.
Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood is a title to set tongues wagging and minds wondering, but for an album that seems born of a return to John’s youth it seems safely apt in its mischievousness.
∏  Shifty Adventures… is the result of sessions held at Cale’s LA studio. Days were spent experimenting with MPCs, pounding fists onto pianos, manipulating glitches and lots of signature viola drone while patiently waiting for songs to reveal themselves. There was also a spontaneous session with Danger Mouse to create the opening track I Wanna Talk 2 U.
∏  As a producer Cale has reached a new plateau on this record. At the albums most maximal, it feels like looking at a collection of precious stones. Myriads of differently coloured and textured surfaces carefully placed together, each finding their own space to beckon the ear. It’s a blend of chaos and beauty in equal measure and a testament to the exploratory spirit at work, which ensures there’s always something new to the ears on a John Cale record.Double Six Records
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   ∏  It would be unforgivably patronising to say that a lifelong avant-gardiste such as Cale is "experimenting" by incorporating into his work the relatively commonplace studio tricks of modern pop.
∏  Nevertheless, it's pleasingly incongruous to hear him sounding like an autotuned Ian Curtis on Danger Mouse collaboration "I Wanna Talk 2 U", just one highlight of an album which manages to be sonically inventive, dense and complex and melodically accessible.  (Fortaken: The Independent)
Dave Simpson / ****
The Guardian, Thursday 27 September 2012 22.15 BST
∏  Always the most avant-garde member of the Velvet Underground, John Cale's first new album since 2005 features pianos being hit by fists, screaming synthesisers and violas, insistent beats and Chic-style funk guitar motifs. There are nods to David Byrne and Wire's late-80s blend of instruments and technology, but much of it sounds like pop music made by or for Daleks. For all the sonic wizardry, the album's strongest suits are often the most traditional. The Welshman's rich baritone has rarely sounded as commanding, and his songwriting is sharp. Indeed, Scotland Yard – an intriguing discourse on Leveson and last year's riots ("Who's been breaking windows? Generally misunderstood. You knew it could happen") – is his catchiest pop song in years. Elsewhere, he collaborates with Danger Mouse on I Wanna Talk 2 U, has a back-of-the-bike-sheds reminisce on Nookie Wood, and gets dreamily sentimental on Mary, the domesticity ode Living With You and the beautiful, Eno-like Sandman. The Auto-Tune on December Rains doesn't become him, but it's an album that combines the 70-year-old's experience with the glee of a small child.
Personal life:
∏  In 1968, John Cale married fashion designer Betsey Johnson. The couple divorced less than a year later.
∏  In 1971, Cale met Cynthia "Cindy" Wells, better known as Miss Cindy of The GTOs. They wed soon afterward. Their marriage was rocky, and they divorced in 1975.
On 6 October 1981, Cale married his third wife, Risé Irushalmi. They had one child together, Eden Myfanwy Cale, born 14 July 1985. They divorced in 1997.
∏  John Cale currently resides in Los Angeles.

Solo studio albums:
∏  1970 : Vintage Violence
∏  1972 : The Academy in Peril
∏  1973 : Paris 1919
∏  1974 : Fear
∏  1975 : Slow Dazzle
∏  1975 : Helen of Troy
∏  1981 : Honi Soit
∏  1982 : Music for a New Society
∏  1983 : Caribbean Sunset
∏  1985 : Artificial Intelligence
∏  1989 : Words for the Dying
∏  1996 : Walking on Locusts
∏  2003 : Hobo Sapiens
∏  2005 : black Acetate
∏  2012 : Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood © Gerard Malanga

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John Cale Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood (2012)