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King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Diamond Mine [Deluxe Edition] (2012)

Jubilee Edition

  King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Diamond Mine [Deluxe Edition] King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Diamond Mine [Deluxe Edition] — the Jubilee Edition of Diamond Mine — includes all the new songs we’ve written in the last year. Available on CD and download. Also available ‘The Jubilee EP’ — a separate 12” of just the new songs for people who already have the original. — the Jubilee Edition of Diamond Mine — includes all the new songs we’ve written in the last year. Available on CD and download. Also available ‘The Jubilee EP’ — a separate 12” of just the new songs for people who already have the original. 
Birth name: Kenneth Anderson
Origin: Fife, Scotland
Jon Hopkins
Birth name: Jonathan Julian Hopkins
Born: 1979
Origin: Wimbledon, England
Genres: Electronica, Ambient Music
Occupations: producer, musician
Instruments: Keyboard, Organ, Piano, harmonium
Years active: 2001 — present
Labels: Just Music, Domino Records, Double Six
Location: London, United Kingdom
Origin released: March 28, 2011
Record Label: Domino
01. First Watch    2:36
02. John Taylor’s Month Away    6:31
03. Bats In The Attic    3:43
04. Running On Fumes    6:36
05. Bubble    5:34
06. Your Own Spell    3:51
07. Your Young Voice    3:26
08. Honest Words    3:06
09. Aurora Boring Alias    4:00
10. Bats In The Attic (Unravelled)    3:24
11. Missionary    2:56
12. Third Swan    3:24
13. Starboard Home    5:53]
Background and recording:
♣   Jon Hopkins had previously worked with King Creosote, producing the album, Bombshell (2007), and parts of Flick the Vs (2009). Diamond Mine took seven years to complete, with Creosote noting, “There was no goalpost in sight, it was just a song at a time.” The album makes substantial use of Musique concrète, with Jon Hopkins noting that the songs suggest “a romanticised version of Fife. A lot of it’s about my first experience of going there – about my first Homegame, when I fell totally in love with the place, and with Fence Records. It’s a bit like my dream version of life. [...] It’s like the way Paris appears in Amélie.”
♣   Creosote stated that the songs, “The Racket They Made”, “Admiral” and “Leslie”, were initially planned for inclusion, but were subsequently abandoned and appear on other releases. “Bats in the Attic” was initially included on Creosote’s performance–only album, My Nth Bit of Strange in Umpteen Years, with Hopkins noting, “You can hear the guitar part from his original version at the beginning, but I played it back through a mobile phone speaker simulation to decimate the quality, so that it retained its rhythm, but none of its notes, giving me freedom to change the chords of the song completely.”
♣   King Creosote recorded his vocals in London.
Website KC: http://www.kingcreosote.com/
MySpace KC: http://www.myspace.com/kingcreosote
Fence Records: http://www.fencerecords.com/artists/king-creosote/
Website JH: http://www.jonhopkins.co.uk/ / MySpace JH: http://www.myspace.com/jonhopkins
Your chance to hear the collaboration between two of our favourite Domino artists — Fife crooner King Creosote and electronic whizz Jon Hopkins
We’ve loved King Creosote for a goodly long while now, so imagine our delight when we found out he was teaming up with electronic whizz Jon Hopkins to make Diamond Mine. Featuring old (but unheard) Kenny Anderson songs delivered atop Hopkins's Eno–esque classical backdrops, this is a project done for the love of it and nothing else. How could you explain a series of songs that have been seven years in the making?
Anderson calls the project a “soundtrack to a romanticised version of a life
lived in a Scottish coastal village”, and the pair have interspersed the music with various found sounds — from clinking cups to the chatter of female shop assistants.
We think the result is rather moving — let us know below whether or not you agree that Diamond Mine is a gem.
