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Joy — Ride Along! (April 29, 2016)

Joy — Ride Along! (April 29, 2016)

                            Joy — Ride Along! (April 29, 2016)   Joy — Ride Along! (April 29, 2016)»♦♠♦»   Není to smršť, ‘ako keď sa slovenskému kočišovi splaší kôň’. Postrádají technickou preciznost Earthless a vyhýbají se vodám sludge, ve kterých se Sacri Monti často utápí. Zatímco jejich charakteristika mentálního uvolnění je na stejné úrovni s psychedelickým oparem Harsh Toke, Joy si udržují některé kompoziční miniatury časově sevřenější a těsnější k tělu. Nutí ho rozhýbat. Jsou~ li nutné nálepky, Joy dělá hard rock. Zvukově možná nejvíc working class na spektru heavy music, s pocitově uvolněnými aranžemi, které si liberálně půjčují ze sféry psychedelie, blues, prog a metalu. Joy pracují odděleně od zbytku scény, mají však také tajnou zbraň: charisma. Velmi opatrná nominace.
★   Joy is the scrappiest of New York City~based Tee Pee Records’ San Diego contingent of bands.
Location: San Diego, California
Album release:  April 29, 2016
Record Label: Tee Pee Records
Genre: Psychedelic, Blues, Hard Rock
Styles: Hard Rock, Neo–Psychedelia, Stoner Metal, Alternative/Indie Rock
Duration:     40:29
01. I’ve Been Down      2:42
02. Misunderstood      3:56
03. Evil Woman      5:00
04. Going Down Slow      4:16
05. Certified Blues      3:52
06. Help Me      3:12
07. Red, White and Blues      3:14
08. Peyote Blues      4:50
09. Ride Along!      2:59
10. Gypsy Mother’s Son      6:28
★   Jordan Andreen Engineer, Mixing
★   Sean Burdeaux Back Cover Photo
★   Brenden Dellar Composer, Group Member, Guitar
★   Thomas Dibenedetto Composer, Drums, Group Member, Percussion
★   Parker Griggs Group Member, Guitar
★   Justin “Nasty” Hulson Bass, Composer, Group Member, Percussion
★   JOY Composer, Producer
★   Zachary Oakley Bass, Composer, Drums, Group Member, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
★   Operation:Mindblow Concept, Design
★   Mikey Ratt Concept, Design
★   Mario Rubalcaba Composer, Drums, Group Member
★   ZZ Top Composer
AllMusic Review by Mark Deming;  Score: ****
★   JOY are a band whose stylistic agenda is very pure: they live to re~create the sound of some reefer~addled dude’s record collection in 1972. And between the buzzy guitar heroics, the deep bubbling bass, and the flanged drum tracks, JOY not only match their obvious inspirations, they occasionally beat them at their own game. After drafting their statement of purpose with their 2014 debut, Under the Spell of JOY, the group is back and once again in powerful form. There isn’t a massive degree of creative growth on JOY’s second long~player, Ride Along!, but the band does sound notably tighter and hotter this time out. JOY’s attack is no less heavy here, but the songs are a bit shorter and they get to the point with improved speed and precision. Zachary Oakley’s guitar is full of flash and thunder, but he also riffs with a decisive sense of wah~wah~infused purpose. And the feisty bark of his vocals fits the songs like a tube sock. Justin Hulson’s animated bass patterns fill their space beautifully, and new drummer Thomas DiBenedetto can hit hard while staying limber, rolling and tumbling without losing the backbeat. JOY’s performances on Ride Along! are busy, but busy with deliberate focus, sending their collective noise~making skills down the highway like a biker gang looking for some scary fun. (They also had the good sense to bring along some like~minded pals for the trip. Parker Griggs of Radio Moscow and Brenden Deller of Sacri Monti join Oakley for additional guitar swagger, while Mario Rubalcaba from Earthless adds his percussion knowhow.) If Ride Along! isn’t necessarily better than Under the Spell of JOY, at the very least it's just as good, and more ambitious too. JOY may prefer the sounds of the past to the present, but they also have enough skill to have a future in it. In short, Ride Along! rocks; listen loud and you’ll like it.
By Ian Thomas / 05 MAY 2016, 11:46 BST / SCORE: 7
★   http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/reviews/albums/joy-ride-along
By Thomas Pizzola, June 20, 2016 / Score: ****
★   http://newnoisemagazine.com/album-review-joy-ride-along/#

Joy — Ride Along! (April 29, 2016)




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