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King Creosote And Michael Johnston — The Bound Of The Red Deer (May 27, 2016)

King Creosote And Michael Johnston — The Bound Of The Red Deer (May 27, 2016)

 King Creosote And Michael Johnston — The Bound Of The Red Deer (May 27, 2016) King Creosote And Michael Johnston — The Bound Of The Red Deer (May 27, 2016) •→   “I love the deep humour and harmony, the pathos and the charm. These songs stand out like beams of light on a misty dark night...” — Chris Difford, Squeeze
•→   “Beautiful calming songs for the soul”.  — Oh Susanna                                          © Photo credit: Dave Taylor, August 2010
KC Born: 1967
MJ Born: in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
Location: small fishing village of Crail, Fife, Scotland
Album released: May 27, 2016
Record Label: King Creosote + Michael Johnston /  F.A.B. Distribution
Genre: Indie Pop, Folk, Singer~Songwriter
Duration:     35:41
01 When I Was A Thief      4:14
02 Round and Round      5:41
03 Will You Wait For Me?      3:28
04 Billows      3:42
05 Since We’ve Fallen Out      4:32
06 Hang Dog      4:03
07 Helpless To Turn      2:43
08 Supermoon      2:56
09 All Of This In Writing      3:32
10 Inukshuks      0:50
Written by:
•→   Karine Polwart, Kenny Anderson, Michael Johnston     1, 3, 5
•→   Emma Pollock, Kenny Anderson, Michael Johnston     2
•→   Kenny Anderson, Michael Johnston     4, 6, 8, 9, 10
•→   Emma Pollock, Karine Polwart, Kenny Anderson, Michael Johnston     7
•→   Bass, Upright Bass — Charlie James
•→   Keyboards, Percussion — Chris Stringer
•→   Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, Harmonium, Vibraphone, Organ — King Creosote
•→   Vocals, Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Melodica — Michael Johnston
Editorial Reviews
♦»  King Creosote + Michael Johnston — The Bound Of The Red Deer “The Bound Of The Red Deer,” their ten–song collaborative debut, is informed by ten years of change, friendship, travel and long–distance correspondence. Recorded in Toronto by Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre), “The Bound Of The Red Deer” is a collection of heartfelt songs anchored by acoustic guitar, piano, ambient textures and an endearing vocal blend of Scots/Canadian accents.Review
By Calum Slingerland, Published May 20, 2016
♦»  After meeting in Scotland at a songwriter’s retreat, Kenny Anderson, known widely as King Creosote, and Michael Johnston of the Skydiggers became fast friends. Ten years later, the two are ready to share their collaborative debut with the world, and before The Bound of the Red Deer officially arrives, Exclaim! is giving you a chance to give the record a first listen.
♦»  Born from a decade of friendship, travel and long–distance correspondence, the collection of songs is marked by acoustic guitars, piano, ambient textures and the duo’s Scottish and Canadian accents. It was recorded in Toronto by Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre). The record features some of the first songs they penned together, along with collaborations with Gurf Morlix (Lucinda Williams), as well as Karine Polwart and Emma Pollock, former bandmates of Anderson and Johnston’s in the Burns Unit.
♦»  The duo have also lined up their first duo shows in over four years to celebrate the record’s release, with tour stops including Toronto, Waterloo, Belleville, Montreal and Peterborough. You can find a complete list of dates below.
•→  http://exclaim.ca/ 
Website: http://www.kc-mj.band/
Website: http://www.michaeljohnston.ca/
About Michael Johnston
•→  Born in Peterborough, Ontario and now based in Toronto, Michael Johnston is one of Canada’s best loved musicians: an enthusiastic collaborator, gifted performer and dedicated teacher. Michael has appeared on over 45 recordings as a keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter and/or producer. He has toured, written and recorded with Juno–winning group the Skydiggers since 2006, and has worked with a who’s who of the Canadian scene including Joel Plaskett, Ron Sexsmith, Lynn Miles and Jim Cuddy.                                                                        © Emma Pollock

King Creosote And Michael Johnston — The Bound Of The Red Deer (May 27, 2016)


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