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John Digweed
The Traveler

John Digweed — The Traveler (October 6, 2014)

                    John Digweed — The Traveler 
√   John je jedním z nejrespektovanějších. Je to dýdžej DJ–ů. Pocit nekonečnosti se překrývá se snovými událostmi, přelévajícími se do reality s obrovskou jistotou.
√   John Digweed a jeho dlouholetý spolupracovník Nick Muir se spojili s nejprodávanějším autorem sci–fi (John Twelve Hawks) na novém albu s názvem Traveler . Album je pojmenované po první knize Hawkse: The Fourth Realm  (trilogie).
√   Hawks napsal román při poslechu Digweedového mixu alb a rozhlasových pořadů. Poté, co dokončil knihu, Hawks měl od svého vydavatele poslat Digweedovi kopii, aby mu poděkoval za roli, kterou sehrála jeho hudba, a kterou si pouštěl v procesu psaní. Digweed knihu přečetl a napsal Hawksovi poznámku na jeho internetové stránky: řekl mu, že se mu to líbilo...
Aliases: Diggers
Location: Hastings, England
Album release: October 6, 2014
Record Label: Bedrock Records
Duration:     124:31
01 First Line     4:58
02 Live off the Grid     7:12
03 Am I Awake     4:37
04 Capoeira     6:57
05 Stay in the Present     2:32
06 The Traveler     4:57
07 The Truth     4:52
08 Battle     4:48
09 Find the Way     4:04
10 Damned by the Flesh     5:20
11 3B3     5:50
12 We Are All Connected     5:24
13 Last Line     2:44
14 The Traveler (Continuous Mix)      1:00:16
√   John Digweed & Nick Muir Ft. John Twelve Hawks The Traveler CD & 3B3 12" Pic Disc & Pig&Dan.
√   All orders will be shipped just before the actual release date for delivery on or just after October 6th and you will receive an email notification from us. See below for shipping information
√   John Digweed and Nick Muir’s partnership has been one of electronic music's most fruitful pairings, leaving a body of work that’s seen them become one of the world’s most highly regarded production duos. While science fiction and electronic music have intertwined at numerous points since the emergence of the genre — from Jeff Mills to Global Communication and beyond — together with bestselling author, John Twelve Hawks, Digweed & Muir have taken the relationship into new territory and the album, ‘The Traveler’, is the result of this symbiotic connection.
√   Hawks wrote his trilogy of ‘The Traveler’ novels while listening to Digweed’s mix albums and weekly radio show, Transitions. After contacting the UK DJ and producer and an exchange that crossed several years (for reasons John outlines below), they agreed to work together to bring Hawks works to life via a collaborative album, and with Hawks as the narrator. The end result saw Hawks travel to the UK in secret, (he lives ‘off the grid’, hiding behind a secret identity due to his beliefs regarding the intrusiveness of the modern state and digital society — themes that are central to his work) and recorded his spoken word contributions to accompany an electronic music soundtrack created by Digweed and Muir. The meeting took place in the “middle of nowhere”, Hawks then disappeared back to whence he came, and the three have had limited contact since.
√   ‘The Traveler’ is a unique and fascinating album, providing a listening experience that exists far beyond the dancefloor — though the track ‘3B3’ will be released as a single including a picture disk format. The music draws the listener deep into the world of ‘The Traveler’, brought further to life by Hawks spoken word passages taken directly from the novel. The accompanying physical release features extensive sleevenotes and artwork, making it an extremely collectable item for fans and beyond.
√   “It all started when a copy of the book The Traveler was sent to me from John Twelve Hawks publishers with a letter explaining that John had been listening to my Transitions Radio show while writing the book and wanted me to have a copy as a thank you. Due to my busy schedule it wasn’t until the following year when I was on holiday that I finally got a chance to read the book. From the very first page I was hooked and couldn't put it down until it was finished.”
Digweed continues:
√   “I left a little thank you message in Jan 2009 thanking John through his website and didn’t think any more about it. Fast forward to Oct 2010 when, in the course clearing out my junk emails, I came across a reply from John Hawks himself — which I had completely missed. You can imagine how I felt! I responded straight away and this is an extract from the reply I received:
√   “I just wanted to say that I've followed your career over the years and have always wondered if we could create a project together. Contacting you was not a casual action. I know what you've done. In fact, while I'm writing this, I'm listening to GU 006: Sydney. I played what I call the "dark" CD — CD 1 — hundreds of times while I was writing book two of the trilogy, The Dark River. I'm bringing it up because — like any good DJ — you were able to establish a building momentum, a mood and a climax. This is what any dramatic form does: a film, novel or play.”