Fortaken: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/2011/mar/24/king-creosote-jon-hopkins                                     Description:
¶  Diamond Mine, the critically acclaimed debut collaborative album from King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, is getting the deluxe version treatment on 16th April 2012. The original, Mercury–nominated album is augmented with extra material including all three tracks from the Honest Words EP, B–side Missionary and two brand new songs, Third Swan and Starboard Home. Released a year ago to outstanding reviews, Diamond Mine has since become a much cherished album for an ever growing number of listeners. ¶  Featuring instrumental moments as affecting as the lyrical, the record consists of newly interpreted obscure delights picked out from 20 years of King Creosote’s treasure chest of a back catalogue Intended to be heard as a single experience, Diamond Mine produces a near classical suite of emotion ranging from cracked despair to patched–up euphoria.
¶  Third Swan: ‘The much revisited inspirational well of ructions, relationships and regrettable behaviour has very recently been replenished with a leaky bucket of political angst, due in no small part to James Robertson’s fine novel “and the land lay still”. “Third swan” is also a comment on how euphoria and despair sit side by side, with a few St. Andrews place names thrown in for good measure. To exist as the ugly duckling between two paragons of swan-like virtue is, no doubt, the metaphor that ties all of this together. In short, there was a lot swirling around my head in the dark weeks leading up to the end of 2011, and it had to end up on this, the penultimate page, of the Diamond Mine travelogue.’
¶  Starboard Home: ‘As the good ship “Diamond Mine” ties up alongside our wave battered pier, the buffeting by wind and waves on our emotional voyage is replaced by the mournful cries of marsh birds and the welcoming voices of our loved ones, the ocean swell swapped for the comforting sight of the harbour lights.’
The Guardian    (UK) The Best Albums of 2011    #13
Mojo    (UK) Top 50 Albums of 2011    #14
The Skinny    (UK) Albums of the Year 2011   #5
Q    (UK) 50 Best Albums of 2011    #43
Uncut    (UK) Top 50 Albums of 2011    #28
Bio KC from Fence Records:
¶  In 1995 Kenny Anderson, then lead singer/songwriter for the scottish bands skuobhie dubh orchestra and khartoum heroes, launched his own label fence with his own solo project king creosote. With a healthy cynicism of all things music industry related, kc set out to make home recorded music in as stress–free an environment as possible, and hunkered down in n.e. fife for the long haul.
¶  With a few cdr titles released thru’ local shops, and with brothers een (pip dylan) and gordon (lone pigeon) forming the beginnings of a fence collective, by summer 2000 fence had taken over the running of a st.andrews cd shop, had an extensive website up and running, and were packing out the local pubs once a fortnight. Collective member james yorkston made sure that the fence music came to the attention of labels like bad jazz and domino, and the legendary fence gatherings were soon on the move.
¶  Independent stores such as Rough Trade in London, avalanche in Edinburgh, Monorail in Glasgow, and Norman Records in leeds were all pushing the fence collective cdr titles when in 2003 domino helped launch king creosote’s first album proper “kenny and beth’s musakal boatrides”, which made no. 5 in rough trade’s top 100 albums of that year. in the spring of 2005 kc put out a second album for domino, the self–produced “rocket d.i.y.”, and then went off to collaborate with the earlies from Burnley, Lancashire, supposedly to record an ep for names/679. it all gets a bit confusing from here. the resulting album “kc rules ok” released in 2005 caught everyone by surprise, but didn’t contain enough singles, and so certain tracks were re-recorded using the all–new kc band, and “kc rules ok” was re–released in summer 2006 with an invisible companion album “chorlton and the wh’earlies” (the original album working title, as it happens) which contained the original non–single recordings as well as some of the failed single edits and remixes, and all this sort of re–packaged with new sleeve notes, thus giving “kc rules ok” a further lifespan of 3 years? the most singley single recorded in january 2006, “you’ve no clue do you”, was considered too something or other, but on listening again it became the obvious lead single for the hastily recorded “bombshell” in 2007, as produced by jon hopkins.
