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Kid Wave

Kid Wave — Wonderlust (JUNE 1, 2015)

           Kid Wave — Wonderlust 
•ð•   This is a band dreaming of sunshine in even the gloomiest moments. Kid Wave succeed the most when they go huge on the hooks and choruses.
•ð•   Melodic shoegaze and lush, driving dream pop from this London–based quartet containing two Swedes, a Brit, and an Aussie.
Location: Norrköping, Sweden ~ London, UK
Album release: JUNE 1, 2015
Duration:     39:34
01 Wonderlust     2:55
02 Gloom     3:23
03 Honey     3:36
04 Best Friend     3:22
05 Walk On Fire     4:58
06 Baby Tiger     3:11
07 All I Want     3:54
08 Sway     3:40
09 Freeride     3:22
10 I’m Trying to Break Your Heart     3:34
11 Dreaming On     3:39
•ð•   Harry Deacon
•ð•   Lea Emmery
•ð•   Serra Petale
•ð•   Mattias Bhatt
•ð•   It’s hard to believe that ‘Wonderlust’, the debut album from London–via–Sweden four–piece Kid Wave, was recorded in the depths of a dark English winter. A bright, shimmering album right from the get go, Kid Wave proceed to explore the worlds of ‘90s indie rock, shoegaze and dream pop over the course of eleven tracks that are full of youthful yearning and glistening guitar lines. For the most part, they achieve what they set out to do, providing a few welcome surprises in–between.
•ð•   This is ground that hasn’t just been well trodden, it’s become ancient, and going into ‘Wonderlust’ means trying yet again to turn off any preconceived notions of what a band inspired by “‘90s indie rock” is going to come up with. For the most part, Kid Wave stay true to the genre — there’s the slinky, lulling guitars (‘; the whimsical and lethargic vocals splattered with melancholy — “some say dreaming is waste of time / I can’t get you out of my mind” Lea Emmery croons on stand–out single ‘Honey’, for example — and an overall lo–fi, sun–drenched sheen that of course nods back to the recordings of the day.                
•ð•   Kid Wave succeed the most when they go huge on the hooks and choruses. ‘Gloom’ for example is straight out of the Pavement textbook, but there’s a lush quality to Emmery’s vocal and a scale to the driving melody of it that makes it sound poised for bigger things, and there’s a moment of choral voices that ups the euphoria in a way The Pains of Being Pure at Heart regularly achieve. ‘Sway’, one of the album’s more tender tracks, nails that nostalgic feeling of longing for escape and hammers home the notion that this is a band dreaming of sunshine in even the gloomiest moments. With ‘Wanderlust’, Kid Wave are proposing a summer that lasts all year long, but they’re willing to enjoy a few nights of twilight along the way. •ð•   http://diymag.com/                                               
Artist Biography by Timothy Monger
•ð•   London–based indie quartet Kid Wave began in 2013 as the project of Swedish singer/songwriter Lea Emmery. After leaving her hometown of Norrköping, Sweden in 2011, Emmery spent her first couple of years in the U.K. honing her lush, summery, shoegaze–influenced sound and releasing a handful of early tracks on her Bandcamp page under the Kid Wave banner. Slowly she began assembling a proper band, first enlisting old friend and fellow Swedish expat Mattias Bhatt on guitar. Australian transplant Serra Petale was teaching drums at the same music school where Emmery studied, and eventually British bassist Harry Deacon joined to round out this globally diverse group. They signed with influential London indie Heavenly Recordings, which released their debut EP, Gloom, in 2014. Elements of harmonic power pop, ‘90s–inspired indie, and melodic shoegaze peppered the four–song EP, which was followed a year later by the band’s full–length debut, Wonderlust.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kidwavemusic
Press: online: rhian@carryonpress.co.uk / print: steve@carryonpress.co.uk
•ð•   UK/Europe: Paul Buck: paul@codaagency.com
•ð•   North America: Dave Kaplan/The Agency Group                                   

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