Josienne Clarke — In All Weather (08/11/19) Scotland Flag                                                                 Josienne Clarke — In All Weather (08/11/19)
℘    Její první sólová deska. Písně byly napsány na ostrově Bute v roce 2018, kde se Josienne na rok přesídlila, v dohledu zasněžené hory Ben Nevis. Josienne se doprovází akustickou a elektrickou kytarou. K nahrávání se připojil experimentální klavírní zázrak Elliott Galvin, inovativní jazzový bubeník Dave Hamblett, skotská harfistka Mary Ann Kennedy a kytarista~basista Sonny Johns, kteří společně produkovali desku s Josienne.
℘    Just to show it’s not all gloom and gloom here’s a new single and video with a distinctly upbeat feel — Watch Slender, Sad & Sentimental here
℘    It’s called ‘Slender, Sad & Sentimental’ and here’s a few words about it from the artist herself (yes, that’s me, I’m referring to myself in the third person) 
℘    “My songs are almost exclusively an exploration of melancholy in various forms which never makes for a great dancefloor filler.
℘    I approached this song with the weight of my own maudlin inaccessibility in mind. I was writing about writing a catchy single in the style of a catchy single. I’ve possibly hit peak self~reference!
℘    As a person, I am not without humour or joy and yet I regularly fail to express that in my music. 
℘    It’s partly my exasperation at always being, or at least always seeming, so sad and a vow to include more than that from now on. To be a more three dimensional emotional being. 
℘    We’ll see how well I get on with that in time, I guess!”
℘    The ‘Slender, Sad & Sentimental’ video is filmed & directed by Alec Bowman and is a lurid, meta exploration of all the various facets of Josienne Clarke.
℘    This song opens the second side of ‘In All Weather’ and is a rare moment of buoyancy in an otherwise reflective album about change, adjustment and adaptation, breaking from the boxes we’ve been made. In making it I took a long, hard look at myself and that type of introspection brings its highs and its lows and this is the albums highest height. Josienne Clarke
Location: London, England
Genre: Singer~Songwriter
Album release: November 8th, 2019
Record Label: Rough Trade
Duration:     32:00
01. (Learning to Sail) In All Weather   2:55
02. Seconds   2:38
03. The Drawing of the Line   2:46
04. Leaving London   2:18
05. My Love Gave Me an Apple   2:11
06. If I Didn’t Mind   3:33
07. Host   1:50
08. Slender, Sad & Sentimental   2:30
09. Season & Time   2:11
10. Walls and Hallways   2:46
11. Fair Weather Friends   0:59
12. Dark Cloud   3:32
13. Onliness   2:12
℗ 2019 Rough Trade Records Ltd.
℘    In All Weather is a new collection of songs, in which Josienne Clarke goes it alone; musically, as this is her first solo record, and in her own life, laid bare and played out in the leave~it~all~behind~and~start~anew nature of the lyrics. The songs were written in on the Isle of Bute in 2018, where Josienne relocated for a year, overlooked by a snowy Ben Nevis.
℘    Josienne accompanies herself on pared~back acoustic and electric guitar throughout. She’s joined on the record by experimental piano prodigy Elliott Galvin, innovative jazz drummer Dave Hamblett, celebrated Scottish harpist Mary Ann Kennedy and guitarist / bassist Sonny Johns who co~produced the record with Josienne.