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Justice Woman

Justice — Woman (November 18, 2016)

            Justice — Woman (November 18, 2016)
♦♦  Collectively known as Justice, French electronic musicians Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay have been laying relatively low for the five years since releasing their 2011 sophomore effort, Audio, Video, Disco. Widely known for 2007 smash single “D.A.N.C.E.”, the duo catapulted to international recognition and consequently coasted on the success of debut album † (Cross) for quite some time. On third third proper full–length, Woman, Justice recapture their seminal sound for 10 strong new tracks. Risks are kept to a minimum and the Parisian pair deliver exactly what one would might hope for from them.
Formed: 2003
Location: Paris, France
Album release: November 18, 2016
Record Label: Ed Banger Records / Because Music
Duration:     54:11
01 Safe and Sound (Gaspard Augé)     5:45 
02 Pleasure (Gaspard Augé / Morgan Phalen)     4:15 
03 Alakazam! (Gaspard Augé)     5:11 
04 Fire (Gaspard Augé / May Yamani)     5:34 
05 Stop (Gaspard Augé / James Blake)     4:57 
06 Chorus (Gaspard Augé)     7:09 
07 Randy (Gaspard Augé / Morgan Phalen)     6:38 
08 Heavy Metal (Gaspard Augé)     4:30 
09 Love S.O.S. (Gaspard Augé / Romuald Lauverjon)   5:03 
10 Close Call  (Gaspard Augé)     5:08
Essential Tracks: “Safe and Sound”, “Pleasure”, and “Stop”
♠   Robert Ames Choir/Chorus, Conductor
♠   Joseph Arnold Choir/Chorus
♠   Gaspard Augé Composer
♠   Max Baillie Choir/Chorus
♠   Mira Benjamin Choir/Chorus
♠   James Blake Composer
♠   Johnny Blake Vocals, Vocals (Background)
♠   Charlotte Bonneton Violin
♠   Hugh Brunt Choir/Chorus, Orchestra
♠   Mara Carlyle Vocals
♠   Daisy Chute Copyist
♠   Hannah Dawson Violin
♠   Anna de Bruin Violin
♠   Charlotte Delarue Artwork, Cover Image
♠   Antoine Hilaire Vocals (Background)
♠   Jeremy Isaac Violin
♠   Anna Jean Vocals
♠   Becky Jones Vocals
♠   Justice Mixing, Producer, Vocals (Background)
♠   Matthew Kettle Vocals
♠   Romuald Lauverjon Composer
♠   London Contemporary Orchestra Brass, Strings, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
♠   Ross Matthews Engineer
♠   Jonas Persson Vocal Engineer
♠   Morgan Phalen Composer, Vocals
♠   Daniel Pioro Violin
♠   Romuald Vocals
♠   Laura Virtanen Violin
♠   Benjamin Weber Vocal Engineer
♠   Debs White Violin
♠   Richard Woodcraft Engineer
♠   May Yamani Composer
♦♦  Stylish nostalgia is the pan et beurre of a lot of French dance music, including — for better and worse — Justice’s third album. Arriving five years after Audio, Video, Disco, Woman is built on layers of fondly remembered vintage funk and disco, pre~EDM French Touch, and Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay’s own work. The duo lead with the most broadly appealing side of their music: with its choral vocals and popping bass, “Safe and Sound” sounds like a slowed~down version of “D.A.N.C.E.” with a hint of roller disco, while the gleaming synths and chugging rhythms of “Alakazam!” and “Fire” keep going like perpetual~motion party machines. Individually, these tracks are a lot of fun, but taken together, they give the impression that the pop whimsy and prog metal tangents of Cross and Audio, Video, Disco are strengths Justice preferred to leave in the past. Just when it seems Woman is consistent to a fault, Augé and de Rosnay bring some of that weirdness back to their music without derailing their grooves. The luxe vocals on the aptly named “Chorus” lend some oddball ‘70s sci~fi majesty to its gritty beat (and the final track, “Close Call,” adds to the impression that Woman is secretly the soundtrack to a space fantasia). Meanwhile, “Heavy Metal”’s frantic counterpoint has as much in common with Audio, Video, Disco’s metal fixations as it does with kitschy classical pop. “Randy,” which features vocals from longtime contributor Morgan Phalen, blends chugging guitars and strings courtesy of the London Contemporary Orchestra into one of the album’s finest examples of genre~mashing; similarly, the breezy “Love S.O.S.” proves the duo’s range remains.
♦♦  Even if Woman sometimes sounds more like two EPs than a cohesive set of songs, it’s still an enjoyable album — especially when Justice use their flair for looking back creatively.
BY KYLE EUSTICE ON NOVEMBER 17, 2016, 6:01AM / Score: B–
♦♦  http://consequenceofsound.net/2016/11/album-review-justice-woman/
Jordan Bassett, 4:57 pm — Nov 17, 2016 / Score: ★★★★
♦♦  http://www.nme.com/reviews/album/justice-woman-review © Photo bcredit: So Me

Justice Woman


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