¶  Things were much simpler when in 2008 kc recorded “flick the Vs” on the sly and handed it over to domino. one year on, and “flick the Vs” remains remarkably unaltered. in 2009 king creosote has recorded with the burns unit, reporter, Jon Hopkins and Animal Magic Tricks.
Discography King Creosote:
* Queen Of Brush County (FNC 01, 1998)
* Rain Weekend (FNC 02, 1998)
* Inner Crail To Outer Space (FNC 03, 1998)
* Or Is It? (FNC 04, 1998)
* Gink Scootere (FNC 05, 1998)
* 1999: An Endless Round Of Balls (Parties And Social Events) (FNC 06, 1999)
* Wednesday (FNC 07, 1999)
* Jacques De Fence (FNC JDF, 1999)
* I Am 9 (FNC 09, 1999)
* Planet Eggz (FNC 10, 1999)
* Or Was It? (FNC 11, 2000)
* 12 O’Clock On The Dot (FNC 12, 2000)
* Stinks (FNC 13, 2000)
* G (FNC 14, 2001)
* Radge Weekend Starts Here (FNC 15, 2001)
* King Creosote Says "Buy The Bazouki Hair Oil" (FNC 16, 2001)
* Disclaimer (FNC 17, 2001)
* Squeezebox Set (FNC 18 to 22, 2002) — 5 album boxset containing:
/ Fair Dubhs
/ Favourite Girl
/ Whelk Of Arse
/ More Afraid Of Plastic
/ Losing It On The Gyles (very limited)
* Now (Nearly 36) (PF A01, 2003)
* Psalm Clerk (FNC 23, 2003)
* Ideal Rumpus Room Guide (PF B03, 2003)
* Sea Glass (FNC 24, 2004)
* Three Nuns" (PF B10, 2004)
* Kenny and Beth's Musakal Boat Rides (FNC K&B, also Domino Recording Co, 2003)
* Red On Green (FNC 26, 2004)
* Kompanion Cet +1 (PF C06, 2004)
* Rocket D.I.Y. (FNC 27, also Domino Recording Co, 2005)
* Loose tea on his Wynd (2004)
* Vintage Quays (FNC 29, 2004)
* KC Rules OK (Names/679, 2005)
* Harbour the Hillfolk (2005)
* demos (2005)
* Yellow On Red (FNC 31, 2005)
* Isle of Lo Fi (FNC 32, 2006)
* Waltzer (FNC 33, 2006)
* Bombshell (Names/679, 2007)
* Dumps vol.1 (2007) (limited run for 2007 purchasers of the latest release of the aforementioned Squeezebox set)
* They Flock Like Vulcans to See Old Jupiter Eyes on His Home Craters (FNC 34, 2008)
* Flick the Vs (Domino/Fence, 2009)
* My Nth Bit of Strange in Umpteen Years (2009/2010) — performance–only album
* That Might Be It, Darling (Fence, 2010) — Limited vinyl run.
* Diamond Mine (Domino, 2011) (with Jon Hopkins)
* Thrawn (2011)
* Honest Words (Domino, 2011) (with Jon Hopkins)
Discography Jon Hopkins:
Studio albums:
2001: Opalescent
2004: Contact Note
2009: Insides - Dance/Electronic Album Chart    #15
2010: Monsters Original Soundtrack
2005: EP 1
2006: The Fourth State
2009: Seven Gulps of Air EP
2010: Remixes
2009: "Light Through the Veins"
+ Remixes (14), Compilations (2), Musical contributions (6).

Jon Hopkins @ Fosfeni 26 marzo 2010 foto Carlotta Monti in  by                              Jon Hopkins @ Fosfeni 26 marzo 2010 foto Carlotta MontiPhoto by Steve Gullick    Jon Hopkins                                                                  By Steve GullickLive at AB in Brussels. Photo by Kmeron / www.musicfromthepit.com    Jon Hopkins        Jon Hopkins Live at AB in Brussels. Photo by Kmeron / www.musicfromthepit.comJon Hopkins 

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Diamond Mine [Deluxe Edition] (2012)