√   “So I thought, why not mix genres? A telephone conversation was arranged with John on his satellite phone, conducted via his voice scrambler that he uses on all his telephone conversations. We agreed that Nick and myself would attempt a project consisting of music based on passages from the book and after some initial discussions, it was decided that John Twelve Hawks would be the narrator. This posed a problem however, as John maintains strict secrecy about his identity in order that he may express his ideas about modern day threats to personal liberty more freely. At first, a meeting with him seemed out of the question. So we tried recording his voice down the phone through his voice changing software, but it quickly became obvious that we would need to record him directly in order to ensure his narrated contributions were clear and fully audible.”
√   “We put this to John and he graciously agreed. We arranged a meeting with him, 'off the grid' as he puts it, in the middle of nowhere. He duly arrived at the appointed time, obviously we can't say anything about this meeting, what he looked like or how he was as a person as this would betray his trust; however, all went well and we recorded his narrated passages which he delivered perfectly like the consummate professional he is. And then, after a few brief pleasantries, he was gone as quickly as he had arrived. We haven’t seen him since, nor spoken to him save for a few communications relayed on email from his protected account.
√   “His contributions have been treated and changed with software in a variety of different ways on the album and the original recordings of his voice have been deleted to further protect his identity. These measures may seem drastic but this is how he wishes to conduct his career as an author in relation to the subject matter he deals with and we completely respect that. He is a perfect example of how it is possible to operate within an underground culture and we are privileged and delighted to bring a musical perspective to his ideas.”
STORY; OCTOBER 01, 2014 10:00PM
DJ John Digweed collaborates with paranoid author John Twelve Hawks on new album The Traveler
√   THE story behind John Digweed’s new album The Traveler is almost as strange as the John Twelve Hawks’ dystopian surveillance novel it was inspired by. Hawks is notoriously … well, reclusive doesn’t quite cover it. Massively paranoid, obsessively private and determined to erase his identity from the web is more like it. Only fragments about Hawks’ life are known: it’s said he was experimented on by scientists as a child, he once lived in a commune, he now lives in anonymity considered a failure by his family who’re apparently unaware he’s sold 1.5 million Fourth Realm novels.
√   “He’s very mysterious, no-one’s met him, his publisher’s not met him and when they speak he speaks through a voice scrambler,” explains Digweed from his London home. “It feels like you’re talking to Darth Vader. ”
Written by Digweed and Bedrock co–producer Nick Muir, The Traveler features Hawks narrating passages of his work over a “Future Sound of London meets Pink Floyd kind of vibe”.
√   The novelist made the initial contact, sending Digweed his novel with a note saying it had been written while listening to Digweed’s Transitions radio show from various undisclosed locations.
√   After reading it Digweed immediately emailed him to say how much he’d loved it and then … nothing. No response. Eighteen months later Digweed found an email from Hawks, written the next day, in his junk folder and they finally arranged to collaborate. Initial attempts to record Hawks’ narration via Skype or the phone failed, forcing Hawks to make a rare personal appearance in the studio.
√   “We’re two of only three of four people to have met him, who he’s divulged who he is to,” Digweed says. “You’ve got to respect the way he wants to live his life. A lot of stuff in The Traveler about security and (the technology that) government’s are using has come to light now (through the Snowden revelations). I don’t know how he got all that information or if he’s got a crystal ball.”
√   An original album is a rare thing in Digweed’s 32-year career which has mainly comprised of quality CD mixes (34 and counting) the odd soundtrack (Stark Raving Mad) and occasional hit singles (Heaven Scent and For What You Dream Of, made famous by Trainspotting). Though Muir’s his main collaborator now, it was his 17 year partnership with Sasha — including the landmark Renaissance and Northern Exposure series — that really put him on the map.
√   Strangely enough Sasha and Digweed are playing the same venues in Australia, for the same promoter, two weeks apart in November.
√   Unfortunately Sasha told Hit last year it was over for good: “I don’t really have anything nice to say about John any more so I’d probably rather not say anything”.
√   This is a surprise to Digweed. “I didn’t know we had fallen out, is that we he said?” he asks. “Nah, I’ve never said we’ll never play together again. For us or for me personally it was like we need a break, we’ve been playing together over 17 years so there’s definitely no bad feeling my end.”
