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Karine Polwart Traces (2012)

 Karine Polwart ≈ Traces (2012)

Karine Polwart Traces
≡  Scots songwriter Karine Polwart combines the economy and universality of the folk storytelling tradition with a probing intellect and compassionate lyricism. Twice winner of "Best Original Song" at the UK-wide BBC Folk Awards.
≡  A former children's rights worker, Karine allows images, narratives, questions and wry comic asides to do much of her work. She tries never to say too much.
She holds a Masters degree in philosophy.
Born:  23 December 1970 in Stirlingshire, Scotland, UK
Origin: Pathheid, Banknock, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Album release: August 13, 2012
Record Label: Hegri Music
Duration:     43:26
01. Cover Your Eyes      (3:27)
02. King Of Birds      (4:16)
03. Tears For Lot's Wife      (4:02)
04. Don't Worry      (3:43)
05. We're All Leaving      (4:42)
06. Tinsel Show      (3:35)
07. Strange News      (5:09)
08. Sticks N Stones      (5:20)
09. Salters Road      (3:41)
10. Half A Mile      (5:31)
Website: http://www.karinepolwart.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/karinepolwart
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/karinepolwart
Press contact: Richard Wootton publicity <claire@rwpublicity.com>
Agent: Dave Farrow at DMF david@dmfmusic.co.uk
Record label managers: http://www.properdistribution.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/karinepolwart
Review by Jon O'Brien  (Editor rating: ****)
≡  Home to surely the first ever Scottish folk song about Donald Trump, the Burns Unit vocalist Karine Polwart's ambitious fifth solo album, Traces, underlines why she's built a reputation as one of the scene's most intriguing singer/songwriters. Delivered in her thick Stirlingshire accent, opener "Cover Your Eyes" suggests that The Apprentice's boss might want to give her a wide berth should they ever cross paths in the Aberdeen coastal area where he developed his $100-million golf course. The pounding military drums, chiming glockenspiels, and mournful brass on "King of Birds," which references the Occupy movement at London's St. Paul's Cathedral, also continues the protest theme. But despite its rather defiant start, the follow-up to 2008's This Earthly Spell is far more concerned about dealing with issues of loss and bereavement than putting the world to rights. The contemplative "Strange News" reflects on the different ways in which her family reacted to the death of her younger cousin. The haunting "We're All Leaving" attempts to understand the turmoil of Charles Darwin as he grieves over his late ten-year-old daughter while embarking on his various discoveries, while the unsettling but poignant closer "Half a Mile" imagines the last walk of a schoolgirl who was murdered and abducted 30 years ago. If that all sounds a little heavy-going, then there are a few lighter, almost poppier moments, such as "Tears for Lot's Wife," a tale about the fall of Sodom with an enchanting Sarah McLachlan-meets-Enya vibe about it, and the gentle lilting folk balladry of "Don't Worry." But Traces is undoubtedly defined by Polwart's ability to create beauty within even the most devastating of subject matter.
In french:
≡  Un très bel album, le cinquième, de la chanteuse écossaise. Une jolie voix, un disque à la production soigné. A découvrir.
≡  "a passionate, perceptive songwriter" Uncut 2008
≡  "exceptionally subtle and melodic" Q 2008
≡  "takes the heart to places few singers even  know exist" WORD 2008
≡  Karine Polwart draws from folk music’s long tradition while keeping pace with the ceaselessly changing times. Her talent for crafting unique, enduring melodies, her gift for saying just enough without overstating her case, the range and dynamism of her arrangements, all come together in songs of powerful contemporary relevance. She also has the purest and most approachable of singing voices, drawing the listener towards her in the same way one might lean towards a late night tale by the fireside.
≡  Her songs deal with humanity in all its many guises: there is tenderness, triumph and sorrow, raised flags of rebellion and independence, flashes of anger at power abused and misused. Perhaps most frequently she deals in spare, unsentimental empathy, often with those who have been dealt the least playable hands in the game of life.
≡  The results have rarely failed to strike a chord. Her debut album Faultlines won three awards at the 2005 BBC Folk Awards, including Best Album. Its follow up, Scribbled in Chalk (2006), contained “Daisy”, a gentle word to the wise to one of life’s givers and truth-tellers who can’t quite comprehend that “there are people in this world who don’t think like you do”. The song won Polwart another BBC Folk Award for Best Original Song in 2007.
≡  But her achievements can’t simply be measured in terms of industry acclaim. Having studied politics and philosophy at university and later worked in the area of women’s and children’s rights, Polwart has always wanted her music to perform some useful social function. In that, too, she has succeeded time and time again.
≡  “For me” says Polwart, “music is one of the most powerful ways of making sense of the world. It’s for celebrating, grieving, sharing, wondering. Nothing inspires me more than the realisation that any one of my songs means something to someone else”.
≡  Karine tours most often as a trio with her brother Steven Polwart (acoustic and electric guitars, ukulele & vocals) and singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Inge Thomson (accordion, percussion, loops & vocals).
≡  Her fifth studio album is due for release in Summer 2012.
≡  Karine can occasionally be heard entirely on her own but tours most often as a trio with:
≡  acoustic & tenor guitars, ukelele & vocals
