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Kaleidoscope — Tangerine Dream (Nov 1967) [Japan Remastered] (March 8, 2006)

Kaleidoscope — Tangerine Dream (November 1967) [Japan Remastered] (March 8, 2006)

 Kaleidoscope — Tangerine Dream (November 1967) [Japan Rem.] (March 8, 2006)
»   English 1960s pop group in the psychedelic style who exhibited an endless variety of aural textures and ideas.
»   Probably has the edge as the best of their two albums, but not by much. Includes several of their best songs: “Flight From Ashiya,” “Dive Into Yesterday,” “The Murder Of Lewis Tollani,” and especially the fragile ballad “Please Excuse My Face.”
Formed: 1964
Location: UK
Album release: November 1967 / March 8, 2006
Record Label: Sunbeam Records / Fontana Records / Repertoire / Cool Sound
01. Kaleidoscope      2:14
02. Please Excuse My Face      2:11
03. Dive Into Yesterday      4:46
04. Mr. Small, The Watch Repairer Man      2:43
05. Flight From Ashiya      2:40
06. The Murder Of Lewis Tollani      2:47
07. (Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion      3:19
08. Dear Nellie Goodrich      2:46
09. Holiday Maker      2:29
10. A Lesson Perhaps      2:42
11. The Sky Children      8:05
12. A Dream For Julie (Mono)      2:47
13. Just How Much Are You (Mono)      2:14
14. Jenny Artichoke      2:40
»   All songs composed by Eddy Pumer (music) and Peter Daltrey (lyrics).
»   Track 4 & 9: Conductor [Accompaniment Directed by] — Reg Tilsley
»   Eddy Pumer — Lead Guitar, Keyboards
»   Steve Clark — Bass, Flute.
»   Dan Bridgman — Drums, Percussions.
»   Peter Daltrey — Lead Vocals, Keyboards
»   Eddy Pumer : Lead Guitarist, keyboards and composer of all the music.
»   Steve Clark : Bass Guitarist and, unusually, equally proficient flautist although this facet would be used sparingly until the group's re-incarnation as Fairfield Parlour in late 1969.
»   Dan Bridgman : Drummer and percussionist.
»   Peter Daltrey : Lead Vocalist, occasional keyboards, lyricist.
»   Although there are a few other bands that possessed this name at one point, this is the UK gathering of the band. To keep this short, this album is one of my all time favorites. That is how much it means to me. My iPod reports 900+ plays to this album alone. Fairy–tale lyrics and dreamy chords surround the listener in a warm position that will be kept throughout the album. Each song takes you on a spacey journey throughout time and the earth, while keeping you at attention in your seat. These folky pop ballads have aged so well. Peter Daltrey, the leader of the band, is still active to this day, and keeps up a myspace page. After Kaleidoscope dissolved due to label issues, the band renamed themselves Fairfield Parlour, and recorded an album, which stayed along the original concept.
Review by Mick Capewell
»   A large building, brilliantly white, stands tall and commanding before a square, equally impressive in size and comprising paving slabs of comparable radiant hue. The square is transiently populated by a stream of diverse characters, each with their own purpose and none seeming to be out of place. Gentlemen extravagantly doff their hats in salute of demure young ladies. Youths navigate their bicycles along precarious routes.Urchins dash hither and thither; their mischief to perform. Music abounds, though the venerable bandstand is empty; the source today being the moderately sized fun–fair that holds court in a nearby park. The stalls are somewhat shabby and thus blend in particularly well with the faded dinginess of the rows of small shops and houses that skulk in the shadows of the luminous edifice. A curious, intangible malevolence resides in this veiled underworld. To some, this place is evil incarnate. They are the transparent ones, attracted to the noise, the openess, the irradiance of the bustling square. Their worst fears reside but a few yards away in the malignant, opaque places where uncertainty and unspeakable forces hold sway.......
»   Whenever I listen to “Tangerine Dream”, the debut album by Kaleidoscope, in my mind's eye I always see a vision of the scene that I have described above. I listen to the album quite often because it is a masterpiece of 1960s pop music, and I love 1960s pop music. There is a unique atmosphere present in this collection of songs. A slightly musty, Edwardian, English country garden type of atmosphere. It's as if these songs were written when the British Empire was at it’s zenith and then buried in a time capsule, to be re–discovered just in time for the “psychedelic” era. There are songs of adventurers, songs of genteel longing, songs of inspired fantasy, songs of everyday domestic life, songs of brightness, songs of darkness, songs of tragedy, songs of life and songs of death. Lots of death. Unavoidable death. Malignant, opaque, unspeakable death. Yet a lustrous splendour masks the morbidity with a cheerful, kaleidoscopic cloak, greatly enhanced by a wonderfully uplifting closing track.
»   Before we proceed further let’s meet the group members, all constant fixtures throughout their career; reminiscent of a mythological four headed beast — four faces with but one focus : http://www.marmalade-skies.co.uk/

Kaleidoscope — Tangerine Dream (Nov 1967) [Japan Remastered] (March 8, 2006)


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