√   Aged 47, Digweed’s busier than ever, flying up to 20 times a month chasing parties around the globe. And there’s little chance of him stopping anytime soon.
√   “I didn’t get into DJing because there were private jets and champagne because there wasn’t when I started. I got into DJing because I love music and I love sharing that love with other people. The fact it turned into a fully fledged career and I’ve managed to circle the world many, many times over that’s just been a bonus to me.” :: http://www.news.com.au/
John Digweed Talks New Album 'The Traveler,' Working With Author John Twelve Hawks, The Next Generation Of DJs, And More [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]
By Caitlin Carter; Oct 06, 2014 09:12 AM EDT
:: http://www.musictimes.com/articles/11461/20141006/john-digweed-talks-new-album-traveler-author-twelve-hawks.htm
Website: http://www.johndigweed.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DJJohnDigweed
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djjohndigweed
Agent: ian@litheum.com
√   If you’re not an avid follower of dance music but are tuned into popular culture at all you’ve likely experienced music touched by the hands of John Digweed.
Originally hailing from England but having clearly arrived on the global scene nearly a decade ago, John has long since cemented his name in the pages of dance music history. His list of achievements is groundbreaking to say the least.
√   Highlights would be the first proper dj mix compilation (“Renaissance”, done with Sasha), being the first British dj to hold a residency at what was then the world’s most well known club in NYC (Twilo, also with Sasha) as well as having remixed tracks by Danny Tenaglia, Underworld and New Order.
√   John Digweed is a DJ's DJ. The beauty of what he does lies in just how different he really is from his contemporaries. From his early beginnings in Hastings, England at the age of 15 in the blossoming scene of acid house to the apex of the international dj'ing world, he has created and maintained a level of integrity that is the benchmark for both dj’s and producers globally. In fact, he has reached the very top of his profession, being voted #1 in a voter’s poll by DJ magazine in 2001. John Digweed has become the people’s choice while maintaining his longstanding presence in underground dance culture. His popularity as both a dj and a person seems to have no limits, but his efforts transcend dj'ing alone, he is as much a producer and promoter. His moniker “Bedrock” is actually three things: a record label, a promotions company and a studio production partnership (with Nick Muir).
√   His management and creative direction for the Bedrock record label has helped launch the careers of Danny Howells (with Dick Trevor as Science Department), Jimmy Van M, Chris Fortier and Phil Thompson (Moonface). He has had the vision and creative insight to seek out mixes and remixes from artists as varied as Rui Da Silva, POB, Freelance Icebreakers and the Second Hand Satellites. The label has effectively served as a foundation for artistic expression and a medium for creative output, allowing underground artists to break through to a much wider audience. To have a record released on Bedrock serves as the global stamp of production quality, ingenuity and integrity for producers worldwide.
√   In fact, the name John Digweed is synonymous with quality, ingenuity and integrity. From the nights he has either created or been a part of (Bedrock, Northern Exposure, Renaissance) to his world renowned mix cd's (Renaissance, Global Underground, Northern Exposure, Communicate and Bedrock) he has consistently produced characteristic products that stay in demand, himself included. Even with all of his global traveling he has still been able to hold down two monthly Bedrock residencies in both London (Heaven) and Brighton (The Beach).
√   As one half of Bedrock the production duo he has landed two tracks in the top 40 (“Heaven Scent” and “For What You Dream Of”) the latter of which made it into the hit movie “Trainspotting”. He has even tried a bit of acting himself ("Groove"). He and Nick Muir as Bedrock the production team also recently scored a Hollywood film (“Stark Raving Mad”).
√   His Kiss100 radio show is quickly coming up on its second year as one of the most successful dance music shows in all of England with internet broadcasts to all of the world. It has achieved a near cult status with listeners trading cd’s and mp3’s of the various broadcasts across the internet. John shares his platform weekly by bringing in worldwide guest dj’s.
√   As a person John’s lack of pretense is enveloped in imagination and invention. Good reason for John being one of the most respected, analyzed and imitated dj's in the world. Digweed is both solid and durable with unyielding precision. His sinuous dj’ing and production sound has become its own convincing dance ethic. He is centered to the principles of life, living and friends in such a way that he generates an aura of self–explanatory excitement and enthusiasm. Without heroic pretensions his sets are filled with moodiness and musical mystery but held down with a punchy distinctiveness and earthly rhythm. Always emanating a sense of boundlessness he overlaps dream events that spill into reality with an enormous certainty.

John Digweed
The Traveler



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