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John E Vistic — Welcome down the Night (22nd July, 2016)

John E Vistic — Welcome down the Night (22nd July, 2016)

 John E Vistic — Welcome down the Night (22nd July, 2016)
≡♠≡  John E Vistic is a singer multi~instrumentalist and internationally award winning songwriter. As well as his guitar and vocal duties with The John E Vistic Rock N Roll Soundsystem, Vistic is known for his work as Creative Director of The Russian Winter show (Old Vic) and his collaborations with other artists including Crippled Black Phoenix, Emily Breeze, Way Out West and General Midi.Origin: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ~ Bristol ~ London, United Kingdom
Album release: 22nd July, 2016
Record Label: Black Heart Studios & Nurture Music
Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Alternative
Duration:     40:47
01. Song for the Old Men     3:10
02. Welcome down the Night     4:28
03. Something’s Gotta Give     3:15
04. Miracle Mile     3:07
05. Gamblin Man     2:59
06. Henry Miller     3:59
07. Rain Comin Down     3:39
08. Forty Days     3:10
09. I Wait for No Man     4:06
10. Long Time Gone     5:46
11. Bright and Lonely     3:07
℗ 2016 Black Heart Studios and Nurture Music
≡♠≡   John E Vistic’s new album “Welcome Down the Night” is produced by Tristan Longworth (Jon Allen/The Third Degree). It is a beautifully crafted album of songs about ‘love, death and the landscape of the heart’. Recorded with a lush and sensitive dynamic utilising a wide range of instrumentation, the album features collaborations with a legendary range of artists including members of Primal Scream, Morcheeba, Jon Allen, the Marc Ford band and Rachel Stamp as well as Katey Brooks and the Vistic Rock N Roll Soundsystem. The first EP from the album, What Will Be (out on ITunes now) has been described as:
≡♠≡   “…psychedelic country folk, laden with soul and thought provoking literary lyrics. Think Hozier and Johnny Cash meets The Doors with more than a dash of Jack White.” (Nurture Music)
≡♠≡   As well as performing songs from the new album solo, Vistic has recently put together a new five piece incarnation of his band featuring Rob Norbury (Candy Darling) and Mike Crawford (Apache Dropout/The Various Sorrows) alongside longstanding Vistic Rock n Roll Soundsystem sidekicks, Guy Fowler (Bass) and Dan Clibery (Drums). Album launch dates are confirmed as 22nd July (Bristol, Thunderbolt); 23rd July (London, Magic Garden) featuring supporting artists John Fairhurst and Oh, the Guilt (Bristol) and John Fairhurst and Katey Brooks plus the Quiet Quiet Band (London).Recent press for John E Vistic has been fantastic:
≡♠≡   “A towering figure on the live circuit of London as well as his home city of Bristol.” (The Metro)
≡♠≡   “Gravelly vocals and powerful, swelling tunes that reach deep inside, all built on a foundation of rock solid musicianship.” (Louder Than war)
≡♠≡   The new Single ‘Song for the Old Men’ and EP ‘What Will Be’ has already received airplay on BBC Radio 6, BBC Bristol, BBC London, Radio Caroline, Rock Radio UK and many more. The album is out on 22nd July. ≡♠≡   http://www.withguitars.com/
Website: http://www.vistic.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/johnevistic
How long did recording take — straight in n straight out or a bit of an epic?
≡♠≡   It was quite epic actually as we had to do it over several months to fit it in with all our different schedules, so we had to fit in a session wherever we could and get people into the studio with Tristan the producer in a very short window. Tristan is also a very exacting producer so all the takes had to be perfect. There is not a wrong note or a dodgy phrase on the whole album. It’s literally a perfect recording. (excerpt)
≡♠≡   http://www.bristol247.com/channel/culture/music/interviews/interview-john-e-vistic-1460573450
Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnevistic

John E Vistic — Welcome down the Night (22nd July, 2016)


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