≡  After failing to become the fastest ginger man on the planet in his teens, Steven turned his attentions to international pop stardom, only narrowly missing out on his dream as a member of the highly acclaimed yet strangely under achieving mid-90s guitar pop combo "whybradley". He studied classical guitar at Napier University in Edinburgh and now combines his work in the KP band with a guitar teaching post at a school in Edinburgh.
≡  Whilst on tour Steven enjoys engaging in geographical trivia exchanges with the other band members. He hasn't quite memorised all the capital cities of the world but is working on it; test him at a gig if you see him! Steven is a Leo and his favourite colour is yellow. He's married to Karen and he can beat her at table tennis but not tennis (yet!). They have a wee boy called Cody.
≡  Steven is willing to accept a 5-aside football challenge from members of the public or celebrities.
≡  Oh yes, Steven is also Karine's wee brother (the second of four, always the easiest to rear).
≡  accordion, vocals & small noise making things
≡  Hailing from the microscopic, isolated Shetland island of Fair Isle, Inge Thomson grew up in an enormous world of music. Her family are prominent exponents of folk and traditional music and she became involved with a piano keyed accordion at an early age, which eventually led on to even less socially acceptable instruments.
≡  Inge cut her gigging teeth with folk-pop quintet 'Drop The Box' who toured steadily through the 1990s. More recently she toured and recorded with contempo/trad band ‘Harem Scarem’ winning critical acclaim for her songwriting and vocal prowess. A band collaboration with Will "Bonnie Prince Billy" Oldham culminated in an album which received 5 stars in both 'Mojo' and 'Uncut' magazines.
≡  In late 2009, she released her lovely debut solo album "Shipwrecks and Static" (Navigator), an eccentric marriage between melodic instruments and the bleeps and squeaks of electronic tomfoolery.
≡  Visit Inge directly at:
Website: www.ingethomson.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/ingethomson
And you can read an interview with her over at www.spiralearth.co.uk
≡  Drums, percussion
≡  Karine's husband Mattie Foulds used to tour as part of a bigger Karine Polwart Band but supports her now as a recording engineer and producer. He has produced albums for Scots-Canadian songwriters’ collective (and one of Karine's side-projects) The Burns Unit, Edinburgh singer-songwriter (and fellow Burns Unit member) Kim Edgar, Norwegian Hardanger fiddler and songwriter Annlaug Borsheim, Scots-Irish-Canadian trad band The Outside Track, harper/singer (and Karine's Grace Hewat Polwart compadre) Corrina Hewat, as well as recorded projects for Lau member's Kris Drever and Aidan O'Rourke, and fiddler/singer Lori Watson.
≡  Available for recording and production projects and session/tour work as a drummer:
MySpace: www.myspace.com/mattiefoulds
≡  double bass, backing vocals
≡  Occasional guest members include: Martin Green, Corrina Hewat and Aidan O'Rourke.
2003 Scots Trad Music Awards: voted Best Scots Singer.
2003 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards: nominated for Best Original Song ("Thaney").
2004 Scots Trad Music Awards: nominated for Songwriter of the Year.
2005 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards: awarded Best Album for Faultlines, Best Original Song ("The Sun's Comin' Over the Hill") and The Horizon Award for Best Newcomer. Polwart was also nominated for Best Singer.
2006 Scots Trad Music Awards: nominated for Album of the Year (Scribbled in Chalk) and for Composer of the Year.
2007 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards: awarded for Best Original Song ("Daisy").
2012 Scots Trad Music Awards: nominated for Album of the Year (Traces).
2013 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards: nominated for Best Album (Traces), Best Original Song ("King of Birds") and Folk Singer of the Year.
Solo work:
Faultlines (March 22, 2003, Neon Records)
Scribbled in Chalk (March 7, 2006, Shoeshine Records/Split & Polish)
Fairest Floo'er (December 10, 2007, Hegri Music)
This Earthly Spell (March 10, 2008, Hegri/Proper Records, Ltd.)
Traces (2012, Hegri Music)
Threshold (2013 - released in Canada only; contains tracks from the first four studio albums above and "Medusa" from The Build-Your-Own-Cathedral EP)
"The Pulling Through EP" - lead track "Holy Moses" (2005)
"Daisy" (2006)
"I'm Gonna Do It All" (2006)
"The-Build-Your-Own-Cathedral-EP" - lead track "Medusa" (2009)
"Evergreen EP" (Lau vs Karine Polwart, 2010)
"Here's Where Tomorrow Starts" (out on the 31st October 2011)
Sheet music:
As of 2010, a selection of sheet music is available from the artist's website.
Collaborations and guest appearances:
Various Artists - The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 7 (1999)
macAlias - highwired (2000)
Various Artists - The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 8 (2000)
Various Artists - The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 9 (2001)
Various Artists - Scots Women (2002)
Corrina Hewat - My Favourite Place (2003)
Various Artists - Fishing Music (2003)
Dean Owens - My Town (2004)
Various Artists - Cold Blow these Winter Winds (Fairytale of New York) (2004)
Various Artists - Scottish Women (2004)
Corrina Hewat - The Ballad of Eppie Moray (2005)
Various Artists - The Wildlife Album 2 (2005)
Future Pilot AKA - Eyes of Love / Lights of the City / Changes (2006)
Roddy Woomble - My Secret is My Silence (2006)
Various Artists - Ballads of the Book (2007)
Lau - Arc Light (2009, Lau Scotland LTD)
Darwin Song Project (2009)
Kris Drever - Mark the Hard Earth (2010)
Robert Lawrence - The Journey Home (2010)
The Fruit Tree Foundation - First Edition (2011)
Alasdair Roberts / Drew Wright - Captain Wedderburn´s Courtship / The Dowie Dens O Yarrow (2011, 7" Single, Drag City Records)
Lau - Evergreen (2012, Lau Scotland)
Notes: Lau at Allmusic.com: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/lau-mn0000555601
Last Leaves (April 18, 2000, Greentrax Recordings)
Three Ravens (August 26, 2002, Greentrax Recordings)
Battlefield Band:
Happy Daze (2001)

Karine Polwart Traces (2012)



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