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Music. Warm people. Good songs. Delight in female voice. YOU !!!

Kaki King
Everybody Glows: B​–​Sides & Rarities

Kaki King Everybody Glows: B Sides & Rarities (November 4th, 2014)

USA Flag Kaki King — Everybody Glows: B​–​​Sides & Rarities

Master class album Kaki King — Everybody Glows: B​–​​Sides & Rarities / NOMINATED!
ζ    Hledala jsem ve starých poškrábaných CD, dávno zapomenutých harddiscích, a fuzzier corners/zákoutích mé paměti, nakonec jsem shromáždila sbírku. Myslím, že je to krásná reprezentace vývoje některých skladeb. Pro mě je to také hlas z mé minulosti; mé mladší já dělalo odvážné kytarové věci, než jsem pochopila význam něčeho z této činnosti.
ζ    Hailed by Rolling Stone as “a genre unto herself,” Kaki King is a true iconoclast. Over the past decade this Brooklyn–​based guitarist/composer has recorded 6 diverse & distinctive LPs, performed with Foo Fighters & Timbaland, contributed to film & TV soundtracks (August Rush & Sean Penn’s Into The Wild), & has toured world–​wide.
Birth name: Katherine Elizabeth King
Born: August 24, 1979, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Instruments: Guitar, lap steel guitar, drums, piano, vocals
Notable instruments: Ovation Custom Adamas Acoustic Guitar
Album release: November 4, 2014
Record Label: Short Stuff Records
Duration:     62:48
01. Sunrise At Wildflower Hill Retirement Center     2:56
02. Zamzam Well     3:58
03. Anthem for the Earnest     3:09
04. Sad American (live)     3:06
05. Tunnel     1:46
06. Goby (live featuring Dan Brantigan and Matt Hankle)     7:27
07. Waltz For The Alone     4:05
08. So Much For So Little (demo)     3:06
09. Close To Me      3:31
10. Hairs     2:19
11. Brazilian With Drums (featuring Dave Treut)     5:24
12. Old Crow and the Miner’s Daughter     3:42
13. L Train 1st Ave Low     3:44
14. Lovestoned     3:04
15. Zeitgeist     6:30
16. Meserole (featuring Dave Treut) (Bonus Track)     5:01
ζ   All songs written by Kaki King except "Anthem for the Earnest" (written by David King), "Close to Me" (written by Robert Smith) and "Lovestoned" (written by Justin Timberlake, Tim Mosley and Nate "Danja" Hills).
ζ   Mastered by D James Goodwin at the Isokon, Woodstock, NY
About the songs
Sunrise at Wildflower Hill Retirement Center
Unreleased recording from Legs to Make Us Longer sessions, 2004.
Zamzam Well
Rare live track circa 2003.
Anthem for the Earnest
Cover of a tune by The Bad Plus. Recorded in 2013 specifically for this release.
Sad American Live
Guitar only version of a song from the album Dreaming of Revenge. Live on Australian radio. 
Unreleased recording from Legs to Make Us Longer sessions, 2004.
Live at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels Belgium in 2008. Features Dan Brantigan on EVI (bass synth trumpet) and Matt Hankle on drums.
Waltz for the Alone
Unreleased recording from Legs to Make Us Longer sessions, 2004.
So Much For So Little (demo)
This is an at–​home recording of the original guitar part of this song from Dreaming of Revenge.
Close to Me
Cover of a song by The Cure. From the Perfect As Cats compilation, a charity digital/vinyl collection of Cure covers.
Unreleased recording from Legs to Make Us Longer sessions, 2004.
Brazilian With Drums
Featuring Dave Treut on drums. A solo acoustic version of this song was the bonus track on the Japanese release of Until We Felt Red.
The Old Crow and the Miner's Daughter
Bonus track on the Japanese of Everybody Loves You.
L train 1st ave: Low
This is a demo from around the time of making the first album, Everybody Loves You.
Cover of Justin Timberlake’s song “Lovestoned/I Think She Knows” (second half of the song).
Featuring Dan Brantigan on trumpet and Dave Treut on drums. B–​side of a 7" vinyl with the song “Pull Me Out Alive” on the A–side; also included as a bonus track on the Japanese release of Dreaming of Revenge.
Featuring Dave Treut on drums.
Website: http://www.kakiking.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZbXLJeRLpY
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KakiKing
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kakiking
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kakiking
Press: Debbie Pressman @ Girlie Action (debbie@girlie.com)
Agent: Amy Davidman — The Windish Agency — amy@windishagency.com
Gen. dir.: Vickie Starr @ Girlie Action (vickie@girlie.com)
Bandcamp: https://kakiking.bandcamp.com/album/everybody-glows-b-sides-rarities
Archive: https://archive.org/details/mbid-f42da6f4-e889-490f-81c8-016d185be7be
Copyright © 2014 Girlie Action Media, All rights reserved.
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Childhood and early life:
ζ    King was born the first of two daughters. While still a small child, her father noticed her natural musical ability, and encouraged her interest in music. She was introduced to the guitar at the age of four and played for several years, but after taking up the drums a few years later, they became her primary instruments as an adolescent.
ζ    Convinced that her break in music would come from drumming, King played in bands in high school with classmate Morgan Jahnig, who would later become the bassist of Old Crow Medicine Show. On graduating from The Westminster Schools in Atlanta in 1998, the two friends attended New York University. While there, King picked up the guitar again, and revisited the finger–style techniques that intrigued her as a child. While at NYU she studied with Dr. Bill Rayner, an accomplished professor of guitar. From there, King played a few occasional gigs and busked in the New York City Subway
Style, techniques and instruments:
ζ    As a long–time Ovation player, King was invited to design her own custom guitar, the result being the Adamas 1581–KK model. Each guitar is signed by King, and she can be seen playing it often on tour and in The DVD for Tegan And Sara's The Con.
ζ    King's fingerstyle playing combines fret–tapping with slap bass techniques, using the guitar for percussive beats, as well as sound layering and looping. Her playing style has been compared to Michael Hedges and Preston Reed, the latter of whom she explicitly cites as an influence.
ζ    King uses Elixir Strings, particularly the Acoustic Light Guitar Strings on her custom Ovation Adamas guitar, and is a featured artist on the company's website.
ζ   Everybody Loves You (2003)
ζ   Legs to Make Us Longer (2004)
ζ   ...Until We Felt Red (2006)
ζ   Day Sleeper (Australian tour EP) (2007)
ζ   Dreaming of Revenge (2008)
ζ   Black Pear Tree EP (2008) (with the Mountain Goats)
ζ   Mexican Teenagers EP (2009)
ζ   Junior (2010)
ζ   Glow (2012)
ζ   Everybody Glows: B​–​​Sides & Rarities (Nov. 4th, 2014)

Kaki King
Everybody Glows: B​–​Sides & Rarities