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Kevin Krauter — Toss Up (June 15, 2018)

Kevin Krauter — Toss Up (June 15, 2018)

                         Kevin Krauter — Toss Up (June 15, 2018)   Kevin Krauter — Toss Up (June 15, 2018)°::°         Indiana songwriter Kevin Krauter’s new debut full length on Bayonet Records entitled ‘Toss Up’ is out today [June 15, 2018] ! In between tours, Kevin spent long hours in his basement, guitars and vintage keyboards his only company, and tested out ideas, explored new sonic avenues, savored new sounds, and taught himself how to play a few instruments. The secret tension on ‘Toss Up,’ the engine that drives these songs, is melody propelled by rhythm and melancholy fended off by the exuberance of simply creating art. We’re so excited to share this record with the world and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Hazy, melodic lo~fi pop from the Indiana multi~instrumentalist also known as bassist for Hoops. °::°        
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Styles: Indie Pop, Lo~Fi, Alternative/Indie Rock
Recording Location: Russian Recording
Album release: June 15, 2018
Record Label: Bayonet Records
Duration:     36:20
1 Cowboy Chloe     3:31 
2 Lonely Boogie     3:06 
3 Rollerskate     4:11 
4 Suddenly     4:10 
5 Restless     3:03 
6 Keep Falling in Love     4:25 
7 Who Do You Know     4:17 
8 Barely on My Mind     4:13 
9 Toss Up     5:24
•     Keagan Beresford Guitar
•     Josh Bonati Mastering
•     Kevin Krauter Composer, Mixing, Producer
•     Ben Lumsdaine Bass, Drums, Engineer, Guitar, Mixing, Producer, Synthesizer
•     Camilo Medina Artwork
•     Kristin Olsén Congas
•     Patrick Wimberly Mixing
AllMusic Review by Marcy Donelson. Score: ***½
°::°         Toss Up is the 2018 full~length debut of Kevin Krauter, a singer, songwriter, and multi~instrumentalist better known at the time of its release as bass player for Hoops. °::°         The Bloomington, Indiana lo~fi outfit made waves in the indie blogosphere with their 2017 debut album Routines, which landed on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. After releasing a couple of mostly acoustic, Vashti Bunyan~influenced EPs in 2015 and 2016, solo Krauter ramps up the arrangements and haze on Toss Up. The album’s dreamy, AM~radio veneer is much more reminiscent of his band, though lusher and more tranquil on average. Co~produced with Ben Lumsdaine (Spissy, Mike Adams at His Honest Weight), arrangements and production as well as songwriting evoke ‘70s soft rock on tracks like the Rundgren~esque ballad “Keep Falling in Love” and “Lonely Boogie,” a song whose slushy chord progressions and dulcet keyboards echo over spare electronic drums. It also features Krauter’s typically calm, wistful vocal delivery. Quirky rhythms are also in play, beginning with the guitar intro on the album’s opener, “Cowboy Chloe,” though the rhythms float and meander more than intrude. The polyrhythmic “Who Do You Know” is the record’s most uptempo number, with drums by Lumsdaine and melodic, syncopated guitar by Krauter. Like the rest of the songs, it’s nevertheless pervaded by dreamy atmosphere, a trait that makes Toss Up seem well~suited for its home at Bayonet Records, a label co~run by Beach Fossils’ Dustin Payseur. Hoops enthusiasts will want to note that bandmember Keagan Beresford contributes a guitar solo to the track “Barely on My Mind.”
•     2018    Toss Up Kevin Krauter Producer, Mixing, Composer
•     2017    Routines    Hoops Group Member
•     2016    Hoops    Hoops Vocals, Bass, Group Member, Composer
Bandcamp: https://kevinkrauter.bandcamp.com/album/toss-up
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kevinkrauterxo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kevinkrauterxo
Label: https://www.bayonetrecords.com/
Amanda Pitts (US)
•     ap@chromaticpr.com
Liv Willars (UK)
•     liv@onebeatpr.com
Josh Mulder (US)
•     jmulder@paradigmagency.com
Matt Copley (UK/EU)
•     mattpcopley@primarytalent.com

Kevin Krauter — Toss Up (June 15, 2018)







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