Kate Gentile — „Mannequins“ (June 16, 2017)USA FLAG                                                                                             Kate Gentile — „Mannequins“ (June 16, 2017)
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Location: Brooklyn, New York
Album release: June 16, 2017
Record Label: Skirl
Duration:     72:45
01. Stars covered in clouds of metal   2:10
02. Trapezoidal nirvana   8:41
03. Unreasonable optimism   9:07
04. Hammergaze   1:43
05. Otto, on alien shoulders   4:09
06. Xenomorphic   1:04
07. Wrack   5:30
08. Cardiac logic   1:46
09. Full lucid   2:54
10. Sear   1:02
11. Micronesia parakeet   8:24
12. Alchemy melt [with tilt]   12:48
13. SSGF   13:27
Personnel: Jeremy Viner: tenor sax, clarinet; Matt Mitchell: piano, Prohpet 6, electronics; Adam Hopkins: bass; Kate Gentile: drums, vibraphone.
•  Recorded by Mike Marciano January 28~29, 2016 at Systems Two Studios, Brooklyn
•  Mike Marciano    Engineer
•  Mixed by Joe Branciforte
•  Mastered by David Torn
•  Produced by Kate Gentile
•  Art & design by Kate Gentile

by Brian Zimmerman | Published 2017 |
⊕  There’s a concentrated energy in the music of Kate Gentile, and the percussionist’s latest album, Mannequins, finds that energy channeled through multiple conduits: clamorous acoustic free~jazz, searing heavy metal and stormy electro~noise. On the whole, her compositions, which are frenetic and alive, serve as incubators for rapturous improvisation and rhythmic daring. Even through moments of levity and sparseness, the music retains taut suspense. It’s an aesthetic Gentile honed through years of collaboration with some of the most brilliant minds in creative music, including Kris Davis, Anna Weber, Chris Speed, Anthony Braxton and John Zorn. Mannequins features a well~credentialed band: Jeremy Viner (reeds), Adam Hopkins (bass) and Matt Mitchell (piano, Prophet 6 and electronics). Together, these four musicians create a footprint that is much larger than its individual parts. The opener, “Stars Covered In Clouds Of Metal,” demonstrates the quartet’s formal elasticity, with Mitchell’s electronics sounding like a chorus of distorted guitars against Gentile’s jagged, furious beat. “Hammergaze” shifts the emphasis toward texture and shadow, its ghostly drones, unhindered by time and tempo, creating a mesmeric swirl. Pieces like “Wrack” and “Alchemy Melt [With Tilt]” recall the earthy soulfulness of Ornette Coleman’s early avant work; there’s a nebulous sense of swing that undergirds Viner’s thrilling, audacious tenor lines. As a composer and performer, Gentile demonstrates a strong command of rhythmic intricacy and a cunning musical discernment. She’s developing a signature sound. Expect to hear more of it soon.
BY HRAYR ATTARIAN | June 9, 2017 | Score: ★★★★ 
⊕  With the stimulating Mannequins, the New York based drummer Kate Gentile has created a cohesive and engaging album. On this first release under her own name, Gentile superbly balances emotive passion and intellectual acumen. Her intricate compositions are simultaneously fully realized and vibrantly supple and pliant as to allow for independent spontaneous expressions.
⊕  The band’s angular and crisp refrains build and intensely expectant ambience on the haunting “Trapezoidal Nirvana.” Pianist Matt Mitchell plays a crisp and resonant cascade of notes over Gentile’s piquant rumble and restless beats. With bassist Adam Hopkins’ yearning solo a lyrical wistfulness enters the tune that reedman Jeremy Viner embellishes with his introspective and cerebral musings. The concluding collective performance is hypnotic, perturbing and impressive.
⊕  Scattered through the longer, more expansive tracks, there are short and poignant musical sketches. These are an integral part of the record and demonstrate the ensemble’s close synergy. Gentile’s galloping thuds and crashing cymbals open the otherworldly “Sear” with a bang. The other musicians contribute phrases that brim with measured dissonance enhancing the eerie mood. The tense “Xenomorphic” starts off as a vigorous thundering duet between Gentile and Hopkins. The angst~ridden piece tumbles headlong through Mitchell’s electronic soundscape to a memorably moving finale.
⊕  This intriguing album closes with fiery and thrillingly complex “SSGF.” The quartet’s ardent and mesmerizing vamps build an exquisitely multidimensional and crystalline framework. Mitchell contributes incisive, cogent melodic fragments , while Hopkins’ delightfully dark bass~lines add a foreboding edge to the music. Viner blows with unfettered fervor while Gentile’s percussion anxiously percolates. The riotous melee gives way to a somber mood as the disc ends.
⊕  Mannequins is a surprisingly mature work that showcases Gentile’s superb talents as a performer, a composer and a band leader. On it Gentile demonstrates a unique and individualistic style as well as seamless camaraderie with her sidemen. This auspicious debut whets the appetite of more to come from this exciting artist.
⊕  https://www.allaboutjazz.com/mannequins-review-by-hrayr-attarian
BC: https://kategentile.bandcamp.com/album/mannequins
WEB: https://kategentile.com/
Label: https://www.skirlrecords.com/kate-gentile-mannequins
The Jazz Gallery: https://www.jazzgallery.org/calendar/kate-gentile-feb26Jeremy Viner tenor sax,clarinet; Matt Mitchell piano, Prohpet 6, electronics; Adam Hopkins bass; Kate Gentile drums, vibraphone.