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Julia Fordham
Swept (Jun 29, 1992)

Julia Fordham — Swept (Jun 29, 1992)

                   Julia Fordham — Swept (Jun 29, 1992) Julia Fordham — Swept (Jun 29, 1992)♣   “Swept” lyrics:
1.)  I’ve said things I shouldn’t have said
I might break your heart and my promises
Swept up in the moment of it all
2.) I keep meaning to hold something back
people always say to do that
It isn’t in my nature in fact at all
3.) I swear I never was so cynical
It must have crept up on me
miracle of miracles, that i won’t always be
4.) You’ve said things you shouldn’t have said
you might break my heart and your promises
swept up in the moment of it all
5.) I swear I never was so cynical
It must have crept up on me
Miracle of miracles, that I won’t always be
6.) I swear I never was so cynical
It must have crept up on me
miracle of miracles, that I won’t always be
7.) we’ve said things that we might regret
we might break our word and slowly forget
how sweet it felt when we were swept up in it all
8.) swept, when we were swept, when we were swept up in it all
swept, when we were swept, when we were swept up in it all...Born: 10 August 1962
Origin: Portsmouth, England 
Location: Portsmouth, England
Album release: Jun 29, 1992
Record Label: Emd/Virgin Records
Genre: Jazz/Pop/Folk Vocals
Duration:     49:05
01. I Thought It Was You      5:01
02. Patches Of Happiness      3:43
03. Swept      4:55
04. Rainbow Heart      4:52
05. Betrayed      4:10
06. Talk Walk Drive      4:10
07. Shame     3:55
08. (Love Moves In) Mysterious Ways      4:34
09. As She Whispers      4:45
10. Scare Me      5:56
11. Tied      3:00Credits:
♣   Produced by: Grant Mitchell and Julia Fordham
♣   Except Patches of Happiness and Talk Walk Drive — Produced by Hugh Padgham, Dominic Miller and Julia Fordham
♣   Except Swept — Produced by Grant Mitchell, Dominic Miller and Julia Fordham
♣   Except (Love Moves) In Mysterious Ways — Produced by Peter Asher
♣   Except Scare Me — Produced by Grant Mitchell, Graham Dickson and Julia Fordham
♣   All Songs written by Julia Fordham
♣   Except (Love Moves) In Mysterious Ways written by Tom Snow and Dean Pitchford
♣   Except Tied written by Julia Fordham, Irwin Levine and Russell Brown)
♣   Richard Arnold Assistant Engineer
♣   Peter Asher Producer
♣   Andy Barron Drums
♣   Miles Bould Percussion
♣   Russell Brown Composer
♣   Robbie Buchanan Keyboards
♣   Richard Bull Producer, Programming
♣   Valerie Carter Vocals (Background)
♣   Vinnie Colaiuta Drums
♣   Giles Cowley Assistant Engineer
♣   Graham Dickson Engineer, Mixing
♣   Michael Fisher Percussion
♣   Julia Fordham Composer, Producer, Vocals
♣   Filippo Gabbrielli Assistant Engineer
♣   Kate Garner Photography
♣   Angie Giles Vocals
♣   Isobel Griffiths Drums
♣   Graham Henderson Accordion
♣   Christopher Hooker Oboe
♣   Matt Howe Assistant Engineer
♣   Manu Katché Drums
♣   Larry Klein Bass
♣   Irwin Levine Composer
♣   Dave Lewis Saxophone
♣   Pete Lewis Assistant Engineer
♣   Jeremy Lubbock Arranger
♣   John Lubbock Conductor
♣   Dónal Lunny Bodhran, Bouzouki
♣   Kate Markowitz Vocals (Background)
♣   Martin McCarrick Cello
♣   Dominic Miller Arranger, Guitar, Producer
♣   Grant Mitchell Arranger, Keyboards, Producer, Programming
♣   Simon Osborne Engineer
♣   Hugh Padgham Engineer, Mixing, Producer
♣   Pino Palladino Bass
♣   Dean Parks Guitar
♣   Dean Pitchford Composer
♣   Dashiell Rae Vocals
♣   David Rhodes Guitar
♣   Frank Ricotti Vibraphone
♣   David Sancious Keyboards
♣   Tom Snow Composer
♣   Alan Thomson Bass
♣   Jeremy Wheatley Assistant Engineer
♣   Frank Wolf Engineer, Mixing
♣   Gavyn Wright Violin
•→  More bittersweet tales of hopelessness in the art of relationships were outlined in 1991’s Swept, which included the excellent “I Thought It Was You” as well as “(Love Moves In) Mysterious Ways.” Also featured in the film The Butcher’s Wife, “(Love Moves In) Mysterious Ways” climbed to number 19, making it her biggest U.K. hit to date. Relocating to the States, Fordham released her fourth studio album, the Larry Klein–produced Falling Forward in 1994. In 1997, she returned with East West, which featured production from Canadian guitarist Michael Brook. A solid greatest–hits compilation was released in 1999 and her last contractual effort for Virgin, the aptly titled Collection, included updated versions of “Happy Ever After” and “Where Does the Time Go” as well as “Killing Me Slowly” from East West. A new deal with Division One/Atlantic prevailed in time for the 2002 release of her sixth studio album, the Klein–produced Concrete Love. Fordham then moved to the Vanguard label for 2004’s That’s Life and the live CD/DVD combo, That’s Live, in 2005. Inspired by the birth of her daughter, Fordham next released the EP Baby Love in 2007. The jazz–influenced China Blue, featuring a duet with Michael McDonald, followed in 2008. Two years later, she teamed with actor and pianist Paul Reiser for the album Unusual Suspects. In 2014, Fordham released the covers album The Language of Love, which featured jazz and bossa nova reworkings of songs by Blondie, the Eurythmics, 10cc, and others.
♣   A jazz–and pop–influenced singer/songwriter, Britain’s Julia Fordham is an eclectic artist with a loyal cult following. A native of Portsmouth, England, Fordham performed folk music in local clubs, sang with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, and worked as member of Mari Wilson’s backing troupe the Wilsations before embarking on her solo career. In 1988, Fordham released her eponymously titled debut, Julia Fordham, which showed off her low, smoky jazz bar, dulcet voice and contained four singles: “The Comfort of Strangers,” “Woman of the 80’s,” her first hit “Happy Ever After,” and “Where Does the Time Go.” The following year, Porcelain consolidated her presence as a leading album artist. Produced by Hugh Padgham, Grant Mitchell, and Fordham herself, standout tracks include “Lock and Key”; tonally warm, her vocal delivery was likened to Joni Mitchell’s, with whom she’d be further linked in years to come). Porcelain guested Manu Katche and Pino Palladino among its high–caliber lineup.
Website: http://juliafordham.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliafordham.thesingersongwriter/?ref=ts
•→  1988 Julia Fordham (UK No. #20)
•→  1989 Porcelain (UK No. #13)
•→  1991 Swept (UK No. #33)
•→  1994 Falling Forward (UK No. #21)
•→  1997 East West
•→  1999 Julia Fordham Collection
•→  2002 Concrete Love
•→  2004 That’s Life
•→  2005 That’s Live
•→  2007 Baby Love EP
•→  2007 Songbook Available in the Philippines
•→  2008 China Blue
•→  2010 Unusual Suspects
•→  2013 Porcelain — deluxe version re–release
•→  2013 Swept — deluxe version re–release
•→  2013 Under the Rainbow
•→  2014 The Language of Love

Julia Fordham
Swept (Jun 29, 1992)